QSSYMM Promotion

Credit: Zhao Wei and YuPen’s Home

For the series, QSSYMM which is due to be broadcasted that very night, main male and female lead, Zhao Wei and Sue Yu Pen has especially come to Hong Kong to help out with the promoting.

During the promotion, Vicki and Alec was asked to play a game in which they were to pass a thin piece of clear plastic between them using their mouth, making the fans squeal in delight as their favorite couple indulge in them, and obligingly played the game.

Because Zhao Wei has had some experienced with the game, having played it before on a certain show in Hong Kong before, she was not at all embrassed. What was funny was that it was Yupen who felt a bit awkward, almost kissing in front of hundreds of screaming fans, cheering them on.

Later on, the host of the promotion asked Yupen and Vicki to tangle for them. Once again, the two went along with the fans’ wishes, and tangled; remarkedbly well, especially as they had not practiced it. At the end of the dance, Vicki managed a graceful dip in the arms of a laughing Yupen before the two bowed a thank you.

When asked about whether they were worried about the serie’s rating, both Yupen and Vicki announced that they have confident in Qiong Yao’s new work.

Though the opposing TV channel also held a promotion that same day, one could see the popularity difference of ATV Hidden Tiger to that of QSSYMM was that of a kitten to a tiger. Anyone could see that QSSYMM was by far the more popular.


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