The Left Ear: An AV Collaboration

In 2014, Alec Su and Vicki Zhao were invited to be judges for China’s Got Talent and AV fans worldwide rejoiced in seeing their idols together onscreen once more. 2015 proved an even more auspicious year for this multi-talented duo! Today, April 24th, marks Alec’s directorial debut of The Left Ear, a film adaptation of Sharon Rao’s novel of the same name. What makes this occasion all the more beautiful is that he invited Vicki to sing the theme song!

Watch below the official music video with English subtitles. And yes, both Alec and Vicki made appearances:

Did you catch the thumbs up Alec gave Vicki at the end of the video? How beautiful their friendship has matured after all those years since the days of Huan Zhu Ge Ge!

And below is a related news clip that perfectly captured their almost-two-decades of friendship/work. In the interview, Alec disclosed that Vicki is “forever the goddess in my heart”…

Alec and Vicki participated in promotional activities in matching outfits:

Alec and Vicki exchanged Weibo messages and a selfie with matching glasses:

[English Translations] Alec & Vicki as China’s Got Talent 2014 Judges (part 2 of 2)

Season 5 of China’s Got Talent premiered on December 8 of 2013, featuring Alec Su and Vicki Zhao among the four judges! Fans across the globe delighted in this rare reunion. Thanks to Fran, AV Odyssey has exclusive English translations to all episodes of the season. Enjoy part 2 of 2!

Episode 10

MC: Only 6 finalists will perform in the Finals. We will separate the semi-finals into three parts. In the first round, ten performers will compete against each other. The 100 reporters will vote to determine who wins the matchup. The winner will be in the safe zone and the loser will be eliminated. In the second round, the top 2 of the 5 winners will automatically be in the finals. In the third round, the four judges will choose 1 out of the 3 to continue to the finals.

2:00 – ZW: When I first saw his performance, it was hard to guess what his next moves would be.
2:16 – LY: Their youthfulness and excitement were undeniable! If they bring 200% today, they definitely have a chance.
2:28 – WWZ: His performance is quite unique and entertaining but will he have any surprises for us?
2:43 – LY: Their performance comes from their hearts. They need a lot of confidence in their performance and I hope they have a lot of confidence when they perform today.
3:00 – SYP: They really have a fun spirit. I think that is the spirit that should exist in street dancing. I really hop they do well today.
3:15 – LY: They are unique in that they have real talent but what else can they bring to the table?
3:28 – WWZ: They really are considered a professional dance group. I hope to see some surprises today.
3:38 – ZW: Because they had even less time, only a week or so of time. I wonder if they will be able to give us another stunning performance.
3:59 – WWZ: As an amateur, he is able to capture the audience’s attention with his voice. I think that is very important.
4:10 – MC: Both Professor Liu and LinDuXin made it to the semi-finals. Tonight, LinDuXin will perform first.

First Matchup: Yo-Yo vs Jump Rope

7:44 – ZhengYongCang

10:10 – SYP: ZhengYongCang, you were really awesome today! Your costume was great and you utilized your chubbiness to your advantage. Your skill is unwavering! Very good!!
LY: When we saw you in auditions, I thought everything was very good but you were a bit chubby. Today, you dressed up like panda and with panda eyes and nose…I finally realized that your chubbiness has a purpose! Just like ZW Jie Jie, she is fat and a lot of people like her too! Ok, YongCang, who are you more grateful for?
Performer: I want to thank my dad. I have Yo-yoed for 6 years and he has always been with me. Whether during practice or performance, he is always there for me. He always takes time away from work to support me. If he didn’t do all that, I probably wouldn’t have gotten here.
LY: The next time you want to thank your father (ba ba), let me teach you how we say it in DongBei. I really want to thank my diey (father).
Performer: Diey, I love you!

12:56 – Jump Rope Group

15:08 – MC: I think this is the most confident group. They pressed the X’s on themselves!
SYP: I think you all still used some interesting fun tricks. Have you all thought about what you would do if you don’t make it to the next round?
Performer: We wish to let more people recognize our style of jump roping. We have competed worldwide and received second place. But in China, no one knows us.
Performer: Actually, jump rope originated in China. It has really evolved worldwide and we want to learn what others have changed in the world of jump rope.
SYP: I really hope you all succeed.

First Matchup Results

16:15 – ZhengYongCang: I think most people don’t realize that pandas can yo-yo. I want to become the Kung Fu Panda of the Yo-Yo World. If I make it to the Finals, I will bring my best performance for everyone to see.

Jump Rope Group: What I want to say to the media, I also want to say to my two colleagues. We are almost seniors and will graduate. I really hope that we can show you our best and final performance.

MC: Our 100 media friends, you have 60 seconds to make a decision. Number 1 is ZYK and Number 2 is JRG.

FIRST MATCHUP WINNER: ZhengYongCang 72.94%

Second Matchup: ShaoJiuJi vs LiuXin and GaoLin

20:20 – ShaoJiuJi

23:00 – MC: Did you like this kind of performance?
LY: Ahhh…when this first started, they did close-ups on you and I saw some of you have some pimples! Ahh, that is too bad. But from your performance, I can see that doesn’t matter. You are naturally talented and belong on this stage! Your performance was captivating! Even though you did not remove your clothing this time, the performance was still very sexy! I think your performance was just as good as last time. It was very intriguing and exciting! I like it!
SYP: I want to say my honest opinion. I think the performance utilized a lot of props, like guns and ropes. Those are all very tantalizing. Because you all were nervous, your facial expressions did not have the wild look you had last time. Your facial expressions were a bit lacking.
LY: Who do you want to thank?
Performer: Our team leader. We all do this as a hobby and we have different schedules. We are not professionals and many have not had any lessons in the past. We want to show that we are a great group.
LY: Don’t cry because if you cry, I will cry. If you leave this stage, what will you think?
Performer: We haven’t thought much about that because we don’t want to leave this stage. We have received a lot of applause on this stage. We have had disagreements on our performances but through this experience we have bonded with each other. So we think this stage is very important to us and we want to forge on.
LY: I think that even though some of you have pimples, you all will do very well. Don’t cry, because if you cry, I will cry. Add oil.

27:33 – LiuXin and GaoLin

30:27 – MC: I think their performance always incorporates love. Their performance taught us that if a girl really loves you, no matter how hard you fling them, they won’t leave you! That is called real love! (I agree)
SYP: Does your performance have any special meaning?
Performer: I am supposed to be a queen and become his goddess.
SYPL Just because of that response, I think you were very captivating! In order to become a goddess, what preparations did you make?
Performer: I practiced my eyes every day.
SYP: Give me the look of a queen!
LY: Today, your performance was elegant, above standard and very open.
Performer: I have known her for 6 years and this is the first time she is dressed so pretty. Normally, when we are practicing, we just wear our tights.
LY: If you make it to the next round, what is your dream?
Performer: My dream, because I have been to GaoLin’s home. It is in a little village. There is no TV reception and they are not able to see us perform on TV. If we make it to the finals, we hope to bring our parents to see our live performance here in Shanghai.
LY: If you do not make it to the next round, do you still wish to contuse with your dreams?
Performer: As long as we are together, I believe problems will not be problems.

