No Misunderstanding Between Alec & Vincent

Credit: Zhao Wei and YuPen’s Home

Due to frequent acting as screen couple, Alec and Vicki have became good friends and it even speculated that they had feeling for each other. But because Vicki has a steady boyfriend, they seldom contact each other since after shooting HZGG2 and their relationship began to drift away.

Now because they both have to act in Qiong Yao’s new TV drama serial, “Love & Rain”, they both meet together. No matter whether their relationship will develop, Alec politely praises Vicki’s boyfriend.

When Alec talked about he and Vicki’s friendly feeling, he was liberally said that he had met Vincent (Vicki’s b/f) in Shanghai and they went together to karaoke. Alec also said that Vincent was very generous and he was paymaster for that night. Both of them can get along and it is not like other people said that they are rivals.

Alec said “That night beside three of us, Ruby and other crew members were also there. When someone was mentioning of going to karaoke, Vicki called Vincent to come along and be a host. Vincent used his company car to come and fetch us.” Alec also said that when three of them met, they didn’t feel awkward and moreover that was not the first time that they had met together. He praised Vincent that he is not only friendly and handsome, the most important thing, he treats Vicki very well.


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