Accounts of meeting Vicki at the Shanghai premiere of My Dream Girl

Credit: AV Album of Memories

Hearing that Vicki was heading to Shanghai to promote My Dream Girl, Xu Wei and I began planning. As Vicki would be having four meet-the-fans sessions on this visit, we had to first resolve which to attend, thus we made a call to the four movie theatres. Speaking of this, it is quite coincidental that I’ve heard Alec will be making a trip to Mainland China as well, which just makes this meeting more special, so we decided on attending the last 9PM session. Since that was settled, I rushed over to the nearby Guo Tai theatre on the 9th, and after explaining my reasons to the manager, he agreed to our request to present flowers and gifts.

On the afternoon of the 10th, Xu Wei and I arranged to purchase gifts for Vicki, but the question of the choice of gifts left us racking our brains for some time. We decided on a bouquet of flowers named ‘Winning the empty heart’ comprised of 10 sunflowers and 10 lilies (because Alec once said Vicki is like a sunflower) and hurried to the florist to order the flowers. Subsequently Xu Wei ran over to the CD shop to buy a copy of Alec’s Zui Ai album (didn’t Vicki once say that she hasn’t had a good chat with Alec for 2-3 years? I’m giving her his new album to remind her of this old friend), wrapped it in paper printed with roses and placed it in a little red box, along with 3 essays written by Xuang Xi and sister Yun, and the stuff that Xiao Mi and I wanted to pass to Vicki. We wanted to get sunflower scent [I think it’s the scented stuff you use for aromatherapy?] as well, however it was out of stock and upon discussion we bought a matching pair of astrological sign mugs, Virgo and Pisces [AV’s astrological signs] and headed to the theatre.

When we arrived alongside Vicki and Xu Wei presented her the sunflowers, she appeared to be surprised and repeatedly thanked us. I went on to pass the gifts to Vicki and told her, “Sorry Vicki, my throat suddenly became sore today – these are the gifts Wo Ai Xiao Mi and Pei Pei asked me to pass to you.” Xu Wei swiftly added, “Yeah, friends from elsewhere asked me to give them to you.” After hearing that, Vicki smilingly said to Xu Wei, “Then let’s shake hands~” (when I heard this line I was stunned because this was what Alec told me when I sent him off) Xu Wei was so excited after hearing that, shaking Vicki’s hand time and again; I was extremely jealous standing beside them. Vicki was holding both the flowers and the gifts in her hands then, and Xu Wei actually wanted to quietly ask her about Alec, but on second thought deduced that it wouldn’t be nice to do that on their first meeting!

Once Vicki left, a substantial number of the audience slipped away, but according to our experience in chasing Alec, we rushed outside. True enough, Vicki was still at the doorway. The flowers were gone, supposedly in Su Qiaolian’s hands, but the gift was still there. Xu Wei and I observed her from a distance; Qiaolian was with her and was carrying our present. When Vicki got into the vehicle, Xu Wei shouted, “Vicki, don’t forget to look at the present!” Surprisingly Vicki replied to me loudly, “I know, I’m looking at it now!” and the car drove off.

P.S. Xu Wei asked if they could send her off, and Vicki responded with Alec’s often-used phrase, that it was arranged by the company and she wasn’t clear herself.

Alec Meets Vicki's Professor

Credit: AV Album of Memories

No one expected the immense popularity of HZGG, “At that time Qiong Yao was actually on the path downwards, this serial was also delayed for some time before airing in Taiwan. After filming HZGG II, Zhao Wei one day secretly called to say she was bringing a friend over. I asked her whether it was her boyfriend, and she said no. It was only after they arrived that I realized it was Su Youpeng.”

It turned out that Su Youpeng was very envious of the fact that Zhao Wei could study at the Beijing Film University, and hoped to meet a teacher from there through her. “I didn’t know then that he was a popular young Taiwanese idol. He was extremely busy after that, accepting film after film, ultimately never having the opportunity to take advanced courses.”

A similar article:

Zhao Wei’s love life also caused Professor Cui worry, “Like her ex-boyfriend Ye Maoqing – I never had a good impression of him. Once he came to the classroom, and at first sight I assumed that he was a student from Japan or Korea with his gold hair. Hmph! Once she also brought Su Youpeng to see me, I thought he was her boyfriend, and learnt only later that he wanted me to be his teacher.”