Second Matchup Results

33:35 – ShaoJiuJi: We hope we can continue on CGT because we are ShaoJiuJi!

LiuXin: We know that the most hardworking people will be closer to happiness. We will continue to work hard. We hope that all the teachers can help us get closer to happiness.

SECOND MATCHUP WINNER: LiuXin and GaoLin 67.1%

Third Matchup: The Unique Dance Group vs Bestcrew

39:30 – The Unique Dance Group

41:58 – I think you all really have a future ahead of you. I have seen 3 performances and each one is very different! I think you all are China’s hope in dancing.
LY: I really like your performance. I think your first two performances were very surprising. In this third performance, I found that you all can be sexy and you are not afraid to try new things.
WWZ: You have received 4 championships in the Blackpool Competitions. What is the difference between competing on CGT and there?
Performer: We came to CGT to fulfill a members dream.
LY: What dream?
Performer: Actually, I am already very satisfied. I don’t know what I should say. I really am very satisfied. I just want o use this stage and thank all my 11 brothers and sisters. They did not leave me when I was in a bad situation.
Performer: I know why he is like this because I am his dance partner. Other than his family, I am his closest friend. In 2009, his father was diagnosed with lung cancer. In the end, his father’s wish was for him to perform in 2012’s Blackpool Competition. We all practiced for 14 months nonstop. In the week before Blackpool, the doctors said his father did not have much time left. So he decided to stay behind with his father. When we received our first place award and returned home, his father already passed away. Because of that, we all hope to be able to dance for our parents while they are still living. We will always be a family!

47:20 – Bestcrew

51:07 – MC: They really are the Bestcrew. LY, do you agree?
LY: I agree. Every time I see your performance, it is always very exciting and youthful! What message were you trying to send today and why did you change your style as well as music choice?
Performer: Because in the past, we all danced. Today, we wanted to demonstrate what we are, dancers. No one in the world understands dancers. You will always get hurt. Sometimes you are so poor, even you don’t think much of yourself. But as long as you are with your best brothers, courting the next 8 steps… The six of us have been together, all together 60 years! We have been together 10 years; we want to say if you want to dance then come dance with us. Dancing is the best thing in the world.
LY: What does it mean for you all to make it to the Finals?
Performer: If we make it to the Finals, it will be like standing on the highest peak!
YP: I think you are all excellent. You are different every time I see you. Today is the best I have seen! I know everyone is competing for a vote from the media today. I want to say something to the media on their behalf. I think they are very advanced in their dance skills. They surprise us each time. Even when they talk about their dreams, they surprise us with a yell. Lastly, they even threw their dream airplanes into the sky. I think your creativity is very exciting. Please take my comments into consideration.
WWZ: Let me tell you about something that just happened. When I met YP, he was only in his teens. Compared to you all, that was probably about 3 years ago. He has been performing for such a long time. When you all finished performing there were tears in his eyes. I was very touched too. I cannot help you all gain more votes because both groups performed very well so I leave that job to them!

54:21 – Third Matchup results

The Unique Dance Group: We just want o fulfill our dreams of being our parents and family’s pride and joy. We hope you can vote for us.

Bestcrew: Our dream is very simple, to be the best forever. Thank you.


Fourth Matchup: ZhengZiQiang vs Surge Group

59:00 – ZhengZiQiang

1:01:55 – LY: Before I saw your performance, I always thought I was the sexiest man. After this, I think you are the sexiest man. I really like your performance because it is so different from last time. You mentioned that you were a basketball player before. I like that you combined basketball into your dance routine. You are very captivating.
ZW: I have a question for you. You selected basketball as the theme for your performance. Are you trying to tell us something?
Performer: I used to be a basketball player. That was my dream before my injury. My dream has changed now. I want to be a good father and a good husband. I want the entire world to see my dance. I want all people with disabilities see my dance. I want them to be like me, strong and brave.

1:04:45 – Surge Group

1:06:40 – MC: The Surge group has always performed in the dark; let’s applaud them under the spot light!
SYP: I think you could have done better. You performed so well the last times and we expected more. You used a more cartoon like material and none of your laser lights…it was just a bit disappointing.
ZW: I was not that disappointed. I remember your last performances very well. I am surprised that you removed your laser lights. I wonder if you didn’t have enough time.
Performer: No, we wanted to show what else we can do. From a general perspective, time was short for us and we were not perfect. But we want to show you all that we can do.
LY: I want to ask, how do you feel about your previous performances and today’s?
Performer: My father is in the audience today. It is his first time seeing us in person. So this time, it is more exciting.

Fourth Matchup Results


Fifth matchup: LinDuXin vs ShenGuanXiong

1:11:05 – LinDuXin

1:15:20 – WWZ: Let me describe where you are standing right now. You are on a large stage and you look just like a famous star under the spot light. Isn’t that awesome? (Awesome)
LY: In the end I saw your drummer use his fingers to play. It was great! Your band members are really great!
Performer: Actually, I really have to thank my buddies. They are here just for me.

1:17:46 – ShenGuanXiong

1:21:45: WWZ: I once said that a singer like you needs a large stage with the Great wall in the background and an orchestra to play with you. On this stage, we have achieved quite a bit. How do you feel?
Performer: It is great! I never imagined I would have this opportunity. I really need to thank CGT. In my wildest dreams, I didn’t think I could stand on a stage like this and sing for everyone.
WWZ: I heard that when you sing well, your mom will applaud you. When you sing badly, she will knock on the table. (Yes) Do you think your mom will applaud or known on the table after today’s performance?
Performer: She will applaud me. Nine years ago, my dad was in good health. All of a sudden, he went to the hospital. In less than a month, his condition spiraled downhill. I do not have the opportunity to be with him anymore. So even though my mother’s health is not good, I still have my mother and she can still hear me sing for her. That is enough.
SYP: After this performance, I think you really have the spirit of a famous star. I am very touched. I really like your outfit, it looks just like mine.
LY: I think your performance was great but you seemed like you did something wrong. You need to be more confident. I love it!

Fifth Matchup Results

FIFTH MATCHUP WINNER: ShenGuanXiong 55.63%

Second Round: Media to vote and the top 2 will go straight to the Finals.

Second Place: LiuXin and GaoLin
First Place: Bestcrew

Of the three performers left, only one will go to the Finals. This decision will be made by the 4 judges. The judges have 60 seconds to make this last decision of the night.

LY: The fact that the three of you have made is thus far is worth celebrating. However, only one performer will continue on. I will now announce the decision. Congratulations to ZhengYongCang

Episode 11

MC: Only 6 finalists will perform in the Finals. We will separate the semi-finals into three parts. In the first round, ten performers will compete against each other. The 100 reporters will vote to determine who wins the matchup. The winner will be in the safe zone and the loser will be eliminated. In the second round, the top 2 of the 5 winners will automatically be in the finals. In the third round, the four judges will choose 1 out of the 3 to continue to the finals.

