[English Translations] Alec & Vicki as China’s Got Talent 2014 Judges (part 1 of 2)

Season 5 of China’s Got Talent premiered on December 8 of 2013, featuring Alec Su and Vicki Zhao among the four judges! Fans across the globe delighted in this rare reunion. And not to disappoint, Alec and Vicki shared some wonderful moments:

Thanks to Fran, AV Odyssey has exclusive English translations to all episodes of the season. Enjoy!

Episode 1

First performance with string beans dress – Alec asked if it is still edible and the performer said yes.
5:18 I am Director ZW’s loyal fan! ZW’S XYZ really touched me because when I was little, I was just as rambunctious as her!
5:34 ZW: Hahahah…you must mean the character I played!
5:38 SYP: Did you make your own costume?

Second performance with a rapper singing hip-hop – a cover of ZW’s “There is a Girl”
8:44 ZW: I think you sang better than me.
8:51 SYP: I really like “There is a Girl” song but I think you did not have any rhythm.

Third performer – the crazy drill person
9:50 Performer 3: Teacher ZW, how are you? I am from “xx” and I really really like you. When my grandparents watched HZ, I thought Sister XYZ, Teacher ZW was my idol. Even though you already have a child, that is ok. As long as I live, I will always love you. SYP howls. Performer continues: I will love you until I die! I love you Sister XYZ, Teacher ZW!
11:15 ZW: Your confession is the most enthusiastic I have ever heard. I hope you will be safe in the future and not perform any more acts that will scare XYZ. I am giving you a very warm no.
11:50 Cue QSSYMM theme song lol
12:01 You have to be happier than me, Teacher ZW!
12:07 Lyrics “There is nothing wrong with falling in love late, but why must it be so short?” haha
12:10 SYP to ZW: My Dear, everyone will come here to pay their respects to you!

Fourth performer – boy who wants sing with his pre-adolescent voice before it deepens – YES
13:42 SYP: May I ask, are you a boy or girl? – A boy.
ZW: Aiya! You asked such great question. Don’t you think he looks alot like you? Your hair styles are so similar.
17:41 SYP: Let me share an experience with you. Do you know when Uncle Su began singing?
Before I was born.
SYP: That was a terrible response! It was right when my voice was changing, when I sounded like I duck, I joined XHD and became a popular boy bad, wowing everyone with my duck voice! So do not be afraid!

Fifth performer – yoga – began at age 62 – is now 85 – YES

Sixth Performers – The Little Tigers! – XHD
26:32 ZW: XHD is here!
Performers introduce themselves as XHD
ZW: Hahahah, I was right, I just said they must be XHD!
29:20 SYP: In XHD, who do you like the most?
29:25 GuaiGuaiHu! (SYP)
They said that they left a spot just for him. The other judge pointed at SYP’s clothes and said, you match them!
ZW: You can do it; you have been dancing since you were little! Go go go!
Cue XHD’s “Love” song
SYP: You haven’t seen a bad guy before!

Seventh performer – Comedian
31:39 Oh, ZhiWei, I just want to take you with me and fly to the end of the horizon! ErKang, I am so happy and excited! I love so much about you! Me too, me too! I love you as much as you love me! You can’t love me more than I love you!
32:16 SYP: Why did you perform EK and ZW and not XYZ and WAG?
I’m sorry, I was wrong, I was wrong! I can sing one of you songs now…
SYP: Oh, no, that’s ok!
32:52 Cue “You are the wind and I am the sand”
35:04 Cue XHD’s “Apple Playground” by ZW and LY
35:40 SYP: I am feeling very excited as we continue.

1:04:00 Intriguing balance performance – World record is to stand on 7 items for 3seconds. He had 8 items and 5+ seconds.

Episode 2

ZW: Zhao Wei
SYP: Su You Peng
LY: Liu Ye (younger guy)
WWZ: Wang Wei Zhong (older guy)

Dance Couple
13:55 – ZW: I could tell right away that you were a couple. I think their performance will display their love for each other.
LY: And how did you see all of that?
ZW: I have always used my sixth sense when observing people.
LY: She means that when you both walked on stage, it was in the shape of a heart.

18:13 – ZW: My hands are sweating! They are warm with tears!
LY: She sheds tears in such a unique way!
20:10 – The most important thing in a couple performance is trust. I feel that you have dropped her before. Right? You must be confident when you lift her up. Do you understand? It will make your performance even more amazing.
ZW: China does not need more dancers and does not need skilled people. It needs more people who perform with their souls. I believe that the trust that you have built determines how free your dance can be. And how influential it can be. In the future, you can even teach other people not just using movements to dance but to use love to dance. You not only love the dance, but the person and the love. Of course I will give you a YES.
21:21 – LY: Uncle Su!
SYP: I am sorry but I do not think that was a dance. It was more acrobatic. There were a lot of parts where I was very nervous and it caused my hands to sweat. (Gosh, AV have sweaty hands! Lol) But you used your perseverance to change your life. You have to do better next time. YES
21:55 – LY said earlier that if anyone received 4 YES’s, he would stand on the counter.
22:20 – ZW: He carried his prize cup away with him. LY, let me try to hold you….

Sheep and Fire
26:48 – ZW: I want to ask why did you choose to perform on this stage?
Performer: Fire is very important in my tribe. I wanted to demonstrate that and gave it a twist.
LY: I really like your performance but to tell you the truth I don’t quite like your actions. I think you need to cherish your body more.
WWZ: I agree with LY. When you are my age, it won’t matter.
Performer: I believe you should give me 4 YES’s, not just 3. I got married on the 13th and came here to perform on the 15th right after. I want to bring positive news back to my parents and wife.
ZW: I really like your tribe. It is very free and natural. I like this feeling. So I give you a yes.
LY: Your performance was quite entertaining. I don’t think you need the thrills that you had. I think the audience would be happy without seeing all of that. So I give you a NO.
WWZ: I think your wife will enjoy your performance very much. I give you a NO.
SYP: I think you had a wonderful performance. I think you should cherish this performance and show your wife. She would be proud. However, it is not fit for this stage, so I give you a NO. I wish you a happy marriage.

Zhang Wu Ji’s God Father Impersonator – Xie Xun
29:42 – SYP: I have not been Zhang Wu Ji for a long time. You are not my godfather!

SYP: Have you considered the snake’s feelings??

33:00 – Relaxation during work
Performer introduced herself as someone who moved to the City (Shanghai) for work. She really enjoys her work and wanted to show some ways to stretch and relax during work.

35:30 – ZW: Sorry, I could not tell what your job is
WWZ: can you tell us what your job is?
Performer: I am a personal trainer
ZW: How long have you been training?
Performer: Since I was 29, I am 33 now
SYP: Wow, in just 4 years, you can do all this!
Performer: Yes because I am a persistent girl. I used to be very fat before. I was 130 kg (~290lbs). I tried to find a job and couldn’t find one. I tried all kinds of weight loss regiments and finally found this way of losing weight and getting toned.
LY: You actually fooled me. Just when I was about to press the X, I saw that you were ready to take your clothes off. So I waited a bit.
SYP: Your beginning was quite a contrast. At first I thought it would be a sad performance.
Performer: It took me a long time to come up with this idea. I wanted to give the judges, the teachers a big surprise. I wanted to have a huge contrast from beginning to end. For this performance, I have been on a low salt and low oil diet. I have not had salt in 3 days now.
LY: If you were to get to the next round, what type of performance would you bring to us?
Performer: I have many talents. I can sing. I can belly dance. Teachers, you have to me into the next round otherwise you won’t see it!
ZW: I will listen to WWZ. If he tells me to go east, I will go east.
Performer: Teacher WWZ, look at me. Let me go to the next round otherwise I will get angry!
SYP: So scared!
WWZ: I have 2 questions. I have heard of the famous corset abs. What exactly is that?
Performer: It means you see three straight vertical lines
SYP: Don’t pull up anymore. We have to cut this part out!
WWZ: How do you know how much she will pull up? This is very important. OK. My second question. How did you get such a tan in Shanghai. Did you use a tanning salon?
Performer: I run in the mornings
WWZ: You are tanned very evenly. Do you wear this to jog? Tell me which path do you take?
Performer: The Shanghai Rec Center. Everyone should come run.
WWZ: First we need to make some decisions. LY, you first.
LY: Because of your creativity. I give you a YES.
WWZ: Next up, the one without corset abs
ZW: I am even better, I have no lines! (Performer: I can help you get them) I sometimes get tired of not having lines. Hopefully the audience can have the notion of being healthier. YES
WWZ: Two Yes’s. You need 3. Let’s see hear from the other who has V abs. (Yea, right) Su You Peng.
SYP: You need 3 Yes’s to get to the next round. If I say yes, then WWZ’s comments have no value. I want to give you a NO.
WWZ: How can you assume I will definitely give a YES?
SYP: We need some suspense ma
WWZ: Where will you be running tomorrow?
Performer: The Shanghai Rec Center.
WWZ: See you tomorrow morning. YES
ZW: If Teacher WWZ goes to run, I will call his wife

40:22 – SYP: Do you enjoy all the cameras following you everyday? What is your dream? What do you wish to do one day?

Professor Liu with his fans from HuBei to sing a special song – Xuo Ya Buo
Xuo (Brings fingers to lips and kisses them) Ya (Duck) Buo (Neck)
(Cooked duck necks on the judges table)
43:36 – WWZ: I still cannot understand the purpose of the guy with the duck is
Performer: He is the bodyguard.
WWZ: That is a terrible explanation
LY: I accept that he is a bodyguard
WWZ: But what is he doing standing there?
LY: I think it is great. He stands so still, holding a duck neck. I think it is exceptional.
ZW: You’re eating the duck neck again?
Performer: I want to add another comment. I came here because of teacher LY.
SYP: All right, then the 3 of us can leave now.
Performer: No, no. I am here for the other teachers too.
LY: No, for this, you can take 10 minutes to explain.
WWZ: OK, 3 no’s and 1 yes
Performer: OK, let me address the other 3 then.
LY: You know, these last 2 days I have felt that only YP and ZW fans are performing. This is the first time someone is here for me. So WWZ, I really want to give him a chance to explain himself.
Performer: Everyone says that getting on China’s Got Talent is a good thing.
WWZ: OK, we must make decisions. The first is ZW
ZW: I hope that you will fearlessly explore your creativity. I give you a YES.
WWZ: From the beginning, you have been entertaining and made us very happy. So I give you a solid YES.
SYP: I hope you come up with more creative ideas. There are a lot of similar acts out there. NO. You must come with a better idea next time.
LY: I think you and your bodyguard did very well but the ladies are not sexy enough. But I still think they are very pretty! YES!
LY: Should I be more reserved?
WWZ: No, it would seem fake
ZW: Audience, should LY be more reserved?

46:47 – Balloons
47:00 – ZW: I think this really has the spirit of the Talent so you have to give me your hat. So I give you a pink YES.
LY: I love your performance. A hundred YES!
4 YES’s

48:00 – Flexible Performer with blind archery
52:10 – WWZ: I think your entire performance was flawless. Even your movements were very elegant.
LY: I agree with WWZ. I think you are very happy. Are you always this happy?
Performer: YES. People that like to laugh won’t have bad luck.
SYP: I want to give you some criticism.
WWZ: You can shoot him with your arrow
Performer: No no no, I am afraid Xian Yan Zi will beat me up.
ZW: I think you should shoot him with your arrow.
Performer: Wu Ah Ge, you better be careful!
SYP: Ok ok, if you shoot me I will give you a YES.
Performer: I wouldn’t dare do that. What if I get your face and ruin it?
LY: That’s ok. You have to shoot for his heart
SYP: Thank you for being so kind and only shooting my chair.
WWZ: Wu Ah Ge almost became Wu Ge Ge (Princess)
SYP: Hahaha. Wu Ge Ge
ZW: Where did you learn this talent?
Performer: I learned this from my father. I have been learning since I was 3. I used to practice gymnastics but when my father passed away I invented this archery performance.
WWZ: it must be tough learning to do this. Your father must have been very strict.
Performer: Yes, but sometimes we became lazy too.
WWZ: I think you mentioned your father twice. Most girls would probably go to work but you continue doing this.
Performer: The day my father passed, was my 20th birthday. Very few people ask about my father because I rarely mention it. My father always liked me very much. When my father passed, I promised him I will improve and get better.
WWZ: It is an honorable thing to remember your father this way. Your performance was very elegant and moving. YES.
SYP: I like what you said “People that like to laugh won’t have bad luck.” I give you a YES
ZW: Continue to work hard. I give you a YES.
Performer: Thank you XYZ Jie Jie
LY: I will definitely give you a YES.

58:32 – Guitar singer
SYP: It is obvious you are going to sing today. (Performer coughs) Is your throat ok?
Performer: YES
1:01:02 – LY: You are the first person who voice matches the song chosen. I really enjoyed it.
ZW: You just said you are 32 years old? (YES) I told LY, he seems nervous. Your vocals have surpassed your age.
SYP: You chose Luo Da You’s Shang Liang De Re Zi (The bright days). Why did you choose this song?
Performer: I can see my shadow in this song. I like the lyrics and I think life has to have hardships. I have been to Beijing and many other places. I have crossed paths with many people. Many musicians give up this path. I sing this song because I want people to know. I am still singing. And I will continue to keep singing.
SYP: Your message has shone through your music to me. Thank you
WWZ: I think y our voice is very good. I don’t quite agree with what LY said about your vocals matching the song. I think you are deliberately putting the sadness in your voice. I think your voice is very good. You should be more relaxed with your voice.
SYP: ZW your decision first.
ZW: Singing is a very common performance. We have seen so many of them. Your song was very moving to me. I give you a YES. I hope you will sing even better
WWZ: I really like your voice. I hope you can be more relaxed ad use your true voice. I think you have too much deliberateness so I give you a thoughtful No.
SYP: You must have 3 YES’s to go to the next round. I think you have natural talent and you can improve. Remember the feedback we have given you. YES.
LY: So even though I do not understand singing. I think it is much like acting. As long as you use your heart, nothing else is important. I don’t want to base my decision on y our back story but I want to give you a YES.

1:05:00 – 30 talents
Challenge: If a foreigner beat me, I will give them $500k. If a foreigner loses, he/she must give me $100 in China’s RMB. I don’t want foreign money!

ZW: Ok, we will wait to see your talents. (Performers bows straight down) I know, this must be one of your talents.
Performer: Actually this isn’t. The 30 talents are very good talents.
ZW: OK let’s see them
1:09:25 – ZW: Clearly, the audience thinks that wasn’t enough. I like your spirit.
Performer: With this stage, I believe I can use it as leverage to go beyond the Talent’s stage rooftop to show the entire world what I can do!
ZW: Hmm he wants to take down the roof
WWZ: You are 60 years old. You are in great health. I have seen many performances. All of the assistants aren’t as plain as yours. They all wear bikinis.
Performer: She is my wife
WWZ: I think she has the spirit of the Talented. I want to ask her a few questions. Give her your mic! How long have you lived with him?
Performer’s wife: Only 5 to 6 years.
WWZ: No, I mean how long have you been married?
Performer’s wife: 40+ years
WWZ: Do you enjoy his performances?
Performer’s wife: In the beginning, it was a bit annoying but now I support him. He is an old child!
LY: So is the most impressive of your 30 talents?
Performer: My most impressive is the motorcycle. I can lay on it or sit backwards and ride it. I can crouch and lie on my stomach and ride it. I can stand on the handle bars and ride it with my arm in the air.
WWZ: You be careful. Your wife keeps rolling her eyes at you. Is it quite frustrating dealing with this old child?
Performer’s wife: no
WWZ: Do you support him? (YES) Are you sure? (YES) Then I say YES!
SYP: I like your ambitions. I think you really have the spirit of the Talented. Because of that I give you YES!
ZW: I really like your spirit. You shouldn’t always steal the mic from your wife. If she did not support you, then no one can pass the stick to you. I definitely give you a YES.

