Zhao Wei & Boyfriend Broke-Up

Credit: Zhao Wei and YuPen’s Home

A few days earlier, a reporter was interviewing Zhao Wei through the phone line, when all of a sudden, he heard Zhao Wei say, “Ye Mau Xin and I has already discussed before, and for now career is the most important. Each of us will do our own things from now on.”

As soon as this news was leaked out to the media, Zhao Wei was clamored by various reporters whether Ye Mau Xin and her had really broken up. On the 9th, Zhao Wei’s sister in law aka manager accepted the reporter’s interview and stated that Zhao Wei and her boyfriend Ye only wants to cool down a bit temperarily. Both of them has discussed and accepted this, and the break up has nothing to do with Stephen Zhou as the medias had rumored. Anyways, the rumors concerning Stephan had started even before they had really started filming the movie, Saolin Soccer Team, of which Vicki herself has already cleared up in November at Chen Leung’s Race Car Tournament.

Zhao Wei’s manager/sister in law Chen Rong says, Zhao Wei and Ye’s breakup has nothing to do with a third person in their relationship. Zhao Wei only wants to concentrate on her career now while she is still young, and just when her career is at its highest points. If she left all her concentration on her love relationship, her career is bound to be hurt somehow. Rught now, Zhao Wei is very calm, and has already accepted two movies, and will release her albums very soon.


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