1:42 – ZW: They really will face even more opponents today. We will have to see how they perform tonight.

1:54 – WWZ: It will be very challenging for him and the others as well

2:05 – LY: Gymnastics is unlike singing or dancing. There is even less that can change in gymnastics.

2:17 – SYP: Because he is blind, he is probably less nervous than the other competitors, at least I hope that is the case.

2:27 – ZW: I feel pretty confident with his act

2:40 – SYP: I think her magic tricks aren’t that special but I think she can handle this

2:54 – ZW: I hope they can, once again, show us a miracle.

3:07 – SYP: I think he has potential but it really comes down to what he comes up with

3:17 – WWZ: He doesn’t sing well and doesn’t dance all that great but his lyrics and the feelings he evokes…it is interesting

3:32 – SYP: It is new and refreshing but lacks a sort of elegance

First Matchup: HanYu vs AhNi

5:25 – HanYu
7:45 – MC: What a unique performance. HanYu, you seemed to have performed a kind of news report for our 100 media judges.
Performer: Actually, this performance is called “The Excitements of a Day”
WWZ: You are very talented, You combined street dancing with miming very well. You have been dancing for over 10 years, what championships have you received? Do you want to be a star or a teacher? What is your dream?
Performer: A lot of friends ask me, HanYu, why did you perform in CGT? What do you want to accomplish? Today, I want to tell everyone. I want to be a dance star. I want to be a giant star not just a super star. The Koreans have Rain. America has Michael Jackson. China has HanYu. That is what I want to accomplish.
SYP: Wow, to be so confident and still be likeable, that is hard!
ZW: When SYP clapped his hands, I heard it in my ears. I really felt it. When I watched your performance, it was like a cartoon, like “Cat and Mouse”. You must preserve your talents and continue to succeed.

10:35 – AhNi
12:37 – MC: LY, don’t you think that his performance fits your dream like tastes?
LY: AhNi, your body and mood and the “Fantastic Baby” face…I love it all. You seem nervous. Tell us how you are feeling.
Performer: Never in my dreams did I think I would be on such a large stage. After the last performance, they all came to my hometown. It was a 3 hours car ride and there were 40-50 people. Normally, only new year’s would have that large of a group. My grandfather, when I came home, gave me a very very old Khata for me. ( That made me very happy.
LY: Ok, Ah Ni, I really liked your performance I think you did very well overall.

First Matchup Results
13:56 – HanYu: I will not use the same performance in each round. I will have a surprise each time. I want to keep you on the edge of your seats. So I hope that you all will support me.
AhNi: I want to be the Hero Eagle of my homeland. I want to soar on the stage. I want to extend the KanBa spirit further. My name is AhNi. Thank you.


Second Matchup: ChengJiaJia vs ChenBingQian

17:46 – ChengJiaJia
22:50 – ZW: JiaJia, when you were performing, were you nervous?
Performer: I have a quality that none others have. I am blind so I have no idea how big the stage is or how many people are in the audience. So in my mind, my heart is as big as this stage. I am not nervous!
LY: What do you wish beyond this stage?
Performer: I think if I am happy, I still live a day. If I am sad, I still live a day. So as long as I am happy, then I am in luck!
ZW: Do you think you have fulfilled your dreams?
Performer: I can only say that I have sort of fulfilled my dreams. Why do I say sort of? Because this is only my first performance and I want to continue to perform. I want to bring happiness to hundreds of families, even to the entire world. I want to be the first blind Asian talk show host!
SYP: Since you cannot see anything, I want to let you know that they have designed a “JiaJia Tonight’s Show” sign right behind you. You really are a talk show host! You are a superstar! I hope you can use this stage to find an even larger stage!

25:41 – ChenBingQian
28:25 – LY: Really, it was one surprise after another! I thought, how did you juggle that stick in the air. Then you were chained up, and then it was the boy chained up. Then you were in the cage and you were stabbed. That must have hurt. Then the cage dropped and I thought, oh no, BingQian died. I was quite sad. Then you walked up next to me! It really was one surprise after another!
WWZ: I think LY is a great audience member. He thought BingQian died!
SYP: I think the best part was the VCR they showed before your performance. Your parents look like they were parents in a tv series! How do you feel about the things your parents aid to you?
Performer: I am not home very often. I know that since they have known I have become a magician, that they are very worried about me. Maybe they wish that I did something else but they are willing to let me try this and fulfill my dream. Sometimes I am afraid to go home to see them.
SYP: Have they seen your magic tricks?
Performer: I am sure they have not.
SYP: Did you know that I am a magician too? Close your eyes.
Performer: The first time I came, someone made me close my eyes.
WWZ: YP is coming over to give you a kiss. He’s almost next to you!
SYP: Ok, my props are in place. They are right behind you.
SYP: You are so confident on stage but next to your dad, you are so scared! You have seen my presents, what do you think?
Performer: Thank you. I am very grateful. I don’t know how to say it.
Performer’s dad: We really enjoyed her performance. We are really proud of her and support her. And we all love her.
SYP: When I first started performing, my family thought I was a disgrace too. But now I am sitting here as a judge. I want to share my story with you.
MC: So no matter what, we will support you. Thank you!

Second Matchup Results
MC: JiaJia, welcome back on stage. This time feels a little different than last time you were on stage.
Performer: Yes, it feels a lot heavier this time.


Third Matchup: PanHongRen vs WanYuHao

35:06 – PanHongRen
37:40 – MC: I like that everyone got on their knees at the end. It was like you were paying respects to the audience but in reality it was to greet a new King Dancer!
LY: Your performances have been great! Tell us who your idol is.
Performer: Michael. Yes, because he is a great dancer and I want to be a King of Dancing like him.
LY: I can feel your excitement.
ZW: You are a very talented performer! You bring me surprises each time! I hope you can be a world reknown dancer as you wish.
SYP: I am very excited by your performance. In the middle you impersonated a “xxxxx” – Do you know who she is?
Performer: I am not sure but I thought she was very funny so I wanted to impersonate her.
SYP: I think it was a great addition. It really added to your performance. In the end when I saw Michael, I almost cried. You are too handsome!
MC: YP, when you look at him, do you see a younger you?
SYP: He is so much better than me when I was younger!
WWZ: What do you feel when you get on stage? Why are you always so happy?
Performer: Because my mother spends long nights making my clothes and I want her to be happy. I want to do very well on this stage.