1:13:30 – Elegant dancer/gymnast
ZW: So is that filled with water?
LY: Oil
ZW: Oil? Is she going to drink it all?
LY” She’s going to heat it up in a bit
ZW: We shouldn’t have any pre conceptions here; there are just so many possibilities!
1:17:20: ZW: I thought of a little mermaid during your performance
SYP: Put on your clothes otherwise LY will be distracted
ZW: You don’t think WWZ will be distracted?
WWZ: I am too old to be affected
ZW: How long did this take you to learn?
Performer: 3 years
ZW: Just 3 years? Did you have a basic foundation of dancing before you started?
Performer: YES, I was in the circus since age 10
ZW: So was there a professional that helped you choreograph this performance?
Performer: No, not for this performance. I saw this net idea from an online video in 2010. I thought it was very elegant and I love dancing so I wanted to try it out.
WWZ: I think your acrobatic skills are very good. However being a dancer requires more emphasis in your movements. You move too fast and you lose a lot of details. You must be slower in the future.
ZW: Why have you come to CGT?
Performer: I am 23 years old this year. In the gymnast world, I am considered very old. I would have to retire in about 2 year’s time.
SYP: So at age 23, you are considered old?
Performer: YES, because our golden years are when we were little. As we age, we are not as flexible as we were when our bones were just developing. So I was to use my last 2 years to dance the performances I want to dance.
ZW: Our stage is perfect for those with a dream. What is your dream?
Performer: My dream is to, after I retire in 2 years to open my own Bubble Tea Shop. Lin Zhi Bubble Tea Shop.
ZW: Ok, we now have to decide whether we give you YES or No. You Peng?
SYP: It is usually the bad guy that goes first. I think my decision is obvious. You have no idea how creative you really are. I give you YES.
ZW: The handsome LY
LY: Very good, very good. I don’t think you used enough water in your performance. When I saw that you plugged your nose, I thought there would be dives or something more dramatic. The last dive in was good but not enough. I give No.
ZW: I think your performance was very interesting. I am afraid to watch performances that are dangerous but on this stage you have to be creative and brave. WWZ was correct. You need to relax and let us focus only on your talent. You cannot let our presence interfere with your performance. As an encouragement, I give you a YES.
WWZ: Was the performance in the water cold or is waiting for this third YES cold?
Performer: Right now
WWZ: I will let you warm up. YES.

Episode 3

Banner carrying man
5:55 – ZW: Are you Liu Xiang? (The Olympic medal winner from BeiJing)
Performer: I am from Hua Mu Lan’s homeland
ZW: From my old home, huh?
SYP: What banner did you have on earlier?
Performer: It was from my hometown. They knew I was coming so they created it for me. “Chinas’ Got Talent: I am here” and “Add oil”
7:53 – LOL
Performer: Is everyone a bit happier now?
SYP: Why did you bring us this performance? Do you think clap louder than everyone?
Performer: It is a workout routine. It gets everyone up and moving.
WWZ: how long have you been clapping yourself?
Performer: A few years now. It was when my wife was bed ridden. It made her happy and so she was in a better mood. She is not able to sit up on her own now.
ZW: I want to ask. What is your dream?
Performer: My dream is to have everyone follow me in my clapping movements. I am sure all the judges will give me YES. Because I am the happiest farmer in China.
LY: I really like your spirit. I really like your yellow shoulder fluffs. It reminds me of Michael Jackson’s costume. I think it is great. So even though the audience screams NO. I still want to give you a YES.
ZW: Through the TV, your wife can see you; your friends can see you. I think you have accomplished what you wish for. I so I give you an encouraging NO.
WWZ: I think your performance was very effective but I give you NO.
SYP: Your performance was not competitive enough. I give you NO.

10:14 – ZW: are you all happy?
SYP: I am sweating from all that dancing!

10:27 – Michael Jackson Impersonator

SYP: You are dressed up like Michael Jackson, are you going to impersonate him? (Yes) So many people have impersonated him, what makes you different?
Performer: Yes a lot of people have impersonated him but people only show his outer appearances. I will demonstrate his soul.

13:15 – SYP: You have really made us laugh. The one that laughed the loudest. LY, you first
LY: When you first came on stage, I wanted to pick at your faults. But as soon as the song started, I felt that the stage belonged to you. I saw a mixing of the East and West together.
ZW: I am quite excited. When you first walked in, I thought you really look like him. You look a lot like the sculpture in the Wax Museum.
SYP: I want to ask you. Do you really like Michael? (I really like Michael) What is his significance to you? Why choose him to mix the East with the West?
Performer: To me, Michael means more to me than my father. At age 13, my parents divorced. I was very lonely and only his music was with me as I grew older. I began to learn his dance moves so I could release the sadness inside of me.
SYP: What do you think makes up Michael’s spirit?
Performer: It is his raging love for everyone and everything. His love for all that is equal in this world can be felt through his performances.
WWZ: As a fan who has heard Pop King Michael Jackson, I think if he were alive and did not meet you, he would regret it. This really is a special performance.
SYP: Now we all need to give you our decisions.
LY: As a Dong Bei resident, seeing a Dong Bei performer who mixes it with Michael Jackson, I really think this is a perfect marriage of East and West. Just because of that, I will give you a big big YES.
ZW: I hope in the future, you will be even more creative and improve even more so I give you YES.
WWZ: Since I am unable to watch Michael Jackson perform on stage, I hope to see you perform instead. So, YES.
SYP: I hope I won’t see you cry again. You must bring happiness to everyone from now on. And you must be happy yourself. Ok? (Thank you) YES..

18:40 – Six year old Hou Bao Bao
ZW: Why are you so tall little one?
Performer: Because I ate too much la.
ZW: Please introduce yourself
Performer: My name is Hou Bao Bao. I am from Shan Dong’s Liao city. I am 6 and half years old. I am 2 meters tall.
ZW: Please begin
Performer: Today, I will me your MC for CGT. First I want to introduce the talented Teacher Liu Huan.
Performer sings
Performer: If the applause is not loud enough, I will not change personalities
Performer: Next up is a man who is more woman than any woman. The talented Mr. Li Yu Gang.
Performer sings
Performer: Oh, that was too moving! The more you laugh the less you age!
Performer: Next up, let’s welcome Teacher Zhao Ben Shan.
ZW: I bet he will wear a hat.
Performer: Oh our performance is getting more exciting. Look, even Teacher Zhou Xing Chi is here!
Performer: Ding Dong. (Who’s there?) Michael Jackson.

22:50 – ZW: This must be your father. Give him an applause. This is the most touching performance! Let me ask you something, do you think it is tough for your dad being underneath you? (Yes) Are you well behaved for your father? (Yes)
ZW: A test for you. Can you impersonate WWZ? And LY?
WWZ: And ZW?
ZW: And Mr. YP?
SYP: You win
WWZ: Have you performed this elsewhere before? (No) How did you come up with this idea?
Performer’s father: Well, when he was little he liked to sit on my shoulders and play. Once when I stood in front of the mirror, I saw that he copied all of my reactions so we came up with this performance.
WWZ: When did you realize he had this natural talent?
Performer’s father: About 1-2 years. He really likes to impersonate me a lot. I am a nomad actor. I actually don’t want him to be in entertainment because it can be quite tough. But he just loves this.
WWZ: Which career isn’t tough?
Performer’s father: I think this one is even tougher than others.
WWZ: I think this child is quite talented so you shouldn’t make your decision too soon. What happens when you are unable to lift him up anymore? What then?
Performer: Well, I will grow up and dad will get old so I can hold him up and perform.
ZW: You are pretty cool; all children should behave like you!
WWZ: Both father and son really has the Talented spirit! YES
ZW: I hope to see you perform with him on your shoulders again. YES.
SYP: I finally have the chance to say this. Cameras, point at me. I have searched for a long time. You are the Talent I have been searching for. YES
LY: Hou Bao Bao. You are a boy, right?
Performer: Yes, I am a pure boy.
LY: Point the camera at me too. Congratulations on receiving 4 YES’s! You have succeeded!

26:50 – SYP: I was that kind of kid. I loved the attention everyone gave me.

28:25 – Dancing troop – Dangsters
WWZ: Are you professional dancers?
Performer: I suppose so
WWZ: So we can judge you as professionals, then?
Performer: Yes, I think we can be
SYP: Very good. I like your ambition.

31:00 – WWZ: It has a very musical feel to it.
SYP: This type of Broadway performance is quite unique. Who taught you all?
Performer: We actually started out as street dancers. We have never learned this type of Broadway dancing from anyone. We have been learning from each other and coming up with new performances.
ZW: Your performance if very realistic. I think you have hit the spot for a Broadway musical.
LY: I really like the performer in blue
Performer: She used be in acrobatics. She is out best dancer.
WWZ: Using the last score of music, I want to see individual performances from each one. Whoever I point to must perform.
ZW: You haven’t seen enough, have you?

33:00 – LY: I was not mistaken. The one is blue is the best performer. I give you a big YES.
ZW: Add oil. YES
SYP: Not only has LY found the one he likes. The one in yellow, you are sexy! YES!
WWZ: Congratulations on receiving 4 YES’s

34:45 – Yang Gui Fei and Servant

35:42 – Singer in white

36:30 – Xiang Fei
37: 15 – AH!!! lol
38:15 – ZW: Please introduce yourself
WWZ: I will remember your performance for the rest of my life
ZW: Your dance moves are better than that of a woman. Teacher LY, are you still distracted?
LY: I am absolutely distracted. It is too surprising. I think the butterfly….I am done
SYP: This is an ancient talent. I myself have been a male opera singer as well. Have you gone into this as a career?
Performer: Actually, my field is in Chinese medicine.
SYP: So this is just your hobby then? (Yes)
WWZ: The hardest thing is the woman’s hand.
ZW: I actually really performance. I think the butterflies really helped you a lot. You really have the spirit of a Talented! So I give you a YES.
WWZ: For giving us so many surprises in such a short amount of time. Of course, YES.
SPY: Actually, I think you are quite adorable. And because I myself have learned this before, I think you are still missing a bit. I give you an encouraging NO.
LY: I once played a male opera singer too…Oh, what the heck. YES!

42:30 – Male gymnast
ZW: Why do you want to perform this for everyone?
Performer: Because I want to show something beautiful to everyone.

46:42 – ZW: I am so happy I am able to see someone like you on CGT
LY: This is the first time I have heard all the women in the audience scream YES. You are very talented.
ZW: You are very skilled and you have natural talent. I am sure your father was very talented too since you did not learn this from a teacher.
Performer: Yes, my father was an orphan. Of the 7 of us, 5 are in acrobatics. Everyone has their own specialty.
ZW: In your father’s eyes, which child is the most talented?
Performer: I don’t think anyone is the best. The oldest does stunts with swords and ping pong balls. The second, a girl, she can withstand 300-400kg of weights on her stomach. The third is a boy, he is a schoolboy. The fourth is a girl; she reaches for flowers on benches. The fifth is my sister; she’s the one that shot an arrow with her legs.

48:34 – WWZ: Your father taught you these abilities. Someday you may become better than your father. What will you think then?
Performer: In my mind, my father is always the best.
WWZ: But someday, you really may surpass him and that will be the best way to remember him. Add oil.
SYP: I think you will do very well on this stage. What is your dream?
Performer: Well, right now, I perform nights and many times the audience, after a few drinks; don’t pay attention to my performance.
ZW: I think you deserve a bigger stage.
Performer: My dream is, I have seen Cirque De Soleil and I want to be able to show people beautiful and moving performances. I would be content with that.
ZW: I’m sure the audience is anxious for a decision.
WWZ: I was going to give you a YES but the audience is too silent…..YES!
SYP: I can’t wait for the next performance. YES!
ZW: This is the Talent I want to see. YES
LY: Congratulations on receiving 4 YES’s!

51:11 – ZW: I am finally able to say “This is the talent I have been searching for!”

52:15 – Darkness
ZW: Do you think it will be a scary performance?
LY: I think I should just press X now.

52:23 – SYP: Tell me again what those 8 words are?
Audience: Her power is endless. Our love for her is endless.
ZW: Very good!

54:50 – ZW: Wow, you are real people! That was so cool! Did you come up with this on your own?
Performer: It took us 3 months to design this.
ZW: How did you come up with this idea?
Performer: Have you seen Star Wars? We first created a light saber then we added a lot more lights to the dance. And then shadows, background…it all came together.
LY: I really enjoy this kind of performance. There is a lot of technology in it.
ZW: Teacher YP, what do you think?
SYP: I want to know what your jobs are. You all seem very professional and I want to know if this is your field or not.
Performer: No, we are not professionals.
SYP: I wanted to use the professional angle to point out some faults but since you are not professionals, I won’t do that. WZ?
WWZ: What is your most ideal stage?
Performer: We want to put all our acts together and perform a special show with everything we have.
ZW: It is now time to make or decisions.
WWZ: This is the type of performance I want to see on CGT
SYP: Since I am the bad guy here, I must pick a fault. I think your performance was too short, I did not see enough! YES.
ZW: At first I thought it was just technology displaying all the lights. But there are 5 real people. That is what I love the most. Because no matter how cool technology is, humans make it so much better. So I give you YES.
LY: To think that we will be able to see this kind of performance in the future, I give you YES.

59:00 – The Dreamer
Performer: I am a 24year old from Taiwan. I rarely watch TV but I know WZ and ZW
LY: Have you ever heard of LY? (Er…) If not, that’s ok.
Performer: I have heard of the other two. I know YP; I have heard my parents speak of you.
ZW: YP, you should stop asking questions.
SYP: Let’s just see your performance la
WWZ: What kind of performance are you bringing us today?
Performer: It has to do with dreams. I really like to dream.
WWZ: Don’t fall asleep…

1:04:15 – : ZW: That was a very cute performance
LY: You were very nervous and that hung over your entire performance
Performer: that may not have been the best performance but I want everyone to see my dreams.
SYP: We have seen many magic tricks lately and the package is very important. I think your package is quite interesting.
WWZ: We are going to make a decision. Close your eyes and pretend this is a dream. Use your ears to listen but do not open your eyes. LY, if you say YES, raise your right hand….Ah, LY, you are too mean. ….ZW? …..
Performer: Can I open my eyes?
WWZ: You played tricks on us, now it’s our turn. YP? …Congratulations on passing this first round.
LY: When you open your eyes, you will be at a beach. We know magic too.
MC: Just follow me and you will be fine.
SYP: He’s lying. He’s lying!

