AV Timeline

1997 – Vicki is going out with her Shanghai Boyfriend. Rumors of Alec and Ruby’s relationship1998 – Alec and Vicki are good friends

1999 June – Rumors that Ruby and Alec aren’t getting along.

1999 July – Alec admits that he likes Vicki

1999 August – Rumor of Vicki’s engagement to her boyfriend. News that her boyfriend cheated on Vicki in Hong Kong with another girl; Vicki says she believes her boyfriend

1999 October – Alec and Vicki are in Hong Kong working – first time seeing each other for half a year (not since the Taiwan Flood Relief Show). Claims made that if Vicki didn’t have boyfriend, Alec would date her. Vicki says that if she didn’t have a boyfriend, she would consider Alec as a choice.

2000 April – Alec and Vicki working together again


Vicki's Thoughts on Co-Stars

Credit: Zhao Wei and YuPen’s Home

A reporter asked Vicki to talk about the actors that she’s worked with. Vicki says, “I’ve never thought of that before….Sue Yu Pen and I seemed like a pair of friends that can chat on forever. We have alot to talk about because we’ve both had some similar experiences. Andy Lau is a really big megastar. Talking with him, I can understand how he’s managed to stay a megastar in the circle all these years. Because he knows how to change for the audience. Nicky Wu seems like a brother to me while Stephan Zhou seems like a teacher to me, because he’s had so much experience. He’s a bit different than from onscreen because normally he doesn’t talk much, not really a comical type of person.”

I am especially fated with Alec

Credit: Zhao Wei and YuPen’s Home

“Ha, ha, ha! Such a cute and beautiful girl; who wouldn’t fall for her (Vicki)? It’s only that after cooperating on a few serials, we’ve really become too familiar with each other, to the extent of us being like brothers! In fact, because we have similar interests, we’ve grown close!”

Alec Su laughed openly, explaining the relationship of the pair whose abounding rumors are getting increasingly incredible.

With Huan Zhu Ge Ge’s popularity, Alec and Vicki became a model on-screen couple. Biao Mei Jixiang’s producer Xu Ting Jian knew that free slots in the schedules of both were limited, but still overcame numerous difficulties to pair them.

Vicki Zhao said, “I am especially fated with Alec. Before the filming of [Huan Zhu Ge Ge], there were already Taiwanese wishing for us to cooperate. And these days, we really have chemistry. Sometimes when we shop separately, it results in us purchasing T-shirts of not only similar style and cutting, at times even exactly the same.”

With this kind of feelings, is it possible for them to develop into lovers? According to Vicki, her absolute idol is on-and-off-screen partner, Alec Su.

Due to the fact that she was releasing a solo album at the end of 1998, Vicki was extremely nervous. Fortunately, her respected teacher was beside her. Vicki grabbed hold of the chance, modestly seeking tutoring on singing methods from Alec Su. He requested his friends to bring along some magazines for her to take as reference, hoping that when she released her album, she could be like Xu and Wu – let Taiwanese fans’ eyes gleam.

Helpful Alec, on seeing his good friend thus anxious, shared the reference material he had brought along from Taiwan with Vicki, analyzing the direction of music in Taiwan together and the style of various producers, also meeting to sing at KTV lounges. Alec Su proudly expressed that Taiwan fans had yet to hear Vicki Zhao sing, while he was a step ahead and had “solely appreciated” her beautiful voice.

Vicki Zhao is seriously learning composing from Alec Su as well. She said, she likes ‘Deng Dao Na Yi Tian’ written by Alec most; she greatly admires people who can compose and sing their songs. She stated modestly that this was the area in which she should emulate idol Su, trying her best to be an all-rounded artiste.

We Have To Feel

Credit: Zhao Wei and YuPen’s Home

Qns: What do you mean when you say that you and Vicki “have to feel”?
Ans: Ummm… first of all, we need to have chemistry. If we don’t have this chemistry with each other than it would be difficult to act properly. She’s a very smart girl, her eyes are very big, when she talks to you, her mind is also working at the same time. A bit like “Little Swallow” you know?

Reporter: When Alec speaks about Vicki, his usually serious face softens and he breaks into a smile. His feelings about Vicki isn’t difficult to hide. Filming three dramas ( HZGG I&II and OHHJ ) as lovers and meeting each other everyday, Alec’s “approval” of Vicki can be guessed and seen by the production crews who helped out in the filming of the dramas.

Reporter: It is said that you once tried to tell your Taiwan agent that if you continued to pair up with Vicki in anymore shows acting as a couple, you were afraid that as time passes, you will find it difficult to “get out of character” (referring to the show).

Qns: Did you actually fall for Vicki after some time?
Ans: At one time, yes…but now we’re just good friends.
Qns: Did she know?
Ans: I think…..she should have known.
Qns: Did you express your love to her?
Ans: No…she already has a boyfriend, don’t you know?

Alec Likes Vicki

Credit: Zhao Wei and YuPen’s Home

“From HZGG1 to HZGG2 to OHHJ, we have been acting as lovers. If I were to say that I do not have any feelings towards her, I would be lying. However, once we have finished filming the serial, we have not really been in contact as we are both very busy. I would say that we are better than normal friends, but Vicki already has a boyfriend..”

No Misunderstanding Between Alec & Vincent

Credit: Zhao Wei and YuPen’s Home

Due to frequent acting as screen couple, Alec and Vicki have became good friends and it even speculated that they had feeling for each other. But because Vicki has a steady boyfriend, they seldom contact each other since after shooting HZGG2 and their relationship began to drift away.

Now because they both have to act in Qiong Yao’s new TV drama serial, “Love & Rain”, they both meet together. No matter whether their relationship will develop, Alec politely praises Vicki’s boyfriend.

When Alec talked about he and Vicki’s friendly feeling, he was liberally said that he had met Vincent (Vicki’s b/f) in Shanghai and they went together to karaoke. Alec also said that Vincent was very generous and he was paymaster for that night. Both of them can get along and it is not like other people said that they are rivals.

Alec said “That night beside three of us, Ruby and other crew members were also there. When someone was mentioning of going to karaoke, Vicki called Vincent to come along and be a host. Vincent used his company car to come and fetch us.” Alec also said that when three of them met, they didn’t feel awkward and moreover that was not the first time that they had met together. He praised Vincent that he is not only friendly and handsome, the most important thing, he treats Vicki very well.

Alec – Sour To His Bone

Credit: Zhao Wei and YuPen’s Home

Alec went to a net party yesterday to meet with a couple hundred fans to sing and to play games with. He had a happy Saturday.

Yesterday a magazine reported, Alec, who admitted that he liked Vicki before, saw Vicki’s boyfriend in Shanghai and they went to the karaoke together. Seeing someone that you like hugging and kissing, Alec felt normal (in other words, he didn’t feel anything). Alec and Vicki’s relationship is probably becoming like brother and sister.

To this report Alec says that he went to the karaoke with Vicki and her boyfriend, Ruby and a whole group of people. Alec, Vicki, and Vicki’s boyfriend are really good friends, so the rumors will not affect their relationship. When asked if he felt uncomfortable, he said, “We are not kids, so there is nothing uncomfortable about it.” In his eyes, Vicki’s boyfriend is very nice and handsome and always listen to Vicki.

The rumor said that Vicki’s boyfriend visited them because of the rumor. Alec laughed and said that he doesn’t know about the rumor.