40:45 – WanYuHao
43:35 – MC: If WanYuHao were a girl then he would not have this cracked voice period.
ZW: Really, I had goosebumps as you were singing. Why did you select this song?
Performer: I really like some of the lyrics in the song. “Tomorrow, how are you? Your sound is very small but it reminds me what courage is.” I think in life, if any challenges occur, as long as there is courage, everything will be better.
ZW: With courage, everything will be better. What about your fears about your voice?
Performer: I am not too scared that my voice will change but my father is quite scared.
ZW: Ah, because you are famous now!
Performer: He wants me to do well in my studies and does not want me to make singing a priority. He does not support me in this. All the other little performers have their parents support but my mother carefully supported me and my father’s nonsupport. So I hope that he may support me.
ZW: Do you want to say a few things to your father?
Performer: Since I have chosen to sing, I will be responsible.
ZW: You will be responsible to singing? Haha
WWZ: It is ok that he does not support. Sometimes it is better that way. Just relax you will do fine. Do not worry.
Performer: Thank you Grandpa.

Third Matchup results
46:04 – PanHongRen: Please vote for me because I want my mother to be happy. Thank you.
WanYuHao: I really want to stay on this stage just a bit longer. I hope that you all can vote for me. Thank you.


Fourth Matchup: Liu Siblings vs YinZhongHua

51:52 – Liu Siblings
54:49 – MC: I really hope that acrobatics isn’t a way of life for the Liu Siblings but a way to make us all happy.
ZW: Every time I see your performance, I don’t think I am watching acrobatics but a story. The first time I cried because I learned of your day to day living. Today, you made us all happy.
LY: I want to ask, has your life changed since your first performance.
Performer: Yes. There are people on the audience who know that we are for real, that we are not lying to them. They will say: it is getting late. Your brother and sister still need to go to school tomorrow. Be careful when you perform.
LY: That is great. Little brother, if you do not succeed, what will happen?
Performer: We will continue to work hard and perform on the streets.
WWZ: I think your performance was very warm. Your scenery, the act, everything. Whether you succeed or not, keep this warmth. You have to be certain of the path you take. Take your brother and sister down the most innocent path.
Performer: Actually, I am very grateful. I have never been on this kind of stage before. There are alot of kids that roam the streets like us. But there are very few that make it on CGT’s stage. We are very thankful.

58:10 – YinZhongHua
1:01:56 – WWZ: Did you get hurt? Don’t hold it in!
Performer: There wasn’t time to practice with all the props.
WWZ: Did you come up with this yourself? (Yes.) You said that you wished the props team to build something for you. Was the balancing tower it? (Yes)
ZW: oh my, that scared me! I thought the prop was broken!
SYP: You made a small mistake. In my mind, I don’t think it affected your performance. Is there a feeling of incompleteness?
Performer: Very much. My father expects a lot out of me. I think if I was more perfect, he would be very happy.
SYP: Anything can happen on the stage. Don’t worry about it. I think you belong on the big stage.

Fourth Matchup Results
WWZ: YinZhongHua, I want to ask you. You saw the Liu Siblings performance, what do you want to say to them?
Performer: If they want to learn, I will teach them!
MC: Can you give your phone number to the older sister?
Performer: I already know it.
MC: You already know it?
Performer: We are from the same hometown and he has taught us a lot. He is very nice to us and we have called him our older brother. He is even our idol. (You all are mine too) Not at all! We did not know how to warm up and stretch, he taught us. So we all really like him.

YinZhongHua: Normally, I perform at night and it is to make a living. But here…
LiuSister: We don’t really know how to express ourselves in words but everything we say comes from our hearts.


Fifth matchup: Professor Liu vs Killer Soap

1:10:25 – Professor Liu
1:13:20 – ZW: This is really the kind of performance I want to see. Is there anything you want to say to us?
Performer: I want to say thank you for having me write, yet another song. I did not have much time since the last performance. I spent two nights and came up with this. It was all your fault.
WWZ: Your enemy is me. (You like me!) I don’t like you! I heard that your wife is in the group too. (I am an idol!) Oh shush!
Performer: My wife cannot be you. (Bodyguard)
WWZ: What do you think of your husband?
Performer’s wife: I really admire him. I think he sacrificed himself to bring happiness to everyone. (Really?) Yes, he told me to say that. It really is true. I do admire him. I asked him if we should tell everyone our background. He said no. We don’t need to. We just need to tell them our dreams.
WWZ: I have seen a lot in these circles. A woman is almighty when she marries a man who has nothing. A man is almighty when he has everything and gives it all to his wife. You have to remember that Professor Liu. When you become famous, you have to give it al to your wife.
Performer: I must say something to the entire nation. I really do not have anything that I can keep for myself. That is the truth.
LY: I really hope you have a long road ahead.

1:17:00 – Killer Soap
1:19:50 – MC: Why does the guitarist need a chair?
Performer: This is an old injury. When we were rehearsing this morning, he fell. We were all quite worried today, but that is ok. We will persevere.
MC: Thank you for your performance.
SYP: I think your performance was excellent. I think the song of choice is very important to a band. Why did you choose this song?
Performer: There is a lyric in this song “Did the world change us or did we change the world?” We play music because we want to change the world with our music.
SYP: I don’t know if you changed the world but you really moved me.
ZW: I really like the way that you all play music. It is very sincere.

Fifth Matchup Results
Professor Liu: This is the first time performing on such a large stage. And the tv network invited four stars to listen to me sing. To tell you the truth, I feel very good! You must feel that way too. I want to say that I am the silliest singer in all of China. But If I was a lazy person being such a silly singer then this performance would be awful. But I am very serious when dealing with very silly things. The outcome is that I am on this stage trying to make everyone happy. I will stop now because you are looking at me. I am done, so it is your turn.
Killer Soap: I will just say a few things. We really love to play music. I hope that we will be able to play our own music and motivate more people. Thank you.

FIFTH MATCHUP WINNER: Professor Liu – 63.52%

Second Round: Media to vote and the top 2 will go straight to the Finals.

Second Place: Professor Liu
First Place: YinZhongHua

Of the three performers left, only one will go to the Finals. This decision will be made by the 4 judges. The judges have 60 seconds to make this last decision of the night.

LY: We want to keep each of you on this stage. However, only one can stay on this stage. Congratulations to WanYuHao.

Episode 12

1:15 – YinZhongHua: Since coming to this stage, I have an even stronger desire to succeed. I will try my best.
SYP: YinZhongHua, I think he has a good chance.
WWZ: This guy has strong ambitions.1:21 – WanYuHao: It will not just be me singing solo. It will be all of us so I will add oil.
LY: His vocals are like sounds from nature. I hope he performs well tonight.

1:32 – Bestcrew: We will definitely perform a perfect dance.
ZW: I think Bestcrew is pretty good.
LY: I think Bestcrew has the abilities of a worldly renowned dance group.

1:44 – ZhengYongCang: I will use a perfect performance on the most beautiful stage of my life.

1:51 – LiuXin & GaoLin: We are ready now. My dream is to become the final champion.
SYP: I think they will perform very well too.

1:58 – WWZ: Dr. Liu gives us a lot of happiness.
Dr: Liu: I am the black horse on this CGT stage.
ZW: I hope all the performers add oil. I am looking forward to your most exciting performance!

Tonight, we will see which performer becomes the final champion!