1:07:30 – Dr. Zhang Hong – had been in 80+ films.
ZW: I am sorry, let me stop you. You have been in 80 films?
Performer: Yes, of all roles.
LY: You know, it is very rude to stop an actress in the middle of her rambling.
ZW: Why are you here today?
Performer: My dream is to be the protagonist. I would really like to be in one Teacher ZW’s productions.
ZW: Good luck with your performance.

1:09:00 – ZW: She is the kind of actress I am looking for. Really!

1:10:30 – ZW: The reason why I did not give you an X is because I wanted to fulfill your wish of being the protagonist. I wanted you to finish your performance and not stop you in between. I think you have been granted your first wish. I want to know, do you have a boyfriend? (No) So are you looking for someone like LY or SYP?
LY: YP is still single, why don’t you say something?
Performer: I prefer age 22 and height 182 cm. Just like my last husband.
LY: Who you want to perform with?
Performer: Chen Dao Ming. I met him at a fan signing before.
LY: Does he like you?
Performer: He looked at my very deeply.
LY: Oh, I am sure of that
ZW: Actually WZ looks a lot like Chen Dao Ming.
WWZ: oh no, not at all, not at all!
ZW: One has long hair, the other has short hair
WWZ: Oh, ZW stop it! Not at all, not at all!
LY: YP, what do you think?
SYP: Well her requirement is 22 years old, I am way over that. What is your dream?
Performer: I have always wanted to act. (Was your family supportive?) At first they were not because my career was in medicine. I am a doctor. However, they saw how passionate I am about it and they support me.
LY: Ok, we are going to make our decisions. I think you still have space to improve. NO. And Uncle YP who has been so supportive.
SYP: Actually, I think you are quite lovely. I think in your mind, you are quite talented. I agree with Uncle LY. I think you make a better doctor. NO.
LY: Uncle WZ
WWZ: I only wish you will always be happy. NO. Sorry.
ZW: On stage, you have shown that you are a very special person. Sometimes as an actor, we need some normal folks. Just like us. Because of that, your path is very difficult. If there is a role that fits you, I will find you. I give you an encouraging YES.
Performer: Would the audience and Teacher ZW, please take down my contact information. My number is 13xxxxx and my Messaging number is 13…
ZW: Can I take back that YES??
LY: I am sorry, you have received 4 NO’s.
Performer: No matter how difficult this life is, I will continue to face it all with my smile.

LY: Finally someone that calls my name! who said it? I love you! Ok, I will sing a song…

LY: Usually the first to press the X, is YP
SYP: I am always the bad guy
ZW: You mean you are not the Laughing Tiger?

1:17:00 – Guitarist/Singer

SYP: Actually, I don’t think you sang very well. It didn’t move me.
ZW: I think you sang very well. Your lyrics were very good. What is your dream?
Performer: My dream is that. When I was in the military, my superior wanted me to stay to sing for them. I was young and I wanted to go out into the world. He said that I could not return to him until I say to 100k people. It has been 10+ years and I have kept up the count of the people I have sung to. It was about 20-30k. Now on CGT, with 80k in the audience, I have met the 100k goal and I can report back to him.
SYP: You have a very large dream. Add oil.

ZW: I like performances that are touching. YES
WWZ: I agree with YP. Do you wish to continue singing? (Yes) Then I hope you will sing better next time. YES.

Episode 4

6:02 – First performance – Woman from Heaven

8:00 – ZW: Ok, all of you can stop. Stop carrying the bucket, stop cutting the tree. You can rest now.
LY: I really like you and the guy cutting the tree. I enjoy these types of strange beauty.
WWZ: Did they all volunteer to perform with you?
Performer: They are all my fans. (Wow! Really) Yes they all are. I have over 200k fans.
ZW: Are these fans from your WeiBo? Did you choose the best ones from there?
Performer: They are the younger ones. They are in their 20s, some in teens.
ZW: So, I want to ask you, do you have a boyfriend?
Performer: I will not have a boyfriend in this lifetime. I encourage people to be single. I think being single is beauty.
SYP: So why did you come here to perform this? What is your dream?
Performer: From the Heavens, I see all the women blindly poisoned by love, I decided I needed to help and save these people so they can achieve their happiness.
Audience: NO NO NO
WWZ: I don’t think you need to pay any attentions to these Earthly beings. I sure don’t pay them any attention.
LY: Because I have created a “Huo Hua Society” – if you are not so picky, you are welcome to join us. I think we have a lot of Heavenly similarities. So I will give you a big YES.
ZW: I think the best part of your performance is the actor’s freedom to do whatever they want. But I need to pour some cold water, so I give a NO.
MC: The first time a judge gives a NO and the audience is clapping!
SYP: What were you all screaming about?
Audience: NO NO NO
SYP: The Earthly beings are too dangerous. I think you should stay in the Heavens. NO.
WWZ: I am a NO here too. Thank you.
Performer: I brought a special gift this time. There is a very special male individual and we have a gift we want to present to him.
ZW: You should have taken the rabbit out earlier, I would have given a YES.
Performer’s male partner: I just want to say that she is very naïve. In my heart, she is an angel. The one and only.
LY: I can understand what you are saying. You seem like someone who speaks from the heart.

11:40 – LY: What should I do with this rabbit?
ZW: I think you need to find some carrots.
LY: Does our Director have any vegetables?
ZW: If we get stuck, we can let the rabbit decide. We have another judge now! This Brother Rabbit.
SYP: All right, let me see you press the X.

12:23 – Second performer
WWZ: What is the fish tank for?
SYP: Are they going to put LY into it?
LY: I am going to pull a Houdini and escape.
12:47 – LY: Do you think that is bullet proof?
SYP: It probably is.
ZW: It seems a little bland.

Performer: My name is Huo Wa (Fire Doll). I am 28 years old.
LY: Your name is Huo Wa. (YES!) I thought you said Huo Hua. What are you going to perform today?
Performer: I am here to perform on CGT! I am going to break some Guinness World Records! I will succeed!

MC: The record he is trying to break is a human’s ability to withstand cold. The previous Guinness record holder was from Holland. The previous record was one hour and over ten minutes. Right now, the record holder is in China with one hour and 38 minutes. This is what Huo Wa is trying to break. We have trainers and medical staff on hand to assist in case they are needed. Let’s wish him the best in breaking the record.
ZW: In process of putting in the ice cubes, he is already getting cold. And the time doesn’t start until they are finished placing the ice cubes. It seems rough!
LY: It is too bad we only give each performer two minutes of time to perform.
ZW: So will he be pulled to the side and sit on stage while we continue filming? Is that the plan?
MC: Yes, he has to be in there for over one hour and 38 minutes to beat the record.
ZW: I think we will forget about him after awhile.
15:08 – Performer: OK, thank you Teachers for giving me strength! I will be successful! Hello to the Audience! I will be successful! I will keep the record in China!
SYP: Bye Bye
ZW: See you later…
MC: Let us know if you get hungry

Child Performer
My mother is Chinese and my father is African. My father left 3 years ago and my mother left China in September. This performance is a birthday present for my mother. When my mother left for Africa, I did not get a chance to give her a present.

17:00 – WWZ: From the looks of your clothing, you are representing your Father’s homeland. (Yes) Which part of Africa was your Father from?
Performer: Gabon. (What will you be performing today?) I will be dancing and the end will be a surprise.
WWZ: You have a surprise! How can you do that to Grandpa??!?

19:59 – WWZ: You kept your secret from grandpa for too long! I had no idea Michael Jackson was from Gabon! Where did you learn the first part of your performance?
Performer: It was from. I am a bit nervous.
ZW: Don’t be nervous.
LY: It is tiring! I know it is tiring performing this kind of dance!
SYP: Whatever! What does this have to do with you?
WWZ: Speak slowly.
Performer: This is the kind of dance I did with others in Africa or even here.
ZW: Do you like Gabon or China better?
Performer: I like Gabon more because the school system is not as strict there! It is so much harder here!
WWZ: Are we going to cut this part out?
ZW: No, don’t cut it out. I agree with her! Can you say a few words in the Gabon language for us?
Performer: Of course. We speak French there.
ZW: LY can converse with you then!
LY & Performer in French: Hello (Hello) How are you? (Good, how are you?) Good. (Thank you)
LY: Why did you decide to perform in CGT? What is your dream?
Performer: I want to perform this as my mom’s birthday present. She left for Gabon before I could show her.
ZW: How long have you not seen your mother?
Performer: She went back this year.
ZW: What made you cry when you mentioned you mother?
Performer: It is very hard for my mother. She has to take care of all us there. She has to take care of a grocery store too. I have to speak through her via Skype. It is quite lonely here by myself.
ZW: What do you want to say to your mother?
Performer: I just want to say, Mother, you do not have to worry about me there. Come home quickly so our family can be reunited. I will do well in my studies.
WWZ: Little one, is dancing your life dream?
Performer: I want to do well in my studies and I want to study abroad to France and learn even better dances. I want to perform a different kind of happiness for everyone.
ZW: You have talent. I really hope CGT’s stage can help you succeed.
WWZ: Should we all give her our decision?
ALL: 123…YES

25:38 – Kung Fu Performer with steel balls

WWZ: How heavy is everything?
Performer: This one is 20 pounds. That one is 18 pounds each. The tower has 80 balls totaling 65 pounds.
WWZ: 65 pounds. LY is very talented with balls.
ZW: Don’t drop them on your feet
LY: Yes, these are quite heavy.
SYP: I like your spirit but I don’t think is interesting enough. I think it is good for your health to practice this but as a performance not so much.
Performer: Yes, I think this performance is special. I learned this because my mother has Parkinson’s. The doctors wanted my mother to use balls to ease her nerves. Parkinson’s is not curable so the doctor recommended using a couple balls or walnuts to ease the nerves. So I did it with my mother. After a number of years, because of the balls, my mother could take care of herself. It brought her happiness and health. I brought my mother to this stage. To grant her her wish, I have performed this for everyone to see!
ZW: Ok, we are going to make a decision now.
LY: “I am very touched but I still have to reject you.” NO
WWZ: I have never seen this type of performance, so YES.
ZW: I really like your spirit. I think this was very hard to learn and very lonely too. I want more people to see your performance so I give you a YES.
SYP: Can you convince me? What do you plan to perform next time?
Performer: I have many ideas, I will come up with 4 to 6 things to perform for everyone! I will have many more acts and a taller tower!
SYP: Everyone likes you so much. YES.

ZW: We congratulate you and hope that you will bring us even more exciting acts. We wish you happiness and health to your mother.

32:38 – Unbeatable punches
SYP: I think we need to examine the chopsticks as a precaution.

SYP: Even I can break them! NO.

34:16 – Monk performer
LY: Give me the gloves

ZW: LY when I saw you rip that apart, I thought you were awesome! You are so successful!

35:25 – LY: I wonder how Huo Wa is doing.
WWZ: Is there a projection so we can see what he is doing?
LY: I am going to sing a song for him.

36:35 – Martial arts performer – steel legs
37:15 – LY: When you walked on the stage, why were you looking up?
Performer: I thought it looked very nice.
LY: There are 4 X’s floating up there. It looks very nice but they are quite dangerous too. What type of performance will you show us today?
Performer: I want to show my unique Steel Legs.

LY: Was that your performance?
Performer: It was just a warm up. I am too nervous. Now I will begin.

LY: Are you a martial artist?
Performer: No. I started watching kung-fu films when I was 8 or 9. I like Teachers Jackie Chan and Jet Li. I really liked martial arts but was not able to pay for a teacher so I watched on TV and taught myself.
SYP: Let me interrupt you. You know that a lot of these stunts are fake, right? LY just finished filming with Jackie Chan – all of those fights were fake, right?
LY: Uh….The films always try to protect the actors. But I think being able to invent something like this is pretty cool too. I have a question, since we are both men; I have a man’s question for you. Do some parts hurt?
Performer: Er…sometimes it is painful.
LY: Actually, I think YP can perform this for us.
SYP: After watching your performance, I am a bit sad. Why did you learn this for?
Performer: I really like martial arts and I really want to learn it. I want to become an actor. But I don’t know if this….I don’t mind being a stunt double either. I just really like it.
SYP: Where do you practice this?
Performer: In front of my house. There is a large yard where there is a lot of space for my stunts. It doesn’t hurt either because it is all dirt. There was one time when it was painful. In the dirt there was a large stone. I landed on it with my thigh.
WWZ: Such a delicate area vs a hard rock!
ZW: I want to ask a question. Do you have a girlfriend?
Performer: My child is 10 months old.
ZW: When your wife watches you perform splits…
Performer: When I met her I was very good at the splits.
SYP: So did you use this talent to attract her attention?
Performer: Not really…all men should have some kind of talent.
LY: Another question. What is your dream?
Performer: I want to become the best leg martial artist in Chinese movies.
LY: Please leave your contact information with the Producers. I, ZW and YP are in a lot of martial arts films. Because you are using true talent, we will definitely be in contact.
Audience: YES
LY: We are from the same city. I must give you yes.
ZW: Your performance was quite dangerous but it was also quite interesting so I give you an encouraging Yes.
SYP: I think you will be successful and the performance was quite handsome. Yes.
WWZ: I want to see your next performance so I give you a Yes.

45:35 – TS Dance Group

47:40 – ZW: Wow, a very beautiful performance!
LY: I have never seen a performance quite like this one. I really enjoyed it.
ZW: As I watched all the sparks and fire flying around. I think the two ladies are very brave. When you are practicing, were you ever scared?
Performer: Yes, it was very scary and very tough to learn. And for us, well, I have long hair so a lot of times, my hair catches on fire. Sometimes even my eyebrows and eyelashes get singed. And my arm hair. But we love this. It is a challenge! If the guys can do it, why not us?
WWZ: where do you perform?
Performer: We perform in Taipei’s arenas when invited. We each have our own careers. I have a Dancing School.
I am an Assistant Makeup Artist.
I am an Assistant Camera man.
I am a Tap Dance Instructor.
I work at a Coffee Shop.
WWZ: So you all are not professionals then.
Performer: We are from different backgrounds but when we perform out fire dance, we are quite professional. We all love fire. We are professional fire dancers.
WWZ: Fire dancers. If I look at you as professional dancers, I think your costumes are quite fitting. I really don’t have anything to nitpick so I give you a yes.
SYP: I think you all can do even better next time. Add oil. I give you an encouraging NO.
ZW: I hope you have an even better performance so I give you a Yes.
LY: You need 3 Yes’s to continue. There are a lot of challenges in these performances…Yes!

50:50 – LY: We have all forgotten about Huo Wa.

51:10 – Tall Singer in Blue
ZW: Wow, what a tall girl!

54:10 – SYP: You are the most intriguing performance I have seen today. Your dreams are just 3 Yes’s away.
LY: Even though I really enjoy performances involving clothing removal, I was looking forward to your singing. In terms of singing, I think you have a lot of work to do. NO.
WWZ: I think you are very brave and for that I give you a Yes.
SYP: I can feel your strong desire to want to succeed. However your performance gave me a feeling of incompleteness. You are not at your best, this time I have to give you NO.
ZW: Your preparation off stage was not enough so I give you an encouraging NO. We hope to see you on another stage.
SYP: Yes, we hope that you will put on each layer of clothing you have removed.

