To access the following music albums, you will need the account information below:
Username – avodyssey.net
Password – avmedia4fans

A l e c S u

>> Little Tigers
>> Wait For That Day
>> Backpack
>> Happens This Way
>> Wind Sound Rain Sound Su Sound
>> Are You Happy or Not
>> Understanding
>> Not Only Deep Love
>> Earnest
>> Before and After
>> Miscellaneous Tracks

V i c k i Z h a o

>> Swallow
>> Magic of Love
>> Last Separation
>> Romance in the Rain
>> Afloat
>> Double
>> Angel Suitcase


5 thoughts on “Discography

  1. Robin says:

    Does anyone happen to have the track titles for CD 2 of Romance in the Rain? I have CD 1 tracks and have located Disc 2 but I need the names of the tracks, if any kind person can help. 🙂

  2. Robin says:

    It’s ok….found them!
    CD 2
    1. Yen Yu meng meng – Leo Ku
    2. Hao Xiang Hao Xiang – Zhao Wei
    3. Chuan -Zhao Wei
    4. Oh ran – Vicki Zhao Wei
    5. Yu zong de gu si – Vicki Zhao Wei
    6. Jia zen jing
    7. Yie Shanghai
    8. Mao Mao Yu
    9. Wang si nan wang – Zhao Wei
    10. Hao Xiang Hao Xiang (Instrumental)
    11. Yen yu meng meng (Instrumental)
    12. Bu you zi zu (Instrumental)
    13. Yen yu mong mong / Admist the misty rain (another instrumental version)
    14. Yu zong de gu si (Instrumental)

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