Popular Performers
3:49: SHN48
4:35: Hua Normal University Cheerleading Group
5:19: TS Dance Group
6:10: Little Tigers Acrobatics
6:56: PanHongRen and ShaoJiuJi

MC: Thank you to our opening performers. Tonight, we will have 7 performers who will be on this stage. Six finalists were chosen from the semi-finals. All semi-finalists were given the chance to be voted on online. The top 4 performers are here on this stage. Only one will become the 7th finalist. Let’s see the big screen!

8:00 – These performers conquered the stage with their strengths:
ShenGuanXiong – 62,231 votes
YinSuLi – 70,017 votes
XuDuBa – 64,296 votes
YangJun – 69,979 votes

MC: These three performers will perform for us later tonight as well.

MC: Let us welcome our judges ZW, LY, SYP and their friends in this exciting performance!

13:30 – ZW and DongJie “So Young”
Theme Song of the movie “So Young (Official MV):

16:07 – LY and LiJian “Song Hua Jiang”
Original by LiJian:

18:45 – SYP and talented Performers “My Good Mood” …Broadway Musical Twist!
Original song…

20:55 – DongJie: I am happy to be one of ZW’s good friends and perform on this stage. I think everyone has a dream in mind. I am grateful that CGT provides such a stage for us all. Tonight, I would like to wish all the performers best of luck.
LiJian: To me, CGT is very exciting! It is not the same sitting in front of the television watching. Being live, it is very different! Both LY and I grew up on SongHuaJiang and that is why this song is significant for us. He lived upstream and I lived downstream.

22:03 – MC: we currently have 6 finalists and a 7th finalist voted by the fans online. The popularity votes online will determine the order in which the finalists will perform. Let us see the ordering of the top 6 finalists.

1. WanYuHao 65,793 votes
2. Dr. Liu 64,472 votes
3. YinZhongHua 63,291 votes
4. LiuXin and GaoLin 42,495 votes
5. BestCrew 37,408 votes
6. ZhengYongCang 34,829 votes
7. YinSuLi

24:37 – Tonight’s finals will come in three rounds. Round 1will be one on one. The online votes winner is automatically safe for Round 1. The winner of each one on one will be determined by the 150 media representatives. The three winners will continue to Round 2.
The online votes winner will begin the 2nd round. The audience members will vote via text messages to determine the top performer for the 3rd round. The four judges will choose one out of the remaining three to enter the 3rd round.
In the 3rd round, the final winner will be determined by votes from the 150 media representatives.

Round 1: First Matchup – 2 VS 7

27:04 – YinSuLi
31:24 – MC: YinSuLi, you will compete with your brother very soon. How do you feel?
YSL: I am very happy. Last time, I made a small mistake so he beat me. This time I am here for revenge!
MC: Are you happy with your performance? (Yes) Let’s see what the judges have to say about your performance.
WWZ: I think it was great. You really combined flexibility with dance.
MC: When you shot that arrow, were you thinking of SYP?
YSL: I was…but I shot the revenge to that general instead.
SYP: Welcome back to this stage. The girl who loves to smile. I really enjoyed your performance. Your abilities are quite surprising. You really displayed the extremities of love and hate. I hope you love of smiling and your ambitions can take you to the final stage.
ZW: I liked your performance. The song was quite good too. (Theme song of “Painted Skin” movie) Although YSL is an acrobatics performer, she combined it with really good dancing for a great performance.
LY: I have a question. YSL, to be able to stand on CGT’s stage, do you think it was luck or your ability?
YSL: I have said that the girl who loves to smile will have good opportunities. Everyone has seen that I am back. Back in the semi-finals, I made a small mistake and loss to my brother. This time, I came to help him with his performance. I did not think I would have another opportunity to perform.

34:19 – Dr. Liu
When it is time to do something really boring, Dr. Liu is always there. Help me throw this out. Bring me that document.
Dr. Liu: A lot of people have wondered how I came so far. It is because I am very honest in the things I say. I am very serious in doing things you all think are silly and boring.
35:10 – Dr; Liu: This is the first fans autograph session since I returned from semi-finals. I want to show everyone that I am the black horse on this stage.

38:22 – Dr. Liu: So exciting. Since the last performances, there have been many fans that come on WeiBo to ask how my family is doing. Thank you for your kindness. They all ask me, Dr. Liu, why is it that you made it to the finals? To tell you the truth, I did not know either. So I started an online poll. Why do you think Dr. Liu made it to the finals? A: Because the producer is my dad. B. Because I have LY money. C. Because he has naturally great vocals. D. Because he is funny. In the end, 97% of the online voters chose A. Do you know why I chose this time to say these words to you? Because when I sing, I really need to take a break.

This performer, what is your dream?
Dr. Liu: Aiya, everyone asks me every day. I really have to think about it. What dream do I have?

41:10 – MC: Let’s applaud Dr. Liu. With such a large group, I think people will really think that the producer is you dad or godfather.
Dr. Liu: He is not my dad or my godfather. I have no relation.
MC: What do our judges think of your performance?
ZW: I think it was very good. He performs better each time. And I think he is very smart. He knows how to relate to the audience. Like this “Black Horse” song he chose. In parts of the song, the ladies were bowing to the audience. I think he really knows how to get close to the audience and no matter how big of a stage you give him, he is up to the challenge.
Dr. Liu: Let me correct Teacher ZW. That was called “paying respects”. “Bowing” seems a bit weird.
SYP: Yes, paying repects!
ZW: Ohhh, that’s paying respects. Ok ok…
WWZ: Wow, Dr. Liu, you are even correcting ZW…
ZW: Haha, he calls me XiaoWeiWei off stage.
WWZ: Dr. Liu, you really are famous now, huh?
Dr. Liu: Yes, just a bit.
SYP: I almost went on your WeiBo to leave a comment. You seemed like a riffraff off the street in your first performance but now you have the aura of a famous star. You are great! You are a Virgo, right? (Yes) Virgos are just outstanding!
ZW: SYP, are you trying to gather votes for yourself??
LY: Just like you said. You are very serious when faced with a boring, silly situation. We have seen it. The lady that asked you what your dream was. Was that your wife? (No, just an actress) You did not respond, what is your dream?
Dr. Liu: I am so scared of responding to this question. I don’t really like to dream. Before I came on CGT. After I came to CGT, I thought, even I can succeed with this? I began to dream more. My dreams are more practical though. Many people have said they want to be the next Michael. That is too far away. I like to start small. Like my recent dream was that the hotel I stay in Shanghai could be a bit better. Unfortunately, that did not come true.
MC: If you bring less people, they will allow you to have a better room. You will stay in a $350/night room.
Dr. Liu: Oh, I see. Well, I think if the fans on my WeiBo can increase just a bit, that would be great. I cannot compare myself to the 4 teachers. After my first performance, my followers increased by 10,000. That is a small dream. I think life is built of little dreams.
LY: That was a great explanation. Throughout your performances, you have always worn sunglasses. I am curious, why is that? Is there something you are unable to share with us?
Dr. Liu: Let me respond to the teacher. Many of the online folks think I have an eye problem. The truth is I don’t have an eye problem. To be honest, it is so I do not have to do any costume or work on my hair. It is much more convenient this way. When I write my songs, I am too brutally honest so I feel safer hiding behind my hat and sunglasses. If someone gets upset with me, they cannot find me because they don’t know what I look like.
MC: You think that is a safety helmet?
Dr. Liu: Yes, I think it is quite safe. That is the reason for the sunglasses.