55:30 – Performer: Your idols YiPing (ZW) and DuFei (SYP) are here too
Performer’s mom: I don’t believe it, I still can’t believe it. Unless I see them with my own eyes! I just don’t believe it.

56:00 – WWZ: Welcome. Could you please see how Huo Wa is doing? Has he fainted yet?
Performer: He’s doing ok.
WWZ: What color are his fingers? Is there still color in them? (Yes)

56:40 – Artist
Performer: I have a request.
WWZ: LY, your turn!
Performer: It can be anyone. My art requires light, it requires all of the light on this stage.
WWZ: That’s ok, I will tell them to give it all to you.

57:32 – On screen: “Your television is not broken. The darkness is much more interesting.”
ZW: LY, don’t touch me.

1:00:10 – WWZ: Can you tell us what the most challenging part of drawing is?
Performer: The difficulty is in keeping the light. Sorry, it is a bit tiring.
ZW: Your drawings seem like exercise.
Performer: Because the canvas is quite large and I am quite nervous so I am out of breath.
WWZ: Why did you choose to draw this light art?
Performer: Because this piece of work means a lot to me. The little angel that appeared is myself. The two larger angels in the background are my mom and dad. No matter where the little angel goes, the bigger angels are always nearby with their love as protection so I do not get hurt.
ZW: What is your dream?
Performer: My dream today, is to fulfill a wish for my mother. For many years, her favorite idols…
MC: Do you like ZW or SYP?
Performer’s mom: I love both of them.
Performer: My mother came here today. Can I invite her on stage?
WWZ: Of course. …The big angel is here now. Your mom seems very healthy.
Performer’s mom: Waa, I am so happy!
Performer: Do you recognize the 2 in the middle?
Performer’s mom: Yes, it is them! I am so nervous! Are you really DuFei and YiPing?
SYP: How are you, Auntie?
Performer’s mom: I am not dreaming, am I?
WWZ: Performer, you are not very filial! Bring your mother closer.
Performer’s mom: I really love you! DuFei! And YiPing, I love you too! You guys are really adorable!
Performer: When I was in elementary school, as soon as I heard the QSSYMM theme song , we went crazy! Our entire family would sit together around the television. You have made a strong impression on my parents. So her dream is the meet the two of you.
SYP: So today’s result of success or not isn’t very important to you? As long as you fulfill your mom’s dream, that is enough?
Performer’s mom: Even though I said my dream is to meet you both but I never thought it was possible! The real live DuFei and YiPing.
WWZ: Not ones that your son drew! Live ones!
Performer’s mom: Oh, I am sorry. I am not very familiar with the other two teachers.
WWZ: I am his father! The one on the far right.
LY: I create Societies.
Performer’s mom: That’s ok. I am glad to meet you today, you guys are quite adorable too. I will love you guys too.
ZW: I must express my gratitude to you for loving us. I feel very honored. Thank you.
Audience: Hug Hug Hug!
WWZ: Hahaha, the audience wants your mom to hug the two of them!

Performer’s mom: I saw the real live versions!

WWZ: Your wish has been fulfilled! So Yes or No is not important anymore. I am telling you, you have offended some people!
LY: I have never seen this before. I hope to see even better drawings in the future. Yes.
ZW: I think you are quite talented and I thank you for fulfilling your mother’s wish. I give you Yes.
WWZ: Three Yes’s and you will pass. Pick one. Who do you think if your angel? Whoever you pick, you will offend the other.
Performer: Then I should follow my mother’s wishes! My mother loves DuFei.
SYP: Choosing DuFei is trouble! You know I am the most critical judge! So I am going to give you some comments. I actually really look forward to you drawings. Yes.
WWZ: Three Yes’s and you have passed. You are not very considerate of me. Ok, let me tell you. Your entire performance warmed my heart. Yes.

1:07:20 – Dual handed Ping Pong player

Performer: I have 3 dreams. My first dream is to challenge everyone to dual handed ping pong! My second dream is to earn a Guinness World’s Record for fastest dual handed ping pong. My third dream is to have dual handed ping pong replace single handed ping pong as an official Olympic competition!
LY: Are you ready?
Performer: Yes. I need to do some warm up exercises.

SYP: I think he should change his bandana to “King of Comedy” instead of “King of Dual Handed Ping Pong”

Performer: That was the first set performance.
ZW presses X

Performer bounces on ping pong paddle.
LY presses X

WWZ: I don’t believe it. There must be more.
ZW: Believe it. This is a huge world, anything can happen.
SYP presses X

WWZ: I think there is more. There has to be.
WWZ presses X

ZW: Let’s talk, sir.
Performer ignores them.
ZW: Let’s just give him our decision. You just continue.
LY: I think your talent is the best in the world but there was no surprise in it.
ZW: Yes, the audience frightens me, I give NO NO NO.
SYP: I actually really like him but I have to give him a NO.
MC: Sir! The judges have given you X’s.
Performer: I believe you all must love Ping Pong. Can I invite one of you to join me? Ms. ZW, please?
ZW: I think WWZ would be good.
WWZ: Oh, I have high blood pressure, that’s not a good idea.
Performer: Let me say something. I am the King of Dual Handed Ping Pong, China’s King of Ping Pong. The ultimate grand prize belongs to me.
Audience continues NO NO NO
Performer: Judges, please give dual handed exercises a chance!
Security comes on stage to remove performer…

WWZ: That is the first time we had to use Security…
ZW: Had I known we could do that, I would have asked for it earlier!

1:13:17 – ZW: We have to change our slogan to: “The stage is as large as your heart.”
LY: It is not the size of your heart but the size of your gall bladder! Is Huo Wa still around?
SYP: He’s gone, he’s passed!
WWZ: Huo Wa went to eat a spicy hot pot!

Michael Jackson Impersonator – 16 yr old from Taiwan
1:14:40 – SYP: Welcome to CGT
ZW: Michael’s well known clothing
SYP: Right. Are we right?
Performer: Yes
SYP: You are 16!
ZW: Big Michael

1:18:15 – ZW: That was awesome! So adorable!
SYP: That was great! You aren’t tired either, huh? Because of your weight, that was a lot for your lungs to handle.
Performer: Yes, a bit tired
SYP: Let’s let Grandpa WWZ who has seen so much, give you a few comments.
WWZ: The best and most adorable part of you is your weight. It really adds to your performance!
ZW: Like the audience, I think you did very well. I think you are the best dancer in a group of Yo-Yoers. (Thank you) Yes, and you are very professional in your Yo-Yo performance but there is a comical aspect that is quite entertaining! I think you are a natural talent for comedy! (Thank you) You know, LY is really good in Yo-Yo too. You should do one trick too.
LY: Right, whatever. I don’t pull Yo-Yo strings, I pull on my lips. (I talk smack.) I think you combined the spirit of Michael very well. I think your confidence showed very well. It is not too over, just right.
Performer: Michael has been my idol since I was little.
SYP: Michael has been my idol since I was little. Not when YOU were little.
LY: I thought your performance was great. I really enjoyed it!
SYP: Are you a professional Yo-Yoer?
Performer: No. I practice on the weekends with other Yo-Yoers for fun.
SYP: Really? Well, how are your grades in school?
Performer: I am ok la.
SYP: Because you spend all your free time practicing Yo-Yo?
Performer: I split my time in both.
SYP: I think you are a bit chubby. Is that a challenge in your Yo-Yo practice?
Performer: Not at all. I am still very nimble.
SYP: Yes, your weight has added comedy to your performance.
LY: What is your dream?
Performer: My dream? Well, I have practiced Yo-Yoing for 6 years. It is my little partner. I don’t plan to use Yo-Yo to become an actor or to use it to become a career. I just want to bring my happiness for Yo-Yoing to everyone.
LY: Six years and no weight loss!
Performer: My mother cooks great tasting food!
SYP: Don’t get excited so early. Our conversations do not equate to our decisions of Yes or No. So you must be ready now.
WWZ: Will you have a surprise in your next performance?
Performer: My next performance will involve a ninja!
SYP: You are now going to receive our very unique response. We are all going to give you our response at once.

123 YES

1:22:05 – LY: can we bring Huo Wa on stage now?
SYP: What if he needs to use the restroom?
LY: He must be thinking, hurry up!
ZW: He must really want to break the record! Are you ok, Huo Wa?


MC: As you can see, Huo Wa has broken the World Record of 1 hour 38 minutes.
Performer: I have succeeded!!!
ZW: I highly admire you because I am a very active person. Even if you just ask me to stay still for an hour or two, without ice, I will go crazy! And in this kind of cold, you are a very brave man! Yes!
SYP: This talent is very difficult but it is not very interesting. But this has been a challenge for you. Yes.
WWZ: This was a very surprising performance. To be able to withstand that length of time in the cold. I love that spirit. I will definitely give a Yes.
LY: Finally, you have received 4 Yes’s!
Performer: I figured if a foreigner can do this, then a Chinese definitely can too!
LY: Congratulations Huo Wa! You have earned 4 Yes’s not go take a hot shower.
Performer: I want to thank my mother. Your son is always the best!

MC: Hand me the mike. Wow, your hands are still warm!

1:24:46 – SYP: There are too many people here! Be respectful!

Episode 5

8:12 – ZW: That Tardy one is still not ready?
SYP: Have you contributed to the ratings? I am talking to you!
8:23 – SYP: Tyrant and Bodyguard.

Duo Performance –Panda Brothers – From England but works in BeiJing

ZW: What kind of performance do you have for us today?
Performer: We are going to sing “Panda Song” today

LY: can I keep the hat?
Performer: No.

11:55 – WWZ: I think the part with LY was quite exciting. It was a lot more exciting than your earlier act.
ZW: I want to ask, why did you all come to CGT?
Performer: I came here to see you, ZW. Because I like your new movie “So Young”.
ZW: Yes! “So Young!” Extra points for you!
Performer: I like “Huan Zhu Ge Ge” too. And your lover SYP.
SYP: You guys are very funny and made us all very happy. But I feel I have seen other performance where they spent more time preparing than you two.
Performer: We know we are terrible singers and performers but we want to bring happiness to everyone.
ZW: I think happiness is very important. I think those sitting in front of the TV will laugh for a few minutes because of your performance. I think that is of great value on CGT’s stage. So I give YES.
WWZ: You provided a lot of excitement for everyone but I think your performance was too simple so I am sorry, NO.
LY: I like everything that you just said. You said that you are terrible singers and dancers. That is wrong. I think you all did wonderfully. I finally found a group that has my style! I enjoyed performing on stage with you both! Thank you! I give you a YES!
SYP: Continue to bring happiness to us. I give you YES.

14:25 –Fire breathing Puppet master

14:56 – Rappers – “Since there was you” from HZ

15:30 – Bowling Ball Jugglers – Power Rangers
ZW: I love cute guys! YES!

16:25 – LY They want me to sing.
ZW: Hurry up Producers
LY: Has everyone heard this song before?
ZW: This is your song?
LY: It’s old, huh? As someone born in the 60’s, it is not the same as you being born in the 80’s.

17:10 – HK singer
Raised by a single parent. Sings on the streets of HK> Started working at age 18. Mom loves to sing but with financial hardships, unable to fulfill those dreams. Singing is very important to the performer. I really want my mother to be proud of me.

ZW: I like this rhythm

21:26 – SYP: Your voice is very soulful! Are you mixed?
Performer: No, I am Chinese.
SYP: It is seldom to meet a Chinese person with this kind of voice. Has a Recording Company approached you before?
Performer: Yes, I rejected them.
SYP: Why?
Performer: Because they want me to lose weight. I don’t want to be known as a singer. I want to be known as a person that sings. I spent a lot of time singing on the streets of HK. I really enjoy the moments when the street people stop in front of me just to listen to my voice. If you don’t recognize me, that’s ok. But please remember my voice.
ZW: Why did you come to CGT?
Performer: I want to make my mother happy. My mother raised my older brother and I from when we were very little. It has been hard on her and I have been stubborn in pursuing my music. And my mother is actually very concerned with that. I want her to feel proud of me standing on this stage.
SYP: So did your mother see everyone applauding for you just now?
ZW: Is your mother here today?

Performer’s mom: I was able to see her perform on this stage. I have never seen her on such a large stage before.
ZW: I think your daughter’s voice has power. It seems like natural talent. I think it is excellent!
WWZ: I want to ask the mother. How do you feel when watching your daughter on such a large stage?
Performer’s mom: it is very touching
WWZ: Have you ever told your daughter that?
Performer’s mom: No, I have not. In the past, I always told her, you are ok, just average. But today she really excelled.
WWZ: Do you see how happy your daughter is at your accolade?
Performer’s mom : This is the first time I said such thing to her
SYP: One more question for mom. You know that in HK, it is a tough road to being a singer. (Yes, I know) So, no matter what she decides, you will support her? (Yes)
Performer’s mom: So I work very hard right now so they can be on their own.
SYP: We have been searching for the Talent that is fit for this stage. That person is you. YES.
LY: I think you are the most powerful performer I have seen these days. The Recording Company wants you to lose weight….let me tell you. I like you because you are a bit chubby.
Performer: I will not lose weight! Thank you
ZW: Come perform in China. YES
WWZ: You can come and compete in Taiwan’s Super Talent Show too. I think you should have your own stage.

27:01 – “Mini” Bikester

30:00 – WWZ: what is your job?
Performer: I am a farmer
WWZ: For a farmer, being this talented on a bike is very difficult! What is your dream?
Performer: I am just a farmer. I just want to show everyone my biking skills and to see if it really is a one of a kind.
LY: before I comment, please put the white string from your pants inside please. I don’t think it looks nice. I think you are very talented! Even though I secretly hope that you would fall, it didn’t happen. I think you are very talented!
Performer: I want to ask, teacher LY, do you know how to ride a bike? (Of course!) Then can you come try this one out?
WWZ: The one that can do it all, LY!
LY: I think this size is perfect for me. …..If my pants split then please stop filming.
Performer: Let me help
ZW: You must not be practicing, LY
SYP presses X
ZW: You know, you selected the wrong judge!
SYP: Tyrants love to ride bikes!

ZW: Look at all his fans, they are so miserable! Everyone wants to rub his injured butt!

ZW: You are excellent at what you do. And I am very glad that you made these two judges that normally don’t treat me well, fall off the bike! So I give you an encouraging YES
WWZ: I think your talent is quite plain. I hope that you bring a more exciting performance next time so I give you a NO.
SYP: I look forward to next time. YES

33:43 – LY: do you think ZW’s clothing looks nice today? (YES) I really like your Tyrant-ess hairdo today.
ZW: Actually, I think your outfit is quite tyrant-like too. I like it.
SYP: It was so we would match!
ZW: That’s why you and WWZ both wore bodyguard outfits next to me.

