Zhao Wei & Su You Peng draw line of demarcation

Credit: AV Album of Memories

Since Zhao Wei split from her wealthy businessman boyfriend Ye Maoqing, he promptly began a new romance with Taiwanese star Li Tingyi. Many people are concerned regarding her current love life, and a while ago she was linked to Stephen Chow due to the filming of Shaolin Soccer, however both have denied it. When reporters saw Su Youpeng yesterday, they asked him if he would woo Zhao Wei as he had once professed his feelings for her but she already had Ye Maoqing then.

Su You Peng said, “I have heard of her split from her boyfriend because she does confide in me to a certain extent, but this time I don’t need to comfort her. I feel that she’s happier now, she said so herself too, but my feelings for her have evaporated. Now we’re all good friends and won’t take a step to develop further.”

Zhao Wei revealed that each time she dated, it wasn’t love at first sight. Rather they would start off as friends and develop further only after understanding one another. However she emphasised that she was not alluding to Su You Peng; in reality their relationship had indeed evaporated to become good friends.


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