Round 1 First matchup final comments:
YinSuLi: Well, since everyone likes me so much, I don’t think I will be kicked out so soon.
Dr. Liu: I think the girl who loves to smile does have good luck. But why do you think the media won’t kick you out again?
YinSuLi: Well, it is the year of the horse; I don’t wish to repeat old blunders.
Dr. Liu: When I learned I am going against her, I thought, if I win, it will be a miracle. After coming to CGT, every day I am surprised by talented people. If I win, it really will be a miracle. But if you think about, CGT is the stage to create miracles.

Round 1 First matchup winner: Dr. Liu 68.25%

Round 1: Second matchup – 3 VS 6

52:19 – ZhengYongCang
ZYC: Before I began to yo-yo, I was often teased because I was fat. But I always believed that if I work hard, I will succeed. Since the last performance, I have challenged myself even more. A lot of other yo-yoers have come to help me. All my teachers and classmates helped me add oil. I must practice and master a lot of challenging moves I never tried before. I am very nervous and can’t imagine what will happen if I don’t do well. I was so anxious; I caught a fever and got sick. I was hooked up to an IV for the first time here in Shanghai. Aiyo, it really hurt! Tonight, I will have my best performance on the biggest stage of my life. I want to show that a chubby person like me can fly and I will fly to the highest spot!

57:33 – MC: The audience really loves you! (Thank you) You lost a lot of weight.
ZYC: It is probably because I got sick.
MC: You have not been nervous before today. You are nervous?
ZYC: Yes, I think because it is the finals.
MC: Are you happy with your performance?
ZYC: Very happy with it!

WWZ: The first time you used Michael. The second time was a panda. This time it was a ninja turtle. (Michelangelo!!!) I can tell you are nervous because your smile is not as big as it was before. Let me see that smile. That’s better. Be happy. You are very young; you have to be happy with all your performances. Why did you choose the ninja turtles this time?
ZYC: The panda theme was for China. The ninja turtles is global! I want to bring my talent to the entire world!
MC: That’s great. Although I think the ninja turtles are Chinese too. They just became global.
ZYC: That is true!
LY: You have shown that anything is possible. As a chubby middle schooler, how do you feel standing on CGT’s stage in the finals?
ZYC: It is a real challenge to perform on this stage. I am just a normal school student. I know that in every classroom, there is a chubby student just like me. I believe that if you work hard, a little turtle can become a powerful ninja turtle!
MC: I am sure that because of your performance, many students will drop their studies and start to yo-yo. We wish you the best.

1:00:20 – YinZhongHua
YZH: This is where I perform every night. My manager even created a poster for me. This is where the performers stay. I come here every year to perform. In my heart, I have always had a dream. It has always been a blur. Life is race. I must work hard to overcome all the challenges I am faced with so I can get closer to fulfilling my dreams. My dreams are becoming clearer. I am ready!

1:06:54 – MC: After watching your performance, we can only say: did you come from the stars?
ZW: I really love his performances. Whenever he performs, I am always surprised by what he brings us. Each performance has been very exciting and different. I was very frightened when you were swinging around but I think it was beautiful. Like Avatar. I think you are very artistic. I think that if you made a mistake, which you didn’t, you would be able to suppress it with your moves. I think you are very talented and you shouldn’t just perform in a night club.
WWZ: I just have one question. How long did it take you to learn all this?
YZH: I have spent 7 days learning this. I didn’t want to always perform acrobatics. I wanted to change it up a bit.
WWZ: This is a very difficult performance. You can see that YZH is very talented to be able to do so well with just 7 days of practice.
MC: Just 7 days to perform like this? I really think you are from outer space!
SYP: Yes…I think we need to remind the media that he performs something different each time. He does not repeat his previous performances. This is something that is very challenging and much needed. I have a question. You are standing in the finals of CGT, what does this mean to you?
YZH: Prior to this, I performed in a night club and darkness was always my partner. With CGT, I hope to be able to find the light in my life. I will perform to my best each time because I really cherish this opportunity.
LY: We were discussing the futures of each performer. We could not come up with what your next steps would be. After watching your performance, you have really blown our minds away. You have really showed us that you are a professional performer.

Round 1 Second matchup final comments:
ZYC: I think my CGT spirit is to continually come up with new ideas. From Michael to Panda to the Ninja Turtles, I have really worked hard and I hope that you vote for me. When you vote for me you are also voting for my little partner, the yo-yo. I hope I can take my yo-yo to the world stage.
YZH: I do not know what to say. I want to thank the people that have supported me. And the dancers. Thank you.

Round 1 Second matchup winner: YinZhongHua 74.75%

Round 1: Third matchup – 4 VS 5

1:15:00 – Bestcrew
Every time I jump, my heart is racing
I don’t want to be the best in other people’s eyes. I want to be the best in my eyes.
My dream is that if we are persistent, we will succeed. When I am dancing, I am a wild animal that holds on to each beat.
We have never been on a stage with such an audience. We have performed at many places. The streets. The park. Everywhere.
We will be perfect. We are nervous. Being in the finals, it is quite exciting!!!

1:21:20 – MC: You all are brave to strip to just t-shirts and shorts. The wilder you are, the more you it is!
SYP: Your performances have been different each time. Are you going back in time? To where you started from? Is that why you stripped?
BC: Our theme is “We are Gods”
ZW: Is it “We are Gods” to “We are Bestcrew”
BC: Being a God has its characteristics. We are all Gods. However since coming to CGT, we found that there is a God that came from outer space. The competition is tough.
ZW: I think your confidence has elevated with each performance. What are your dreams?
BC: We look like a bunch of kids; however we are probably the oldest in this group of finalists. When we get old, we may just be sitting around, chit chatting. We can say that we lived life to the fullest.
LY: You all seem to be the youth we have all left behind! You have performed street dancing, magic tricks, singing, jazz… Your performance was great!
WWZ: I see things a bit different. Your dancing is great. However I did not see the spirit of street dancing. It seems to be lacking today. I think you should remember that spirit and display it.

1:2540 – LiuXin and GaoLin
LX: My dream, because I have been to GaoLin’s home. It is in a little village. There is no TV reception and they are not able to see us perform on TV. If we make it to the finals, we hope to bring our parents to see our live performance here in Shanghai.