34:35 – Wand Bearer -Fire

39:18 – LY: I think you were ruthless.
ZW: I think there must be a lot of injuries. What is the worse one?
Performer: The worse was my chin was burned and it blistered up. Very painful. It almost ruined my face.
ZW: I think you are using your life to perform. You are very confident and powerful in your act. What is your driving force in this?
Performer: It is my way of living. I think women need to be independent. I need to be able to support myself. A woman must be able to provide for herself, it does not come from anyone else.
ZW: What is your dream?
Performer: I want to be a successful boss. Because this is very dangerous and I am not young anymore so I want a more stable life so I want to do something else. Since CGT is a formal stage, I want to use this as my final stage to close out my performing career. I hope even more people can applaud and respect me.
LY: We must make a decision now.
YP: I really like the way you hold yourself and the way you perform. You have made this into a show and made everyone very excited. YES.
WWZ: You are the most fashionable, pretty girl I have ever seen blow fire. I hope that one day you have the ability to become a boss. YES.
ZW: There are a lot of performers that come on this stage. During your performance, I felt respect for you. Because of my respect, I do not wish to see you burn up your life. I am sorry, I give NO.
LY: I really agree with ZW. In our minds, you are already very talented. I don’t wish to see you perform this anywhere. I hope this is the end of your performance, so I give you NO.
ZW: You are very brave and strong. Even though you did not win this competition, you are a winner in our hearts. You have the determination to succeed in anything you do your future.

45:05 – Lao Mo Mo (Old Mo Mo)
ZW: I really want you to stick me with a needle.

47:05 – MC: This brings back such nice memories for us!
LY: I think you elderly performer were excellent.
ZW: My most enthusiastic wooer, YongQi, say a few words.
SYP: This brings back old memories. All of a sudden I have a strong feeling of hatred. I didn’t hear clearly some of the lyrics. Zha zha zha (poke poke poke)….
Performer: Poke to death you little evil spirit.
SYP: I think your spirit is very adorable.
ZW: How long have you all been together?
Performer: We have been together 15 years.
ZW: What is the meaning of your group?
Performer: We are a family. Our families all support us in what we do. We are giving back to the society in our lives post retirement.
WWZ: I really admire you all. It is nice to be able to find so many people post retirement and perform these fun and happy activities. Like my mother, when my father passed, all she did was mourn him. I want her to see you and see how happy everyone is.
ZW: We will now make our decisions for all the Servants (Mo Mo) and Princesses (Ge Ge). First, the toughest one of all, SYP.
SYP: The Servants of the palace, I really love the energy you all bring. There is not a lot of specialty in your performance so I give an encouraging NO.
WWZ: At this age, being able to be together. It is better than staying home and watching over your daughter-in-law. For your daughter-in-laws, YES.
ZW: I think if my mom were up there, I would be very happy. I really like that everyone on stage is retired and I hope that everyone that does become retired can rush to stage and display our forever youthfulness. YES.
LY: Two YES’s and one NO. I give you all a very ceremonious YES.

51:35 – Couple dressed as chickens

52:30 – ZW: Do you guys raise chickens at home?
Performer: No but we think this is better than the horse dance.
ZW: He is referring to the Gangnam style. They ride horse and we chicken fight.
Performer: This is my self proclaimed Chicken Dance, I want it to go viral!
ZW: Your performance if very lovable but the skills and talent are extraordinary. NO
SYP: I really admire your relationship but your dance was really very awful. NO

53:21 – Psy impersonator
ZW: Nice, even Psy is here!

54:25 – SYP: You actually did quite well, however if this was 2 years ago, I would give you Yes. Two years later, I would want to see some more new moves. NO.
LY: The two ladies did very well though

54:55 – Man in wheelchair
I am from TaiDong. I got measles at age 2 causing my legs to be paralyzed. It was very uncommon back then to get measles. I used to play basketball from the wheelchair but kept getting hurt. Doctors did not want me to continue to play. My dream is to play in the Olympics. Then I came across dancing. Dancing did not match my physique or my moves. I spent a really really long time practicing. CGT is my dream. I want everyone to see me. I want everyone to see that even when you fall down, you can still get back up. That it doesn’t matter how many times you fall down, as long as you keep getting up.

56:50 – Performer: The ladies next to me are volunteers in my Dance Group. They are here to assist me.

58:55 – MC: what a powerful performance!
ZW: I really like this performance. I think it is too cool. You all are very humble when you came on stage. Normally when you see someone in a wheelchair you feel sorry for them. But your dance shows us that no matter what comes our way in life, we can still live the happiest and fullest life. I think it is great. I want to ask, are you sure you are not wearing extra layers underneath your white shirt?
Performer: There are none.
ZW: Your muscles really are that big? I really think your arm is bigger than my leg!
Performer: I used to play basketball in my wheelchair. I competed in 1999’s Bangkok’s Asian Games.
ZW: You are the most handsome basketball player I have ever seen.
WWZ: You seem very optimistic.
Performer: I was a basketball player in 1999 but because I got hurt, the doctors told me I can never play basketball. I was very depressed then but because of dance, I am here on this stage.
LY: Brother, let me tell you something. Whenever there are pretty girls next to a dancer, I often focus my eyes on them, but you were so captivating, I could not keep my eyes off of you.
SYP: You gave me a lot of surprises. The two ladies you brought with you were great for your performance.
Performer: They are very good on their own. This dance is quite hard on them. Her hair got caught in my wheels several times. I would pop a wheelie to free her and fall over. She has fallen while sitting on me before. We came up with many different moves but we only successfully learned a couple of them. When we knew we could perform those few moves, we perfected them to what you saw on stage today.
WWZ: We are going to make a decision now.
ZW: The two of you are very sexy. You are even sexier. I want to give you a huge YES.
LY: This time I give you a huge YES
WWZ: This is the best performance I have seen so far. YES
SYP: Remember the song you chose. “I want to know, can you do it?” I think you really can do it. YES

1:04:08 – Blind performer who is a professional masousse
1:04: 50 – Performer: I was very nervous coming to CGT’s stage. I had a dream last night and I want to show you my dream. I dream of the Emperor in HZGG.

Performer Interview: As a masousse, my clients often choose something to watch on TV. During the sessions, as I get excited, I will massage harder. Through my clients, I have learned that I have a talent and I want to show this talent to everyone.

Performer in Emperor’s voice: I heard that WAG and XYZ are both here so I have come to join the excitement! Hahahaha. I am very happy, thank you YongQi for your applause! I am very happy to see CGT but I know the Gods even know about it too. Which Gods, you ask? Just listen.
Performer in Monkey King’s voice: Buddha, Buddha!
Performer in Buddha’s voice: Monkey, be patient
Performer in Monkey King’s voice: Since I beat the biggest bad guys, I have had so much official business. I would rather be out there fighting than stuck in here! Is there any happiness I can pursue?
Performer in Buddha’s voice: Have you heard of CGT?
Performer in Monkey King’s voice: Of course, I heard this is the fifth season. It’s supposed to be very interesting. I have wanted to attend!
Performer in Piggie’s voice: Brother Monkey, I want to go too.
Performer in Buddha’s voice: What would you perform?
Performer in Piggie’s voice: I can sing, Grandpa Buddha!
Performer in Monkey King’s voice: You dummy! Other than eat and sleep, you have no talents!
Performer in Piggie’s voice: Well, listen to me then. (You be the judge, here’s the original -start at 1:18: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGnEL3uAJwc)
Performer in Monkey King’s voice: That’s nothing, I can sing too!
Performer in Piggie’s voice: You can’t sing, you just know how to jump around like a monkey!
Performer in Monkey King’s voice: Listen to this! (You be the judge, here’s the original: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFrcKYA1EL4
Performer in Buddha’s voice: Why did you choose this song!?
Performer in Monkey King’s voice: You didn’t know? She sang my Golden Monkey Bar, why can’t I sing her famous song? (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6X1rSA3bNq4)
Performer in Buddha’s voice: To be honest, both of your talents cannot appear on CGT.
Performer in Monkey King’s and Piggie’s voices:
Performer in Buddha’s voice: I can go.

ZW: I want to ask, who came up with this script?
Performer: I came up with it.
ZW: It is very good!
Performer in Emperor’s voice: Thank you for XYZ comments, I will reward you when we get back!
ZW: I really think that through this medium, you can reach out to more people and they can provide you with even more interesting scripts for you!
Performer: Great, thank you teacher ZW
WWZ: I want to ask, have you been blind since you were a child?
Performer: Yes, I was born blind.
WWZ: I think you are very interesting. You used all the voices you have heard in life and created a very interesting performance. I want to play a small game with you. You have not seen the 4 of us before. I want you to use your mind and describe to us what we are like. Start with ZW
Performer: Her voice is magnetizing. I think her eyes are very big. From her voice, I think she is about 7 feet.
WWZ: Because you hear her heels. What about her weight?
Performer: Hmm…I think
SYP: Take a guess, you will never get the truth anyway.
Performer: Her voice is so light, what can her weight be?? I think she is 120 pounds.
ZW: LY, I want to hear his description.
Performer: Teacher LY must be a bit chubby. He must be 7.5 feet.
LY: Please describe YP
Performer: WAG is youthful boy that everyone loves.
LY: For someone who can tell me my height and weight, you are awesome. YES!
ZW: You are very talented, YES
SYP: You are the talent I have been searching for. YES
WWZ: I am from Taiwan, I hope one day you get the chance to visit and I will be your tour guide!

1:14:00 – Couple dancers

1:17:50 – WWZ: I want to ask, have you both performed in a nationwide competition? (Yes) Have you received top awards? (Yes) That is a happy thing!
Performer: Sorry, I am still in my dancing mind.
WWZ: What is your highest honor?
Performer: He has been the champion for the Worldwide Blackpool Latin Competition twice.
WWZ: That is the greatest honor.
SYP: I really like you expressions. It seems painful yet happy. (Yes) It is because you really feel that way?
Performer: Yes, I really feel it in my heart. We are lovers so it is very evident in our movements. It shows you the complexity of our relationship.
WWZ: This is why I don’t want my wife join a group of dancers. Dancing is about the soul. LY knows all about that.
LY: You two performed very well. It is obvious that you both love one another.
Performer (male): This hanker chief is special because this is one I gave her on Valentine’s Day.
Performer (female): He does not say very much. He doesn’t know how to express himself. When he gave me this, he just handed it to me and walked away. After awhile, I just couldn’t take it and I asked him if I was his girlfriend. He said, of course! Why would you ask that? He felt that when he gave me the present, I was already his girlfriend.
ZW: Your dance is filled with love. What kind of person is he?
Performer: He is a very talented dancer and I admire him. I am a fan of him. As his girlfriend, I see the other parts of him. He does not know how to live life. He is slow to warm up to people and is not romantic at all.
ZW: I am quite curious. Do you each love dancing more or each other more?
Performer (male): In the past, I was very strict with dancing. Sometimes that would affect her mood. I always regretted that because she has done so much for me. I think she is the best. I don’t want to lose such a wonderful girl. I hope that we can dance our way to the world’s dancing stage.
ZW: Tell me, what are your dreams?
Performer: My dream is to become a great dancer with her
ZW: From your dance style, I think you deserve YES.
SYP: You said your expertise is in Latin dancing?
ZW: I really like Latin dancing even though I don’t know the moves.
SYP: So you think we should dance a bit of it then?
ZW: We can put together a broken version.
SYP: Your performance was great, I look forward to your Latin Dancing. YES.
LY: I think the two of you have ability and standard. This time, YES
WWZ: Three YES’s means you pass
LY: Four YES’s means they are awesome
WWZ: When you really become husband and wife, do not blindfold yourselves when you dance. YES.

Episode 6

3:40 – Horse troop stilt dancers

5:34 – ZW: Quick, 20 questions! They are shivering there!
LY: I think they are just very nervous! It is quite comical
ZW: Why did I say let’s be quick. I filmed in a similar scenario and was only on there for awhile and was sweating. This is very tough and tiring. But you performed very well and you’ve taken this classical talent and combined it with modern art. I really enjoyed it! Ok, next one.
WWZ: I think it is very exciting. None of you can stand still!! When you first came out, I told TP, if they take this and perform street dance, then it would be awesome! And you really performed a very modern, hip dance.
SYP: Stop walking around.
ZW: What is your dream?
Performer: Because most people are not familiar with the art of stilts. We want to increase its popularity and encourage more people to dance with us.
LY: OK, we have to make our decision.
WWZ: I have nothing more to add. These guys that cannot stand still, YES.
SYP: I wish you all success! YES
ZW: I like the traditional performances! YES
LY: You received 4 YES’s!

8:18- Rock, Scissors, Paper Trio

10:48 – WWZ: You are a very beautiful group! Cotton Candy (the little one’s name), I think you are a lot like Michael Jackson when he was in Jackson 5.
LY: There are not many popular dance groups in China. If you follow your teacher, you will become a really big artist in the Dance world.
ZW: I hope the three of you can dance even better and even longer. YES.
SYP: You have done a lot that adults cannot do. You put your feelings into your performance and infected your audience with your happiness.
LY: Do you even need to ask? YES

12:05 – Cartwheeler

13:30 – LY: To be honest, I did not see enough!
Performer: Well, LY, I need you to partner with me on an exciting performance.
WWZ: You chose the right person!
Performer: I will show you with my student. I hope you can come closer and watch us.
LY: I have the courage to watch closer.

15:05 – LY: The sparks show you put on was quite amazing. YES
ZW: Are your sparks hidden within your nun chucks? (Yes) I have seen this type of performance before. NO
SYP: For the most part, I agree with ZW’s views. But I hope to see you again. YES
WWZ: I just recommended that you take LY up there and smash him up. But you didn’t listen. So how can I give you a YES? You didn’t fulfill my request! But I give you a YES anyway.

16:51 – Traditional costume – Singer

19:43 – SYP: After finish watching your performance, I think your vocals are very powerful! How did you develop your vocals?
Performer: It was all very natural to me.
SYP: Can you use that voice to speak to me?
Performer: No because that voice is not sound as nice.
SYP: Could you use that voice to speak to me? What does everyone think?
Performer: OK, I will try it.
SYP: Why did you come to CGT?
Performer: I have always wanted to be on this stage.
SYP: Wow, you are awesome. And your laugh is different too.
LY: Your performance was magical. It sounded like a boy was singing it. It was so good it surprised everyone!
SYPL: What is your dream?
Performer: I think my native songs all sound very good and I want to be able to sing it for a lot of people.
WWZ: I give you a suggestion. When someone, like YP asks you to use your male voice to respond, you can tell them you don’t want to.
Performer: Right, I didn’t want to respond either. I just didn’t want to reject the Handsome Tiger’s request.
WWZ: The reason is when you speak with a male voice, it sounds fake. However when you sing with a male voice, it sounds natural.
Performer: I really looked forward to hearing your suggestions. Thank you.
SYP: Your comments make me very unhappy.
Performer: He specializes in whole packages. You are different. You specialize in music. You are very good too.
SYP: OK, just wait until you hear my decision. ZW, you first
ZW: I am very happy to see this kind of talent on CGT. YES
LY: Your performance displays real exciting talent. YES
WWZ: We already saw how talented you are with male and female vocals. I am curious to hear your next performance. So I think next time will be a challenge. YES
Performer: Don’t be angry!

23:50 – Bestcrew Dancers

27:00 – SYP: Standup now and catch your breath.
ZW: Wow, that was so handsome!
SYP: You all seem to have some experience in performing. Are you all professionals?
Performer: We think we are professional, we are not sure if you all agree?
SYP: What hopes do you have coming to CGT’s stage?
Performer: We want to be the dance group. That is our hope.
LY: Well, I won’t say much but you all came to the right stage. CGT’s is your stage!
WWZ: You all are really quite talented. YES.
ZW: I can hear a Szechuan dialect! (The Dance group is from Szechuan). This is the best dance performance I have seen so far. YES.
SYP: If you all stay on this stage, you will come across even tougher competition. Continue to add oil. YES.

