The Top Chinese TV Drama Awards (2nd year)

Location: Beijing
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The 2nd Top Chinese TV Drama Awards Ceremony, which took place in Beijing on June 6th, recognized both Vicki Zhao and Alec Su as the top five for most popular mainland China actress and Taiwan actor, respectively. Alec, unfortunately, did not attend. But interestingly enough, the two ge ges re-united.

Mainland China Most Popular Award – Actress:
1.Vicki Zhao – 92137 votes
2.Liu Yi Fei – 83575 votes
3.Sun Li – 64184 votes
4.Betty Huang – 63010 votes
5.Liu Tao – 55821 votes

Taiwan Most Popular Award – Actor:
1.Peter Ho – 115939 votes
2.Joseph Zheng – 85159 votes
3.Jimmy Lin – 71172 votes
4.Alec Su – 62513 votes
5.Vic Zhou – 61507 votes