1:31:40 – MC: The performance was very exciting. But, LiuXin, if my fiancé did that to me. I would definitely not marry him! Do you still have the courage to marry him?
LX: Actually, everyone can see that the stage is very slippery. I trust him and believe in him. I know that I will not fall.
WWZ: I want to say that I liked your performance. I think it was good that you two were the main show and the others were background. Secondly, I really saw love in your performance. And I bet that GaoLin really loves LiuXin more than LiuXin loves GaoLin. I really can tell.
MC: Do you want to say anything about your love for LiuXin.
LX: I want to say that China has a man, his name is GaoLin and he has a fiancé that he cannot fling away, that is LiuXin.
LY: On the VCR, we saw that your families were very proud of you. What is special about tonight’s performance?
LX: We really want to thank the producers of CGT. My parents and his parents have never seen our performance live. They are here today and we are very grateful. We really thank you and we love you.
ZW: I think they both love each other equally. WWZ comments just tell us that he has had many relationships in the past! So don’t worry about it!

Round 1 Third matchup final comments:
BC: Today is the finals. We are very excited. There isn’t much to say. We are dancers. On CGT’s stage, I want to take LX and GL’s hands and walk to the front of the stage. I want to tell all of China, we are the best dancers in China. Remember our names!
LX: We are very happy to have the opportunity to perform in the finals of CGT. Thank you for enjoying our loving performance.

Round 1 Third matchup winner: LiuXin and GaoLin 59.52%

Round 1 winners:
Dr. Liu
LiuXin and GaoLin

Round 2

1:42:33 – WanYuHao
WYH’s father: I went to his performance last time because I wanted to see for myself how serious he was about singing. I hope that he can sing very well.
WYH: Today was very special. I didn’t know my classmates prepared such a surprise for me. I believe that it is not just me singing, but all of us together.

1:48:18 – MC: If your voice changes after tonight, will you have any regrets?
WYH: No, because I have left my voice on the big stage.
SYP: I really think that your voice is changing every day. Do you think so? (I think so) I hope you can succeed!
ZW: I think it is ok that your voice is cracking. It is important that you are singing well. You are breathing correctly. Your vocals may change and it will create a new sound but the feeling you evoke that will not change. You should be confident. In the VCR, all your classmates were supporting you. Add oil.
SYP: Yes. Last time, the song you chose, I wasn’t pleased with it. This time you chose “Snail”. What is its significance?
WYH: I think this CGT road. It has been difficult. I am just like the snail. I have changed with each performance. In the past, I was always afraid that my voice will change. Now, I think that as long as my voice is still there, then everything will be fine.
SYP: You are a boy who is becoming a man.
LY: I think you said it very well. You have left your best voice on this stage. I think CGT’s stage is more exciting because of your voice.
WWZ: I think everyone likes this little performer. Your smile is like an angel. Your classmates love you. As you grow up, you need to bring that spirit to everyone else. Add oil.

1:52:39: WYH: If you vote for me, I will invite you to eat fried chicken and beer.
MC: There are 8,000 people in this audience!
WYH: Save me!

Round 2 votes

4. LiuXin and GaoLin 19.82%
3. WanYuHao 23.83%
2. Dr. Liu 25.65%
1. YinZhongHua 30.70% => Proceed to Round 3

Of the remaining three contestants, the four judges will vote for one performer to proceed to the finals.

1:59:00 – LY: Only one performer will make it to the final round. We really like all of you. We have chosen the one.

Second finalist: Dr. Liu

2:00:26 – WYH: Thank you for supporting me all this time. Thank you.
MC: Facing the entire nation and your parents. When will you two get married?
LXGL: A lot of people have asked us this question. I believe that right now, I cannot give her happiness. I think when I can, I will tell everyone.
MC: Any regrets not making it to the final round?
LXGL: Not at all. The final two are excellent performers. I want to thank CGT for bringing my parents here to watch us perform. You have fulfilled my dreams.
LY: Being able to stand here is a great success. WYH, the friend that sang with me, he really supports you. He wanted me to give you a gift. He wrote a song called “Legend”. WangFei used to sing it. He wants to give all of its rights to you. You are allowed to sing it on any stage, any occasion. This song belongs to you now.
Original MV:
MC: We hope this song can stay with you and become a legend in the music world. To GaoLin, as a man, you are always able to give LX her happiness.

2:03:30 – Three awards
The Pioneer Performer: YinZhongHua
The Happy Warm Performers: GaoLin and LiuXin, The Liu Siblings
The Futuristic Performer: Dr. Liu

Third Round: YinZhongHua VS Dr. Liu

The 150 media representatives vote for their favorite performer.

2:10:29 – Dr. Liu: I want to thank a lot of people. It is very awesome to be able to perform on this stage. The stage gets bigger and bigger each time and I don’t need to spend a penny. I have found my director. I thank my wife and my mother-in-law for their support. I never thought I would be this close to a championship. I have never received first place in anything. As for votes, I would like to say that, just because Teacher SYP says I am a Virgo, please still vote for me. I think my chances are very low when compared to YZH. He can hang off a string and do all those cool moves. But I am just like the audience. I am not the best singer or dancer. I am not the most handsome person. But, a real attribute I have, is the ability to sing the things that people are afraid to say. Also, although I have not been performing as long as them, whether I am a dumb bird or a slow bird, as long as the result is a flying bird that is all that matters. That is what I believe. On this stage, I have been flying for some time. I hope that you all can help me fly even higher. Thank you.
YZH: I get very nervous when I have to speak. When I was born, I travelled everywhere with my family. I hope for stability. I want to reach an even higher level of abilities. I have never given up on art and beauty. Thank you.

China’s Got Talent’s fifth season champion: Yin Zhong Hua

[English Translations] Alec & Vicki as China’s Got Talent 2014 Judges (part 1 of 2)

Season 5 of China’s Got Talent premiered on December 8 of 2013, featuring Alec Su and Vicki Zhao among the four judges! Fans across the globe delighted in this rare reunion. And not to disappoint, Alec and Vicki shared some wonderful moments:

Thanks to Fran, AV Odyssey has exclusive English translations to all episodes of the season. Enjoy!

Episode 1

First performance with string beans dress – Alec asked if it is still edible and the performer said yes.
5:18 I am Director ZW’s loyal fan! ZW’S XYZ really touched me because when I was little, I was just as rambunctious as her!
5:34 ZW: Hahahah…you must mean the character I played!
5:38 SYP: Did you make your own costume?

Second performance with a rapper singing hip-hop – a cover of ZW’s “There is a Girl”
8:44 ZW: I think you sang better than me.
8:51 SYP: I really like “There is a Girl” song but I think you did not have any rhythm.

Third performer – the crazy drill person
9:50 Performer 3: Teacher ZW, how are you? I am from “xx” and I really really like you. When my grandparents watched HZ, I thought Sister XYZ, Teacher ZW was my idol. Even though you already have a child, that is ok. As long as I live, I will always love you. SYP howls. Performer continues: I will love you until I die! I love you Sister XYZ, Teacher ZW!
11:15 ZW: Your confession is the most enthusiastic I have ever heard. I hope you will be safe in the future and not perform any more acts that will scare XYZ. I am giving you a very warm no.
11:50 Cue QSSYMM theme song lol
12:01 You have to be happier than me, Teacher ZW!
12:07 Lyrics “There is nothing wrong with falling in love late, but why must it be so short?” haha
12:10 SYP to ZW: My Dear, everyone will come here to pay their respects to you!