28:30 – Cheerleaders

SYP: I don’t think we saw the really tough, challenging acts.
Performer: Hold on, teacher

LY: Congratulations on passing this round. Good luck on the next round!

Dancing Violinist
29:45 – SYP: While you were performing, I saw that you kept looking at LY and you weren’t looking at me.
Performer: Actually, I was looking at Sister XYZ.
ZW: I will definitely give you YES. Congratulations, you passed!

30:00 – Child star with mother

31:00 – Singer (Italian song called “My sunshine”)

34:27 – SYP: You are awesome! We have heard a lot of Italtian Bel Canto styles of singing. Yours is the most relaxed.
ZW: I agree with YP> A lot of people come to this stage, there are truck drivers, teachers and people like you who work in supermarkets. You are an excellent singer. I think you are the best of the ones we have heard so far.
LY: Your voice really surprised us, it is very clear. When I first saw you come on stage, I thought you would sing Tenger’s song. However, you sang “My sunshine” quite beautifully.
SYP: How long did it take you to get your voice this way?
Performer: I realized my voice when I graduated from high school. There was a song that I sang back then. I have been singing since then. As soon as I started, I could not stop. I loved it. Since then, I have never stopped singing.
SYP: Your vocals are so good, do you have any dreams?
Performer: I just want everyone to know me and to be able to sing for everyone.
WWZ: I think your performance was quite touching. There are a lot of amateur singers who have not received any formal training, I think this TV station should put together a large concert just for you all, so you can formally perform for the entire nation. I think that is the stage you deserve. So, if you advance to the later round of CGT, I will dress you up in a tuxedo so your performance matches your appearance.
SYP: It is time to make our decisions.
LY: I think WWZ will definitely be gifting you that tux. YES.
ZW: This is the best song I have head so far. YES
SYP: You are one of few that can reach such high notes and not be nervous. YES

38:25 – Magician

WWZ: Your fan is quite powerful. Each of your tools are pretty cool.
LY: I saw this performance before. Back then, I could not understand how it worked. Today, I still cannot understand how it worked.
SYP: Magic takes a lot of time and practice. Where did you learn your magic from? TV?
Performer: I really like magic so I joined an artistic troupe and worked as a miscellaneous worker. I learned a lot from watching them perform. It has been four years since I joined them.
WWZ: Is she your assistant?
Performer: This is my older sister. My sister is not a professional. This is our first time performing on a stage.
WWZ: I want to ask your sister. Being a magician, it is very easy to become bankrupt. What do you think about your brother wanting to pursue this as a professional career?
Performer’s sister: Actually, I met him 5 years ago. He is not my blood brother. When I met him, he wasn’t very social. One day, he told me, sister, I really like magic. When he told me that, he was quite different. He had transformed. He is very serious about this. He has spent all his life savings on building this. His work pays him $2k a month. This cost him $20k. He worked out every single detail. So I hope everyone will support him.
WWZ: When your god sister was talking, your head was always lowered. You should feel quite honored, you shouldn’t lower you head.
Performer: Actually, I am very lucky to have this sister. She has been very supportive of me. A lot of my coworkers did not believe I could make it since I was just a helper. It has always been a dream of mine to be on a stage.
WWZ: We are to make a decisions. Three YES’s to pass this round. I know this is a very difficult trick. So I give you YES.
SYP: I truly hope that you can do even better. YES.
ZW: If you go on to the next round, do you have another exciting show for us?
Performer: If teacher ZW wishes, I can make Teacher ZW float 3 meters in the air.
ZW: I support you. YES
LY: If you make ZW float slowly to 3 meter…
ZW: And not let me down?
LY:…And make her fall very hard, then I will want to see if even more! YES.

46:15 – Female Dancer

47:55 – LY: Please introduce yourself.
Performer: My name is Xiao Can. I am 21 years old. I am from BeiJing.
LY: Listening to your voice…are you a boy or girl?
Performer: Teacher LY, how are you? I am a boy.
LY: Oh my God!
MC: How many people guessed that he is a boy?!
LY: This is the biggest surprise I have seen in the last few days. This was entirely a surprise to me. Most people probably don’t realize you are a boy, is that right?
Performer: Actually, it depends on what I am wearing.
ZW: Yes, your costume helps a lot. Otherwise you would be a manly man.
Performer: Well, not a manly man but not a girly man. I guess there aren’t that many men that dance like this.
LY: It’s not that you are a man and there aren’t that many drag queens out there. You are beautiful.
ZW: I think if Teacher LY dressed as a drag queen he would be surprising ugly. So handsome as a man but ugly as a girl. (Don’t fight, don’t fight) Why did you come to CGT?
Performer: I want to be able to buy a house in BeiJing. And live with the people that I love.
WWZ: We are going to make a decision now. I think you did quite well today, You took modern jazz but did not incorporate any strength into it. This time NO
SYP: I really like that you surprised LY. YES
ZW: I love drag queens and women that cross dress. YES
LY: I still cannot comprehend how a man can be so beautiful. So I must give you YES. Congratulations!

50:38 – Male Performer in red
Performer: I am here to challenge all of the judges and people at CGT.
SYP: That is a tall order!

51:58 – SYP: You are very brave to try to steal our jobs. YES
WWZ: I could not understand everything you said. NO

52:32 – 60 second performance

53:30 – ZW: Is that me? I don’t want to assume!
Performer: I started drawing you when you were in HZGG. You are imprinted in my heart. I have prepared canvases for the other three teacher.
ZW: You don’t need to be so nice to them!

54:35 – SYP: That was quite interesting. What is your dream?
Performer: I want everyone to see my artistic performance. It is challenging and surprising. Not just that, but it s very new! I think China needs people who come up with new ideas. People that are willing to just do it.
MC: I think all of the judges will say YES. Unless, one of them isn’t too happy with their drawing…
LY: Who is the one on the right?
ZW: I don’t think LY is too happy. He can’t see out of one of his eyes.
Performer: Teacher LY’s features are not really obvious.
LY: What do you mean they are not obvious?
Performer: I should say that your characteristics are not very obvious. That usually happens for those that are handsome.
SYP: So hard to please the judges!
ZW: Mine is the most adorable! YES
SYP: Your performance is so hard to judge!
Performer: Little Tigers. Little Tigers. Little Tigers. Su You Peng. Su You Peng.
ZW: You have to give me the painting of me. I like it.

57:20 – Red Face Dancer

59:54 – ZW: I think you spend a lot of time on this dance. I think you started as yourself and as you changed, we saw even more parts of you. It was very good.
SYP: How did you come up with this dance?
Performer: After college, I came across a robotic dance. I became fascinated and spent a lot of time practicing. I didn’t want to be just like them, so I incorporated my tribe’s spirit into it.
SYP: Very good. What is your dream?
Performer: My dream is to be on TV and let my dad see me. I want my family and my tribe to see me work hard.
SYP: Very good.
WWZ: Your own makeup. Your own costume. Your own music. Your own dance. Your own expressions. This is talent. Excellent.
SYP: Ok, we have to give you a decision. It has been awhile since the four of us gave a decision together.

1:03:00 – Xu Du Ba
SYP: You are Xu Du. Ha ha ha
Performer: We finally met Wu Ah Ge.

1:05:55 – ZW: Look at the audience, they are so excited! How did you decide to come to CGT?
Performer: Actually, we came here to…
ZW: Can you use Stephen Chow’s voice to answer us?
Performer: That is his voice…. Ah Wei, you are most beautiful!
Performer: We actually came to CGT because of XYZ and WAG.
Performer: We are AV fans!
Performer: Actually, Xu Du Ba became famous online because of the work we did on HZGG scenes. So we really want to meet the really HZGG and WAG.
SYP: I have often shared your WeiBo posts. (Yes, we are grateful for your correspondence) I have finally met you all.
Performer: Even though WAG often shares our post, I hoped that you would follow us but you still haven’t followed us. I often wonder, if he doesn’t follow us but if I poke him, he may pay attention to us.
SYP: If you don’t @ me, others will @ me! You think I don’t know what you all have been doing?
Performer: I want to add, I am Huo Hua’s fan!
LY: Who dubbed that one?
Performer: It was me!
Performer: I have a request. Wei Wei didn’t ask us what our dream is. We have been waiting for this question.
ZW: What is your dream?
Performer: Our dream has been fulfilled because our wish is to meet HZGG and WAG. But we have a small request. We would like to take a picture with you. Because we are Xu Du Ba and…

SYP: It has been awhile since I was an Ah Ge
Performer: Greetings, Wu Ah Ge. Greetings, Huan Zhu Ge Ge.

1:09:10 – SYP: Ok, it is time for us to give you our decisions.
LY: I think everyone is quite talented and you all worked the script quite well. YES
ZW: I want to see even more exciting performance. YES
WWZ: Many creative ideas. You have to be creative to stand out. Your voices are excellent. YES.
SYP: Let’s follow each other. YES.

1:11:10 – Kung Fu Master

1:13:17 – Blue Duo

1:15:15 – SYP: Wow, everyone is standing up. Ok, ok, stop spinning. I love a chubby who has flair. Are you a couple?
Performer: We are brothers. His girlfriend is in the audience.
SYP: Did you two get together just for this performance?
Performer: Yes, just for this performance.
SYP: Why did you choose to be the girl?
Performer: Because I remember WWZ said that you have to be a talented performer, you have to break all odds. You have to challenge yourself. One of these I will break all odds and I will challenge myself to the fullest!
Performer: I think I should explain. We were individual performers but did not receive much applause. Together…we are perfect.
WWZ: Is dancing your job? (Yes) We view professionals different from amateurs. Speak the truth!
Performer: I didn’t want to let him talk because he talks too much. He will say anything.
ZW: I like your performance, it was quite exciting. Both of you are men, yet you challenge yourself with dancing like a woman. I think you dance with even more flair than me.
Performer: Men can be sexy too.
ZW: I think you have flair, not sexy.
SYP: We still have to give you our decision.
LY: I really liked it. YES
ZW: I really liked it too. YES
Performer: I have been on many shows and always got eliminated. It was always because I talked too much
ZW: Today, you said all the right things!
Performer: I came here because of you! I waited 5 years!
WWZ: Two YES’s. Here, I think you will have some trouble. NO
SYP: Whether you dance like a man or dance like a girl, you have to accept this decision. (We can be even better). It’s too late. You have so much likability, you have no idea! YES

1:19:45 – Blind Guitarist/Singer
Original song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RjyuyqfmPmg

1:23:28 – SYP: You sang very well. I don’t know if you have noticed, but everyone is standing up to applaud you.
Performer: To tell you the truth, I have not noticed. Thank you. I can hear your applause.
ZW: From your vocals, I hear that you really love music. I can hear the love from your voice. (Thank you) And I think you chose a really good song. I can hear that life is rough but each day I have to have a renewed spirit and forge ahead.
WWZ: The modern person faces a lot of things that make them depressed. How do you find the rays of light?
Performer: I always think that I do not want to compete with others. I give myself the motivation to continue on. With music, it is a belief, one that will never vanish.
SYP: What challenges do you face when you are singing or playing bass?
Performer: I think the biggest challenge is that everyone can see the music scores, but I cannot. I memorize everything. It is very tough. So when others look at music scores, I am quite jealous.
SYP: What is your dream?
Performer: Everyone can look at me and know that my eyes are not good. Everyone says it is tough to sing and play an instrument at the same time. I know that even though my hands may not be in the correct positions and I may not sing very well, but everything comes from my inside my heart. I have played the piano for 16 years. I just want to prove to everyone that I am not worse than the next person. I hope that all of judges and audience members use a normal person’s reaction to judge me. Don’t pity me because I am disabled. I think I can do even better. Thank you.
SYP: I think we all don’t have much more to say. Let’s all…together. YES

Episode 7

5:00 – MC: Welcome to CGT. We are in Shanghai’s Performance Center.
ZW: Today is the last day of auditions. For the ones that succeed, continue to practice!

5:52 – Jump Rope Group

7:41 – ZW: So the little lady is a jump rope. Every time I see a performance like this, I always think, we are all human, why can’t I do it?
SYP: I really enjoyed the last part of your performance. Who came up with the idea?
Performer: The beautiful lady herself.
SYP: She likes to be flung around by men, huh?
Performer: Yes, I am always being flung. By him and by him.
LY: I really like it. I think you are really jazzed up jump rope. I think some of your hand movements are a bit old fashioned. I think you can modernized it a bit.
WWZ: I want to ask, is there a competition for this type of jump rope?
Performer: Yes. Our best award was in 2012 when we won second place in the US Championship Competition. We hope to receive support from even more people in CGT and become the best Jump Roping group in the world.
ZW: We are going to give you our decision.
LY: No matter what you change next time, you must keep the girl. YES.
SYP: Next time, fling a couple more. YES.
WWZ: It is nice to see this generation combine fun and happiness together. YES.

9:45 – Young and Old Duo

10:08 – ZW: What is your relationship?
Performer: We are teacher and student.
ZW: What are your dreams?
Performer: My dream is to become a little famous star
Performer: My dream is to become an old famous star
ZW: There are many kinds of famous stars. We want to see what kind of star you want to be.
Performer: We are going to sing Teresa Teng’ song (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teresa_Teng) I am going to dance while he sings.
ZW: You really love your student!

Original singer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vzmTa2y4Bs

12:30 – ZW: Grandpa, I think you danced quite well too.
Performer: Sorry I am old la
ZW: Grandpa, I want to curious, what did you used to do?
Performer: At 7, I learned BeiJing Opera. At 9, I was acting in a drama. At 11, I was in a movie. At 16, I was a singer. I cannot sing anymore because in July, I was told I have throat cancer. I just had surgery and chemo not that long ago.
SYP: I will be very honest, I don’t think your dance really had much to do with the song. So you came here today entirely to support your student?
Performer: No, actually I really want to perform on CGT. However, because of my throat, I cannot sing s I decided to come with him so I can fulfill my dream.
ZW: Grandpa, you are awesome! After your surgery, you are now at an even bigger stage!
WWZ: I think, you are an old entertainer and an old teacher, I must salute you. I really like your spirit. You are still so willing to teach students. And to inform you, Sir, when I was younger, I helped Teresa Teng with her TV album. During the little performer’s rendition, it reminded me of many things from the past. I am very grateful for that. I give you YES.
ZW: There is a lot of love. I really look forward to next time. YES.
SYP: Your rendition was excellent. YES

15:00 – Ghost?

16:15 – LY: It’s over?
SYP: I think you could have done better. Your performance seemed half baked. I give you an encouraging NO.

16:40 – Old man with sack

Performer: I collect junk for a living.
SYP: What are you going to perform today?
Performer: I am going to collect junk. …
SYP: I look forward to it!

