Su Hopes to work with Shu Qi

Credit: AV Album of Memories

Speaking of who he wants to star opposite most, besides his idol Maggie Cheung, he would like to cooperate with Shu Qi. How about his on-screen lover Zhao Wei? “If there’s a chance, and people are not tired of us, I’ll definitely continue working with her. She’s a good partner after all!”


I Fell For Zhao Wei Once

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The questions most often posed to a 28-year-old big lad are naturally related to relationships. A while ago it was reported that Su You Peng and Lin Xinru were looking at houses together in Shanghai; are they dating? Su You Peng immediately denied it, it was just that they both felt that Shanghai was a very nice place and had merely exchanged info regarding the purchase of property. To draw a line between himself and Xinru, he publicly expressed that he had felt for Zhao Wei before, but was simply good friends with Xinru.

Vicki's appraisals of male co-stars

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From 1997 onwards, Su and Zhao continually portrayed lovers in HZGG I/II and Biao Mei Jixiang, even having kissing scenes. In the days of struggling hard in China together, Alec Su once admitted to liking Vicki, however the other party felt no sparks and openly announced that she already had a boyfriend, thus this one-sided romance ended.

Zhao Wei: Have the most conversation topics with him; is a good friend I can get along well with.

QSSYMM Promotion

Credit: Zhao Wei and YuPen’s Home

For the series, QSSYMM which is due to be broadcasted that very night, main male and female lead, Zhao Wei and Sue Yu Pen has especially come to Hong Kong to help out with the promoting.

During the promotion, Vicki and Alec was asked to play a game in which they were to pass a thin piece of clear plastic between them using their mouth, making the fans squeal in delight as their favorite couple indulge in them, and obligingly played the game.

Because Zhao Wei has had some experienced with the game, having played it before on a certain show in Hong Kong before, she was not at all embrassed. What was funny was that it was Yupen who felt a bit awkward, almost kissing in front of hundreds of screaming fans, cheering them on.

Later on, the host of the promotion asked Yupen and Vicki to tangle for them. Once again, the two went along with the fans’ wishes, and tangled; remarkedbly well, especially as they had not practiced it. At the end of the dance, Vicki managed a graceful dip in the arms of a laughing Yupen before the two bowed a thank you.

When asked about whether they were worried about the serie’s rating, both Yupen and Vicki announced that they have confident in Qiong Yao’s new work.

Though the opposing TV channel also held a promotion that same day, one could see the popularity difference of ATV Hidden Tiger to that of QSSYMM was that of a kitten to a tiger. Anyone could see that QSSYMM was by far the more popular.

Zhao Wei & Su You Peng draw line of demarcation

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Since Zhao Wei split from her wealthy businessman boyfriend Ye Maoqing, he promptly began a new romance with Taiwanese star Li Tingyi. Many people are concerned regarding her current love life, and a while ago she was linked to Stephen Chow due to the filming of Shaolin Soccer, however both have denied it. When reporters saw Su Youpeng yesterday, they asked him if he would woo Zhao Wei as he had once professed his feelings for her but she already had Ye Maoqing then.

Su You Peng said, “I have heard of her split from her boyfriend because she does confide in me to a certain extent, but this time I don’t need to comfort her. I feel that she’s happier now, she said so herself too, but my feelings for her have evaporated. Now we’re all good friends and won’t take a step to develop further.”

Zhao Wei revealed that each time she dated, it wasn’t love at first sight. Rather they would start off as friends and develop further only after understanding one another. However she emphasised that she was not alluding to Su You Peng; in reality their relationship had indeed evaporated to become good friends.

Zhao Wei once chased Su You Peng 'wildly'

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Like most teenagers these days, Zhao Wei had her share of chasing celebrities in her studying years. And she has a whole file of photos of stars such as the ‘Four Heavenly Kings’, ‘Little Tigers’ etc. ‘Guai Guai Hu’ Su You Peng was among her adored stars. What a theatrical occurence it is that Zhao Wei, who stepped into the entertainment circle, relied on her collaboration with Su You Peng whom she had once ‘chased wildly’ to gain fame.

Zhao Wei & Boyfriend Broke-Up

Credit: Zhao Wei and YuPen’s Home

A few days earlier, a reporter was interviewing Zhao Wei through the phone line, when all of a sudden, he heard Zhao Wei say, “Ye Mau Xin and I has already discussed before, and for now career is the most important. Each of us will do our own things from now on.”

As soon as this news was leaked out to the media, Zhao Wei was clamored by various reporters whether Ye Mau Xin and her had really broken up. On the 9th, Zhao Wei’s sister in law aka manager accepted the reporter’s interview and stated that Zhao Wei and her boyfriend Ye only wants to cool down a bit temperarily. Both of them has discussed and accepted this, and the break up has nothing to do with Stephen Zhou as the medias had rumored. Anyways, the rumors concerning Stephan had started even before they had really started filming the movie, Saolin Soccer Team, of which Vicki herself has already cleared up in November at Chen Leung’s Race Car Tournament.

Zhao Wei’s manager/sister in law Chen Rong says, Zhao Wei and Ye’s breakup has nothing to do with a third person in their relationship. Zhao Wei only wants to concentrate on her career now while she is still young, and just when her career is at its highest points. If she left all her concentration on her love relationship, her career is bound to be hurt somehow. Rught now, Zhao Wei is very calm, and has already accepted two movies, and will release her albums very soon.