Fourth performer – boy who wants sing with his pre-adolescent voice before it deepens – YES
13:42 SYP: May I ask, are you a boy or girl? – A boy.
ZW: Aiya! You asked such great question. Don’t you think he looks alot like you? Your hair styles are so similar.
17:41 SYP: Let me share an experience with you. Do you know when Uncle Su began singing?
Before I was born.
SYP: That was a terrible response! It was right when my voice was changing, when I sounded like I duck, I joined XHD and became a popular boy bad, wowing everyone with my duck voice! So do not be afraid!

Fifth performer – yoga – began at age 62 – is now 85 – YES

Sixth Performers – The Little Tigers! – XHD
26:32 ZW: XHD is here!
Performers introduce themselves as XHD
ZW: Hahahah, I was right, I just said they must be XHD!
29:20 SYP: In XHD, who do you like the most?
29:25 GuaiGuaiHu! (SYP)
They said that they left a spot just for him. The other judge pointed at SYP’s clothes and said, you match them!
ZW: You can do it; you have been dancing since you were little! Go go go!
Cue XHD’s “Love” song
SYP: You haven’t seen a bad guy before!

Seventh performer – Comedian
31:39 Oh, ZhiWei, I just want to take you with me and fly to the end of the horizon! ErKang, I am so happy and excited! I love so much about you! Me too, me too! I love you as much as you love me! You can’t love me more than I love you!
32:16 SYP: Why did you perform EK and ZW and not XYZ and WAG?
I’m sorry, I was wrong, I was wrong! I can sing one of you songs now…
SYP: Oh, no, that’s ok!
32:52 Cue “You are the wind and I am the sand”
35:04 Cue XHD’s “Apple Playground” by ZW and LY
35:40 SYP: I am feeling very excited as we continue.

1:04:00 Intriguing balance performance – World record is to stand on 7 items for 3seconds. He had 8 items and 5+ seconds.

Continue reading

Vicki Zhao to tie the knot?


vicki BEIJING : Chinese actress Vicki Zhao is reportedly set to wed her businessman boyfriend in a low-key wedding in October, and will subsequently retire from showbiz, media reported.

Earlier, Zhao had said that she wanted to take a break from acting to concentrate on her studies but now, there is speculation that there are other reasons for her supposed hiatus.

The actress’ manager, Chen Rong, has denied the retirement rumours, saying that her studies, career and love life “do not conflict with each other”.

Chen added that reporters may have misconstrued what Zhao had meant in a previous interview when the 33-year-old said she was going to take a break.

What Zhao had really meant was that she was busy working on her final graduation project, while also looking at two to three potential films to star in at the same time.

Speculation that Zhao was engaged began when she was spotted wearing a large Cartier diamond ring at the Cannes Film Festival.

While there have been rumours that the actress is dating Chinese table tennis player and Olympic gold medalist Wang Liqin, the press reported that Zhao’s boyfriend is actually a businessman.

While Zhao’s manager did not comment on the wedding rumours, Chen emphasized that the actress has no plans to retire any time soon, and is considering taking on a few projects.

“Love and work don’t clash. Vicki will not be leaving the entertainment industry,” reiterated Chen.

Graduate Zhao Wei to Halt Career for School


Chinese actress and current graduate student Vicki Zhao said she will halt her showbiz career to complete her studies.

Zhao was enrolled in the Department of Directing of Beijing Film Academy in 2006 and is expected to get her degree this summer.

However, the actress, involved in filming and promotion of her latest film “Mulan”, failed to finish her graduation project in time.

“I AM a good student. I don’t want to finish the project hastily.” she defended herself during an interview with the Star Daily. “But Mulan is such a good role that you don’t have any reason to turn it down. So I decided to finish the film first and then concentrate on my project. I have been preparing it all along, and I hope I can present it next year.”

Zhao declined to reveal what her project is about. “It will be a surprise,” she said.

The actress didn’t regret delaying her graduation for Mulan, and said she felt thrilled to play the character.

“Playing the role of Mulan is the most important thing for me this year. It will have a great influence on my whole showbiz life,” she said.

27th Hong Kong Film Awards Nominations

Best Film
1. 投名狀 The Warlords
2. 門徒 Protege
3. 姨媽的后現代生活 The Postmodern Life Of My Aunt
4. 神探 Mad Detective
5. 跟蹤 Eye In The Sky

Best Director
1. Peter Chan Ho Sun (The Warlords)
2. Derek Yee Tung Sing (Protege)
3. Ann Hui On Wah (The Postmodern Life Of My Aunt)
4. Johnnie To Kei Fung & Wai Ka Fai (Mad Detective)
5. Yau Nai Hoi (Eye In The Sky)

Best Screenplay
1. Xu Lan, Chun Tin Nam, Aubery Lam, Huang Jian Xin, Jo Jo Hui, Ho Kei Ping, Kwok Chun Lap, James Yuen Sai Sang (The Warlords)
2. Yee Tung Sing, Chun Tin Nam, Loong Man Hong, Ko Sun (Protege)
3. Li Qiang (The Postmodern Life Of My Aunt)
4. Yau Nai Hoi & Au Kin Yee (Eye In The Sky)

Best Actress
1. Teresa Mo Shun Kwan (Mr. Cinema)
2. Zhang Jing Chu (Protege)
3. Si Qin Gao Wa (The Postmodern Life Of My Aunt)
4. Rene Liu (Kidnap)
5. Charlene Choi (Simply Actors)

Best Supporting Actor
1. Nick Cheung Ka Fai (Exodus)
2. Ronald Cheng (Mr. Cinema)
3. Louis Koo (Protege)
4. Andy Lau Tak Wah (Protege)
5. Chow Yun Fat (The Postmodern Life Of My Aunt)

Best Supporting Actress
1. Karen Mok (Mr. Cinema)
2. Anita Yuen (Protege)
3. Vicki Zhao (The Postmodern Life Of My Aunt)
4. Susan Shaw (The Pye-Dog)
5. Maggie Shiu (Eye In The Sky)

Best Costume Make Up Design
1. Surasak Warakitcharoen (The Detective)
2. Tim Yip (Blood Brothers)
3. Yee Chung Man, Jessie Dai & Lee Pik Kwan (The Warlords)
4. Ma Yu Tao (The Postmodern Life Of My Aunt)
5. Stanley Cheung (Mad Detective)

Best Original Film Score
1. Payont Permsith & Jadet Chawang (The Detective)
2. Chan Kwong Wing, Peter Kam Pui Tat, Chatchai Pongprapaphan & Leon Ko (The Warlords)
3. Peter Kam Pui Tat (Protege)
4. Joe Hisaishi (The Postmodern Life Of My Aunt)
5. Andre Matthias (The Drummer)