19:53 – SYP: What happened?
MC: He performed a dance but also sent the message of not littering. I looked at my feet and there were 3 empty bottles.
LY: Sir, if you look behind you, there are 5 words. Zhong Guo Da Ren Xuo (CGT). I think your performance really fit that title.
SYP: I am a bit suspicious, are you really a junk collector? Or is that just the title of your performance?
Performer: I really am a junk collector. I have been doing it for over 10 years.
SYP: Your moves were phenomenal! I am suspicious.
Performer: I have liked dancing since I was young. I would wake up 2 hours earlier to practice dancing.
ZW: I want to ask. How old are you now?
Performer: I am 46 years old.
ZW: I quite enjoyed your performance. I can see you really like to dance. You have a very modern hobby.
WWZ: Brother, I have been in the entertainment world for almost 40 years. You really are very naturally talented. Have you shown this to your family and friends before?
Performer: Yes, at home, I have shown my kids.
WWZ: Do you have a wife? (Yes) What does she think of this?
Performer: She is not very supportive of me. My parents are in their 80s. There is a lot of farming work to be done. Dancing is wastes a lot of time So she really opposes me dancing.
WWZ: What do your kids think?
Performer: My kids. I have two daughters. My older daughter doesn’t think much of it my younger is very supportive of me. She is the one that registered my name for me.
WWZ: You are very lucky. Usually, in your case, married for such a long time with two daughters, your wife will think you are crazy. One of your daughters will be supportive and that is enough.
LY: Why perform on CGT? What is your dream?
Performer: I am here to prove myself. I don’t want my neighbors to laugh at me or say I am crazy. I want my wife to be able to see me too .
LY: Of course I will give you a giant YES
ZW: You really have the talented spirit. YES
WWZ: It doesn’t matter what you perform next time or if you have any more surprises, I think you have the best talent. YES
SYP: Congratulations, you earned 4 YES’s, you have succeeded!

25:05 – Joker and Kid
ZW: You are very cute! Where did you come from?
Performer: I came from Gao Xiong (Taiwan)
ZW: Who is Uncle Joker next to you?
Performer: He is a toy my father bought for me.
ZW: Why did you come to CGT?
Performer: Because my mother wanted me to come. She said if I get 4 Yes’s, she will buy an even larger toy for me.
ZW: What are you going to perform?
Performer: Dance

27:55 – ZW: Ohhh, don’t leave! It was so exciting! This is my kind of show! You are so adorable! Your dance was ferocious!
LY: This is the kind of talent we should see on CGT
WWZ: Little one, you danced better than the big gift next to you. You may have to swap him out for a better one. Don’t be sad, come back.
SYP: I love your ferocious roar. Can you do it again for us?
ZW: You are so good!
SYP: I think you are on fire! That was awesome!
ZW: Because I want to see you again next time, YES!
LY: 100% YES
WWZ: Even though it was very good, maybe you should change out the big toy? YES

30:20 – Girl with cones on roller blades

32:50 – SYP: I rollerbladed when I was little. I think this is pretty difficult especially with all the tricks you have incorporated. How long have you been rollerblading?
Performer: Hold on, let me catch my breath. About 4 years now.
ZW: Why did you learn to rollerblade?
Performer: Because I saw my neighbors rollerblade and I felt that it was very exciting and very free feeling. I wanted to try it out. My mother said I had to be in the top of the class. So since then, I worked very hard and achieved it. I really cherish these rollerblades that were so hard to get!
ZW: I want to ask, since you have been rollerblading, what was your biggest challenge?
Performer: Because I practiced too much, I had injuries in my waist and leg. I rested for one year. This is the first time I have performed since my injuries.
WWZ: Have you participated in national competitions?
Performer: I once received second place in a Worldwide Competition.
WWZ: What do you think you need to do to get to first place?
Performer: I need more confidence and even more fans to support me.
LY: What is your dream?
Performer: I wish to be number one in the world.
ZW: The most powerful person is the one that picks themselves up where they fell down. Even though you injured your leg, you can still become a very good rollerblading. Add oil. YES
LY: WWZ said you are very brave and because of that, I give you YES.
WWZ: I think your performance was good but I think there is room for improvement. NO.
SYP: Are you worried I will give you a NO? I think you have room for improvement, I hope to see you again. YES.

35:35 – METRO

ZW: Where are you from?
Performer: We really love to sing Chinese songs.
ZW: I asked you where you are from?
Performer: We are from the US. We all worked at Shanghai’s Disney Park.

37:45 – ZW: Wow, a very mature performance. The audience was quite captivated by it. Why did you decide to perform on CGT?
Performer: We all love ZW.
ZW: I didn’t know my worldwide fame reached that far.
LY: Since your Chinese isn’t great, I will talk very fast and you won’t be able to respond. I think your performance was very very good. I think it was quite perfect, quite excellent. YES.
WWZ: I hope to see an even better performance. YES

39:25 – Wheelchair Performer
Performer: I am going to perform a dance. It is to pay respects to my idol, LY.

43:22 – LY: I think you came to the right stage. Wherever you go from here, you will hear applause. You came to the right stage.
ZW: That was excellent. The script was excellent, very touching and very powerful.
WWZ: The friend, can you introduce yourself so everyone knows who you are?
Performer: We are partners! We are from the same city and have no blood relation but we are the closest brothers.
SYP: Why did you come to CGT?
Performer: He really looks up to heroes. This performance was designed for him so he could become a hero.
WWZ: What are your jobs?
Performer: I push a cart of duck necks and sell them on the streets. This allows our partnership to continue further
Performer: I really want to tell him thank you. When other people on need a few minutes to walk a distance, I need more than ten minutes. He always waits for me. I think that is the biggest respect ever.
ZW: I have one last question. What is your dream?
Performer: I hope to be able to change my life through this stage. I think I am a normal person. I can use my two hands to continue on the rest of this life. And when I cannot walk, my brother is next to me, ready to put me on his back.
WWZ: All right, two good friends, we are going to make a decision now.
SYP: I think you are both very optimistic and really have the talented spirit. YES.
ZW: I like your performance and I like your views on life. YES.
WWZ: I think this performance really touches us. YES.
LY: I like to see smiles especially smiles bigger than mine. YES.

48:02 – Pianist? Or not…

ZW: Your clothing is so different. Do you have a skirt outside of your pants? (Yes) Please introduce yourself.

ZW: I see there is a piano but you seem quite mischievous so…

ZW: Oh, he’s going to dance on the piano!

51:00 – ZW: Wow, that was great. I knew you weren’t here to play the piano! Your dance was very sexy!! And your muscles are very big.
WWZ: Control yourself, you are a wife!
ZW: Uh…you seem very buff. Your chest is very nimble. I think you should keep all of this; we need to treat the ladies in the audience to a free show. Even some of the male audience may enjoy it too.
LY: I think it was great. I think the flesh on your body, looks too good! And when your chest moves, aiya!
SYP: Are you a physical trainer?
Performer: I am a Dance Choreographer.
SYP: A professional dancer. Your performance was quite interesting. Some of your sexy movements were…
ZW: …really moved you?
SYP: Some of you sexy movements are what ladies would normally do.
WWZ: There is a name for this type of performance: Chippendale. Do you have friends that dance with you?
Performer: Yes, but they don’t dance as well as me. Usually men that are as muscular as I am, cannot perform those flexible moves. But I can.
WWZ: So do you feel proud of your dance?
Performer: Yes, I am very happy and I really enjoy it.

WWZ: I think you are very brave. Chippendale is not very popular in the nation. YES.
SYP: You are a professional so I will rate you as a professional. I think your dance was very erotic. I like it. YES.
ZW: I think you can really hold the stage. Everyone has their eyes on you. I think your costume is very good too. YES.

55:10 – Kung Fu Master
ZW: Do you want to introduce yourself?
(Performer sits down and begins performing)

57:20 – ZW: Hello, how are you? Please introduce yourself.
Performer: I am 50 years old. I am a professional Head Stander. Since I was little, I admired Huo Yan Jia. I hope, that with my perseverance, I can become the second Huo Yan Jia of this generation. My goal is to push the Chinese Martial Arts to the worldwide stage!!
LY: I think that was an excellent performance. I think this was a very surprising performance. I hve never seen one like this.
SYP: What is your dream?
Performer: Tonight, I have a dream, if these 4 judges allow me to pass, I will head stand on the Shanghai Tower which stands at 632 meters high. I want to show off the Chinese brand to the entire world.

WWZ: I hope to see your wishes realized. I look forward to your next performance. YES.
ZW: I hope to see an even better performance. YES
LY: I hope to see another surprising performance. YES
SYP: This is the kind of talent I want to see on CGT. YES’

59:35 – Clown Trio

1:00:20 – Killer Soap

1:01:01- Dancers

1:01:45 – Front and Back Mask man

1:03:50 – SYP: Introduce yourself.
Performer: My name is Yu Pan. I work at a car dealership.
SYP: Oh, you are not a professional dancer. (No) What do you think is the most difficult move for you?
Performer: If you want to see the hardest one, I need your help because I cannot do it on my own.
SYP: Who would you like? (Pointing at ZW)
Performer: Of course I would need Teacher ZW.
ZW: Can I?
Performer: Of course, I actually need two people.

SYP: Actually, I think we should walk with more elegance.
ZW: Hold on, hold on.
SYP: I want to walk faster.
ZW: That’s ok, you can work with him in the future.
SYP: You mean, I have to support him for the rest of his life?
ZW: The rest of his life? Even the next life!
SYP: Are you ok?

SYP: When did you realize you were grown wrong? (huh?!) When did you find out you can twist to varying degrees?
Performer: Last year, I saw this performance. It was very captivating to me. I told myself that I must learn this because I felt it was a chance for me to take and I wanted to succeed in it.
MC: One year to learn all this. Mom, do you feel sorry for him?
ZW: What is your dream?
Performer: Actually, um, I am not very confident. However, when I dance, I feel like another me. So my dream is to, through my dancing, allow my mother to live a good life. That is my dream.
ZW: This performance was very interesting. It really shows your talents. So I give you YES.
LY: You said that you wanted a good life for your mom. That is very practical. YES
WWZ: You are quite talented but is it deserving of 4 YES’s? I think that is too much.
SYP: How do you know I will give YES?
WWZ: You twisted him around like that on stage already? How can you give anything less? I think your performance wasn’t quite like a dance but more acrobatic. I don’t wish to see you leave but I want you to remember that elegance is important. NO.
SYP: WWZ likes to forced my hand! I give you a last suggestion, I think you should reisgn from your car delearship and dance professionally. YES.

1:08:34 – Four Singers/Guitarists

1:12:30 – WWZ: When you all sang, the audience became very quiet for you. When you were singing, I thought of leaping in the meadows. It was very peaceful and touching.
LY: I really like it. I really like your appearances.
ZW: What is your dream?
Performer: CGT is the only stage that segways into the rest of the world. This is the kind of stage we want so we can show the entire world our folk song.
SYP: This is the kind of performance I want to see on CGT. YES.
WWZ: One YES, so one of you move away from the others.
LY: Of course, YES.
WWZ: And another one.
ZW: If you take the professional route, it will be a tough and hard route. Add oil. YES.
WWZ: Only one is left. I really think you all have talent. I think if you can make it to the world stage, it would be great exposure. However, you have quite a bit to go until you reach the world stage. So we will help you. YES.

1:15:32 – Martial Artist

1:20:05 – WWZ: I want to ask, do you professionally perform with chopsticks?
Performer: I am a normal farmer. When I was 32, I came across a teacher. He taught me this Zen power that strengthened me. Prior to that, my mind was that of a 5 or 6 year old. My strength was nothing.
WWZ: Your performance was exciting. We need to make a decision.
LY: I have a question. What is the word next to Big on your shirt.
Performer: Hero
LY: Hero! YES.
SYP: I like you but based on just today’s performance, I give NO
WWZ: Of course it is YES.
SYP: I really like your outfit, can you give it to me?
Performer: Of course.

1:23:00 – Hip Hop Duo

SYP: Did you write this song yourselves? (Yes) I think your lyrics are very opinionated.
Performer: Kind of, we just use a very relaxed way of explaining it
SYP: So have you been in a lot of audition experience?
Performer: Yes, we actually have only been together 6 months. We have been on a few shows and from those experiences, wrote this song.
Performer: The part I remember the most is the part about my father. The Director asked if my family had any hardships. Well, both of us haven’t really had any to speak of. And then when the Director heard that my father passed away last year, he got real excited. This is great! And right there, I spoke to my dad through the graveyard. You know, Dad, I succeeded!
Performer: Next to him, I asked the Director if I should show sympathy or cry. He said the harder you cry the better!
SYP: So you have been on other shows and you think they played you. Why do you believe in CGT?
Performer: Because in the past shows, we never saw any of the judges.
SYP: So you dream is to see the judges and that’s it?
Performer: Yes, so our dreams have been fulfilled.
Performer: But, now we have another dream. (What is it?) It is to see the judges for the second time.

ZW: I still want to see refreshing and exciting shows on CGT. So, I give NO.
WWZ: Ok, I want to see your next performance. YES.
SYP: I think you have talent. I like that you wrote about your experience in your song. YES.
LY: I already made my decision. You have said that you have been played, yet you are still so optimistic. Because of that, YES.

TOP 20
Episode 8

25,000 applicants
7 Auditions
140 talented individuals
Only top 20 to the semi finals
4 YES’s
2 minute performance
1 China’s Got Talent Champion

00:40 – SYP: Today is a tough day. We have to bring bad news to many of the performers.
WWZ: If your performance is only half baked, then you cannot continue in CGT
ZW: If I am the one giving the bad news, I just hope that people will not hate me.
LY: I am very quick in my decisions. I bet the one I choose will surprise all of you!

First Day

WWZ: CGT is a stage that can realize dreams. At the same time, it also forces us to face reality. There will be three outcomes today. The first is you will definitely be a part of the semi finals. The second is you have been eliminated. The third is you will be in limbo and have to compete with another performer. In the end, out of the 100+ performers, only 20 will reach the semi finals.
SYP: Get ready and be strong. Face the decision with courage.
LY: We hope you use your real abilities because your competition all received at least 3 Yes’s as well.
ZW: Here, we wish the best for every performer.
WWZ: Add oil

2:33 – MC – All of the performers are anxiously waiting while all of the judges are defending and discussing each performer.
WWZ: Let me say what I think. I think there are groups of amateurs and groups of professionals. For the professionals, they are competing with everyone in the world. For the amateurs, I want to see if their performance touches me. How good or bad isn’t important, it’s whether the performance is touching.
LY: You mentioned the amateurs and professionals, what about those that are half and half? Like the opera singer that sang The SunShine.
ZW: When they came on stage, the standards were raised.
SYP: You could feel the hardships the lovebirds suffered.

ZW: What about if we combined the brother and sister acrobats together?
SYP: The older sister will definitely let her brother win.

4:22 – After long discussions, the judges came to an agreement. The hundreds of performers were taken to three waiting areas to wait for the decisions of their lives. In the first room, LY announces the outcome.

LY: The four judges have made a very important decision. To the Liu Brothers and Sisters. We really enjoyed your performance however, we care even more about your relationship with each other. It would not be fair to the other performers if you got to the next round because of your relationship with each other. And Ah Ni, you self taught yourself the dance and it was quite exciting but when you are compared to a professional that has practiced for 10+ years, you aren’t even on the same scale! To get to the next round depends on the talent. You all have many special talents but everyone has their faults. So for all of you, you will all go directly to the semi-finals!

