The Left Ear: An AV Collaboration

In 2014, Alec Su and Vicki Zhao were invited to be judges for China’s Got Talent and AV fans worldwide rejoiced in seeing their idols together onscreen once more. 2015 proved an even more auspicious year for this multi-talented duo! Today, April 24th, marks Alec’s directorial debut of The Left Ear, a film adaptation of Sharon Rao’s novel of the same name. What makes this occasion all the more beautiful is that he invited Vicki to sing the theme song!

Watch below the official music video with English subtitles. And yes, both Alec and Vicki made appearances:

Did you catch the thumbs up Alec gave Vicki at the end of the video? How beautiful their friendship has matured after all those years since the days of Huan Zhu Ge Ge!

And below is a related news clip that perfectly captured their almost-two-decades of friendship/work. In the interview, Alec disclosed that Vicki is “forever the goddess in my heart”…

Alec and Vicki participated in promotional activities in matching outfits:

Alec and Vicki exchanged Weibo messages and a selfie with matching glasses:


2 thoughts on “The Left Ear: An AV Collaboration

  1. Salz says:

    wow so happy Alec&Vicki work together again<

    maybe im greedy but hope they can at least together again at least once no matter drama or movie but little collaboration like this is great too^^
    at least i know they will have each other back whenever they need them^^

    • Salz says:

      their friendship is forever the most precious and cutest things ever no matter how many years it passed but i think it just getting strong everytime^^

      just hope there more surprise from Alec&Vicki in future no matter what type of work they do together as long as i can see them together XD

      such pity i can’t view the 2nd clip since it already deleted:(

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