Zhao Wei is like a Bottle of Perfume

Credit: AV Album of Memories

“I’ve always yearned for simple romance, both the partner and the dating process being simple/pure. Like that bottle of perfume (lifts another similarly simply-designed bottle of perfume, spraying a little on my hand) – the bottle is simple, the scent light, but relatively lasting.”

“How about Zhao Wei? When rumors spread regarding the both of you, was it because she was a simple/innocent girl?” This simple question caused Su You Peng to deny it with animated gesticulations, “No, she’s definitely an extremely intelligent girl, don’t be misled by her appearance.” Thereafter he pondered deeply for a long time, his expression becoming slightly desolate, as if there were a multitude of issues in his heart, somewhat out of sorts. He seemingly didn’t hear the reporter’s subsequent questions.

Upon regaining his composure, Su You Peng made an analogy: She is like this bottle of perfume, appearing simple enough outwardly, but the scent within is strong to the extent of being slightly jarring to the nose.

On Vicki & Ruby

Credit: AV Album of Memories

When someone asked about Zhao Wei and Lin Xinru, Su You Peng answered the questions patiently: Zhao Wei has many good points of the seniors, extremely talented, doesn’t have conventions in performing, which is why she -not anyone else- is Xiao Yanzi; I call her ‘Daring Zhao’. Xinru is an old friend, natural and frank, has matured greatly now.

Zhao Wei influenced me

Credit: AV Album of Memories

Reporter – You once said: The person who affected your acting most is Vicki Zhao; what influence has she had on you?

Alec – I’ve acknowledged her talent for acting all along. As her existing achievements are too high, everyone will position her fixedly at this particular point and neglect her growth, which is not fair. Think about it, if someone else were to act as Xiao Yanzi, will she be as outstanding? It’s hard to say. Of course I feel that since she comes from a (film) school, she’ll have a certain comprehension and adaption ability, or methods to support a character, but when she’s acting, she’ll often break away from convention. It’s not only what she picks up from her education; she’ll have her own way of comprehension. This is the reason that she’s become Vicki Zhao, and the reason she influences me. She’s very bold, very daring in acting or performing methods, not sticking to conventions. She won’t cause her profession to be fuzzy/unclear.

Alec on Music Happenings III

Credit: AV Album of Memories

Host 1: There are a few extremely important women in his life, around 3. One is Ruby Lin, another Zhao Wei, and recently, Alyssa Chia. Who are you with now?

Alec: Now? None, they’re all not mine.

Host 2: All not yours?

Alec: Yeah. Wasn’t there some sensational news about them recently? (alluding to their love rumours) [pause] I’m averting your attention! [laughter]

Host 2: It’s odd. All these female stars have acted opposite you and created sparks, which is why the newspapers have reported it, so why are you giving them up to others now?

Host 1: Isn’t there anyone who’s close to the type (of girls) you like?

Alec: When we’re filming we’re all on pretty good terms, because when you immerse yourself in a role you’ll more or less have some reaction of true feelings, so when you’re filming…you quite like them. But after completing the filming there’s no appropriate conditions to develop further. For example when you’re posted to another filming group you don’t see one another, then…like Zhao Wei, I haven’t contacted her for a long time.

Host 1: Zhao Wei?…You’re not acting in HZGG 3-

Alec: She’s not in it too.

Host 2: Maybe she didn’t want to act in it because you weren’t going to! Because the partner isn’t there [Alec is grinning through all of this]

Host 1: Because you love Alyssa Chia now she doesn’t want to be the third party.

Host 2: Right, right, right! After hearing of the rumours between you and Alyssa Chia she went, “Forget it!”

Alec: No la. Like you said the media often tends to write about gossipy stuff, sometimes when the show is about to air -it’s easy for love rumours to land a large article space- so the production team will decide to cook up some rumours regarding the leads as a means of promotion. We actors don’t really have a choice at times – it’s not that fantastic, I don’t get a new girlfriend with every show!

Host 2: Really?

Host 1: Regardless of whether there’s a romance, there’s definitely [makes a kissing gesture]… Those kind of scenes!

Host 2: When the line between reality and fantasy is blurred…

Host 2: And bed scenes. Whose (lips) feel the best?

Alec: Actually- [looking quite embarrassed]

Host 1: Whose are softer…?

Host 2: You have to say.

Alec: It should be a beautiful thing, because the setting of the kiss scene will certainly be very romantic for you to want to kiss, but in reality when you film these romance films, they love to have kissing and hugging in the rain, especially at night – it’s like a scene from a comic book, so romantic. But it’s terrible when you’re filming it…(and he goes prattling on about the difficulties of filming, successfully evading the question!)