6:40 – ZW: You all are very good performers. But I am sorry, you all have been eliminated.

7:07 – SYP: You all have entered the PK rounds. You are halfway to your dreams. Give us everything you’ve got.

There are 10 performers that went directly to semi-finals. There are 10 remaining spots left.

8:25 – MC: In this room, you will be divided into 9 different groups. There will only be one winner from each group that will take a spot in the semi-finals. The first group is the Family Group with 4 performers.

10:40 – Rock, Paper & Scissors Group

12:58 – SYP: Your first performance was very good, a lot of surprises. But I didn’t see anything new. You dance was as good as last time but not better.
WWZ: Please go back stage and wait for the results.
SYP: I think the kid acts really good but they didn’t change it up.

14:58 – Boy with Big Jokers

17:20 – I think you are very talented. I think your two big toys were very talented too. However, when I was watching your performance, I didn’t notice them, I only saw you.
WWZ: You have used this act before. And bringing a sculpture to life has been done before. So if you have the opportunity to come up with another performance, there needs to be more new and exciting things.
LY: Ok, take your two big toys to the back and get some rest. If we really look at these two acts, the second had a lot more dance to it.
SYP: Yea, very handsome and cool.
ZW: Maybe they should both become a group together and give them the championship!

19:00 – Student and Teacher
ZW: This is my favorite Teresa Teng song!
Original song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6B6-ibUD8-k

20:33 –SYP: You really sang very well! Very good. I don’t have much to complain, I think you did very well today.
ZW: I think if you interact with Grandpa a bit, it will go even better.
Grandpa: I don’t want to distract him.
WWZ: Grandpa, you did not distract him, you are so relaxed and amusing!
ZW: Ok, go backstage and wait. We will see the next performance.

22:35 – Hou Bao Bao

23:50 – WWZ: I think when you both first performed, I thought it was very natural. This second performance is quite similar to the first. I think it was still quite adorable. No matter if you reach the next stage or not, there is not a father and son that can replace what you all have done. I must applaud you both.

24:26 – ZW: Each performance is so difficult! They are all so similar!

25:00 – Family Group Winner

LY: Of the four groups, there can only be one winner. Hou Bao Bao, you are a naturally talented comedy actor. From the moment you came on stage, I began to laugh. DongFangLei, when you were singing, my eyes were watery. You did a great job on this song. PanHongRen, you are a natural little dancer. You and your two big toys did very well. Cotton Candy. I think your performance was very captivating and I really enjoyed it. But I can tell you, there can only be one winner….
26:39 – Uncle LY, add oil.
LY: Add oil. Lastly, the group that will compete in the semi-finals is: PanHongRen (Boy with Two Big Jokers).

28:07 – MC: The next group is the Single Dancer Group with five performers.
ZW: Another tough group!
SYP: Very difficult
ZW: We will have to see how they do today.

Single Dancer Group

29:59 – HanYu – audition was not broadcasted

31:24 – WWZ: Did you come up with this dance yourself? (Yes) What do you think makes you stand out the most compared to the others in this group?
Performer: In my opinion, I think dance requires acting to really feel what the performer is trying to show you. I could see your expressions and you all have felt it.
SYP: You had time to sneak peeks at us?!?!
Performer: I thought, well, it is so serious today, the teacher just cried. I want to bring happiness to everyone.
ZW: I think you blended your acting very well with your dance moves. You combined them together very well.
WWZ: You are right, the atmosphere is too serious and you brought us some happiness. So I am going to slap you in the air and you will leave the stage.

WWZ: This kid as a future
ZW: Yes, he really can act. He reminds me of Chaplin.

32:49 – Junk Collector

LY: I want to ask, if you are stopped here today, will you continue to dance?
Performer: This stage is so big. Normally when I am collecting junk, there would be no way for me to get on this stage. Now, I have been on this stage twice. All of China has seen me. I am quite proud of myself. I will keep dancing when I go home.

LY: There were some problems with this dance
ZW: I think his first dance was much better

34:26 – Michael Jackson Impersonator

36:42 – Personal trainer
ZW: This time she will be removing one piece at a time. First this one. Then the belt.

38:55 – LY: During this time, did you train some more?
Performer: Yes. I want to be stronger and look better for the performance.
ZW: I think it is quite sexy. As a female judge, I can feel the sexiness.
WWZ: Last time, you told us where you jogged. After the show broadcasted, did a lot of people meet you there?
Performer: Yes!
SYP: Did you see WWZ? (No!) I wore heavy makeup.
Performer: I waited for WWZ everyday but he lied to me!
LY: Ok, we will make a final decision, please wait for us back stage.

SYP: She loves to act as much as HanYu loves to act.
LY: It is your style now.
ZW: Hopefully, my YangJun…
SYP: The two of them together, it is so hard to compare!

41:08 – Chippendale
ZW: You don’t have any props today, so it’s just you, huh? (Yes) There are many favorites in this Group of performers. As a female judge and audience member, I applaud you. Add oil!

43:30 – ZW: You really are the tallest, most muscular and most flexible person I have ever seen.
SYP: It is quite unfortunate, that you are groups with the previous dancer. Please wait back stage.

44:50 – Single Dancer Group Winner
SYP: Ok, we are ready to give you the final results for the Single Dancer Group. Everyone did very well. Today, you are the first group which almost caused the judges to get into a fight. We agreed to use dancing skills as the deciding factor in our final decision. To Junk Collector and Michael, today is the end for your CGT performances.

While we were discussing, we all got into heated disagreements regarding the three of you. YangJun, you did not give us your best in this performance. So this is your final stop.

Ok, in my mind, both of you have a lot of similarities. You have some real talents and really love to act. It was very difficult to make a decision. However, from a dancing perspective, we chose Han Yu.

48:06 – MC: Next, I think the biggest competition is in Acrobatics with 5 performers.

Acrobatics Group

49:36 – Little Tigers

51:00 – SYP: That was great! I am quite pleased you all did so well even without me!
Performer: Yes, the Little Tigers are back!
SYP: There were 4 of you last time, why is there 5 now?
Performer: Yes, because last time one of our tigers hurt his knees so we had a sub.
SYP: You all really have the spirit of being idol performers! I can see that you all are serious.
Performer: We don’t want to be like other acrobatics. We want to be Idol Performers. It is possible that this is our last stop but I want to as my brothers: are you afraid? (No!)
SYP: I like your spirit. Please wait in the back.

52:20 – Pyramid Tap Dancing Juggler

ZW: That was too hard
WWZ: He used his hands and feet

53:30 – LingZhi

LY: Are you nervous? (Yes) All that are left are very strong competitors. Who do you think is your biggest one?
Performer: YingShuLi – her figure is good, her legs are long, and her waist is small. I am quite jealous of her!

55:43 – YingShuLi
ZW: She even brought her bed with her!

59:07 – LY: We saw that you made a mistake. I can understand you feelings at the time. If it were me and I messed up, I would have stopped and cried my way out.
Performer: I won’t because I think you have to be brave and continue on. And you must continue to smile because the stage belongs to you.
SYP: Please wait in the back, we will have a decision shortly.
ZW: I thought being stuck in the curtains were quite lovely.
SYP: I really didn’t mind the mistake.
ZW: it was still beautiful.

1:01:07 – YingZhongHua

1:04:43 – ZW:; Oh My God
SYP: You scared me!
WWZ: The pair of brother and sister, you both have performed very well! If your father can see you, he would be very proud. Please wait in the back.

1:05:55 – Acrobatics Group Winner
ZW: This group has really caused a wrinkle amongst the judges. This is a very difficult field to be in. So we take this very seriously and with great respect. But this stage can only allow one performer to continue on. It doesn’t matter if you stay or leave, I hope you will take these experiences and continue on. The first two, you are eliminated.

The Little Tigers performed very well. I think your direction is correct. But today, this is an acrobatics competition. There are other dance stages waiting for you all. Thank you.

LY: YingShuLi. YingZhongHua. Brother and Sister. You two really are who we as well as the audience want to see perform. Your skills really are excellent. In his afterlife, if your father can see you both, he would be quite proud of your accomplishments. But on CGT, we must choose one. It doesn’t matter if we choose the brother or the sister, you both have won. The one that goes to the semi finals is YingZhongHua.

1:09:35 – MC: The next group is the Musician Group consisting of 5 groups.

Musician Group

1:10:40 – METRO

1:11:52 – LY: They couldn’t reach the high notes. They must be nervous.

1:12:10 – AhJiTai
1:13:05 – LY: I think there was something blocking their potential today

1:13:25 – Singing Violinist

1:14:19 – SYP: Very good, much better than last time. Was that really your voice? (Yes) Your voice surprised me! Very good.
LY: Although it was a surprise, I think the surprise did not help you.
SYP: No matter what, I hope you can forge on. Thank you.

1:16:09 – Killer Soap

1:18:20 – ZW: When I hear your song, I think of the artists from the 80s and 90s.
Performer: We are from HK. We think that music in the HK has disappeared. So we wanted to use this opportunity to make this change.
SYP: How much of your skill was displayed in this song today?
Performer: I think, on this stage, skill is no longer what we need to display. We want to show you all our hearts when we play our music. It is easy for us to say but the truth is we all need to stand on this stage and perform our best.
SYP: You all did pretty well today. I hope you all will continue on.

ZW: It is unbelievable that all the performers did so well today. I was so touched by what he said today. I don’t know why. (He was nervous?) No, I think he really used his heart. (Yes, yes)

1:20:55 – SNH48

1:23:44 – SYP: I think today, you all brought out your best. I think you really brought out the youthfulness of your group. Your performance was very sexy. It was all very good.
WWZ: I have 2 questions. The first is to the performer that slipped in the beginning.
Performer: I think it is an accomplishment to be able to slip and still continue to finish the rest of the act. I think it is a step towards improvement for me.
WWZ: What makes you different from other female groups in Asia? What makes you better?
Performer: I think it is the growth depth. All of us started from a small body and became a large tree. We are not just one large tree, we are a forest.
Performer: Actually, just look at me. After last performance, a lot of audience members said how could you cry after just a few words! So today, I want to say a few words. I just want to say that we are not afraid of challenges. We will stand up wherever we fall.
SYP: I hope you all succeed.

1:25:44 – Musician Group Winner

WWZ: I applaud your efforts today. Three groups have been eliminated.

LY: We still have to choose one group to continue to the semi-finals. The group that continues is the best in this group. The group that can continue to the semi-finals is Killer Soap.

Episode 9

1:30 The Third Day

1:33 – MC: There was supposed to be 9 groups but the judges added a tenth group called Stunts consisting of 4 groups.

Stunts Group

3:14 – LiYiJie

5:06 – ZW: I’ve tried that before and it is very difficult and I got hurt too.
SYP: The second piece must be hard to control (Yes) and he had to be able to bring it back.
WWZ: And he lit a match!

6:09 – TS Dancers

8:35 –ZW: That was a very good show. I did not think that your second performance would have so many surprises. Did anyone feel like you got burned?
Performer: When I use the hula hoop, all the hair on my legs gets burned off and it is very hot near my legs. But I really love to perform. I love this stage.
SYP: Are you all confident? (Yes) You all are excellent. I really hope you can succeed. Please wait back stage.

10:17 – SunHaiYang

11:50 – LY: We have met a new you. We see there is a lot of buzz online about your Steel Legs.
ZW: Through your first performance, have you fulfilled your dream to become a famous star? (Yes)
Performer: When I used to watch CGT in the past, I saw a lot of little people fulfill their dreams and change their lives. The first time I came, I didn’t have much hope. I had never been on the big stage and just wanted the experience. I think the most memorable piece from my first performance was that teacher LY was the first person to acknowledge my talent. Thank you Teacher LY.
SYP: When you first took off the dragon, I thought, wow, you are so much fun!
Performer: Well, this is competitions; I needed to bring out the best.
SYP: Yes, you did very well.
Performer: I just want to say one thing to later father – I, SunHaiYang, am on TV!

14:25 – Jump Rope Group

16:20 –ZW: You added some acting in the beginning, right?
Performer: Yes, last time they flung me around so this time, I slapped them on the face.
ZW: So it is like a little drama then.
SYP: Did you see the previous performers?
Performer: The nun chucks, the fire, the egg…they were awesome, I’ve never seen anything like them. But we are much better than them.
SYP: So there is no stress. (No) I think you all did very well. In such a competitive environment, you all are able to be relaxed and happy. It was great.
Performer: Thank you Teacher SYP. Actually, our first performance was what we wanted to take to the Worldwide competition but we brought it here instead.
SYP: Oh, so you don’t care about CGT, then?
Performer: No, no, no
WWZ: You are in big trouble
Performer: We want to take our best that we prepared for the worldwide competition to CGT’s stage so we can show you our best.
SYP: You need to be more precise ma

Stunts Group Winner

18:20 – ZW: This is the Stunts Group. In order to be in this group, you must have some skill that surpasses a normal person. We really can only keep one performer on this stage. Whoever is left on this stage will be the Stunts representative and go on to the semi-finals. The group that will go to the semi-finals is the Jump Rope Group.

20:20 – MC: The next group is the Magician Group consisting of 2 performers.

Magician Group

21:24 – ZhouJieMing

23:16 – ZW: You were the lady from before? (Yes)
Performer: Yes, she is an assistant I just met.
WWZ: You just met her and you made her get on stage and leave her behind?
ZW: How was there enough time for her to change her clothes?
LY: that was really very surprising
Performer: I came up with this trick and I built the props myself.
SYP: I saw a bit of your trick but that is because you use strings in your props. From your performance I don’t know if I am just too peculiar or what.
Performer: You are not peculiar at all! I think those that can sing very well belong on the Singing shows. Those like me that are boring singers belong on CGT.
SYP: You are quite talented. You are very funny and you are not afraid to poke fun. However, when you come off as careless, you seem quite superficial. But since you were so earnest today, your performance was very funny and fitting. You are now at a more advanced level. Those are my comments for you.
Performer: Even though I don’t understand you, I think you really know what you are talking about.
SYP: That’s right!
LY: The final result is very difficult. Please wait backstage.
WWZ: I think his creativity is one of the best in CGT.

1:22:20 – Singing Group Winner
WWZ: You all are part of the Singing Group. It really was a difficult decision. A lot of people really like you online. You really can sing so, today is your last day.

LY: LinDuXin, you have no idea that you are standing next two ladies dresses as rabbits, right?
Performer: They helped me on stage so I know they are next to me.
LY: Professor Liu, what do you think are your chances for winning today?
Performer: There are two of us so it must be a 50% chance.
LY: You have heard LinDuXin’s singing. Whether it is you, us or the audience, we all heard his talented voice. LinDuXin, you were not able to see Professor Liu’s performance, but he fully displayed a riffraff spirit. It was quite exciting. You sang very well. Professor Liu, you performed very well. So, the performer that will continue to the semi-finals, will be announced in the next episode.
Performer: Don’t mess around! Is there a next episode?
LY: Trust me, the four of us believe that your talents are very equal. We will announce the results in the next episode.
WWZ: Go on off stage. You have to prepare for your next performance. It is easy for Mr. Lin to prepare a song, not so much for you.
Performer: This is crazy!
WWZ: are you going to give up?
Performer: No!

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