Alec Fell For Vicki's Eyes

Credit: Zhao Wei and YuPen’s Home

The first paragraph talks about all the beautiful eyes that actresses has…they gave a few examples…like Liu Louying, Huang Shaoqi, Liu Xuehua etc … Anyhow, the paragraph comments that all these actresses have eloquent eyes and that Wu Ah Ge, Su Yupeng is only mesmerized by Xiao Yanzi, Zhao Wei’s…and that when he heard that Vicki has a boyfriend, he was very sad for a period of time.

The second paragraph then went on to say that it is difficult not to like/love Vicki as she is vivacious, intelligent, considerate and that when they filmed HZGG, the close proximity caused Su Yupeng to fall for her. When his friends (people who know him) found out that he likes Vicki, they teased him — why? — coz this is the first time, he actually liked someone younger than him — evidently his first girlfriend was older than him by a couple of months…grin! :>

The third paragraph talks about Su Yupeng admitting that he likes Xiao Yanzi. His manager also confirmed that. She said that during the filming of HZGG, Yupeng did not know that Zhao Wei had a boyfriend that Alec always called Taiwan and asked that things to be sent over like CD, fashion magazines and that there should also be two sets of each. The manager also continued that she thought that Yupeng wanted to give them to Qiong Yao or to the crew…it was only when she (the manger) went over to Mainland China for a visit and accidentally went into Zhao Wei’s room that she found the other set of stuff all in her room.

As for all the crew personnel who worked with Zhao Wei…these are their comments: “Very few males can escape the magnetism of Zhao Wei’s eloquent eyes. (Actually, they said that her eyes give out electrical sparks — someone should think of converting that into a generator and perhaps we could help save part of the world’s resources — screaming with laughter — o.k. come on…give me a break! I am entitled to my wonderful comments…giggling…oooh! I am so witty…o.k. back to translating)…Anyhow, they said that Zhao Wei is a very warm-hearted and enthusiastic person. Since she knows Beijing pretty well, whenever there is a lull in filming, she will happily show everyone around. Added on to that, she always ask her mum to make desserts for everyone to eat (she is very sweet! :>) And when Yupeng and Zhao Wei filmed OHHJ, it was then that Yupeng saw Ye Meng Qing (Vincent) coming everyday to bring Zhao Wei to and fro from work. That was when everyone said that Yupeng has been “jilted” (like as in disappointed in love)


3 thoughts on “Alec Fell For Vicki's Eyes

  1. Nancy says:

    Zhao Wei had a boyfriend? whoa never knew about that. I bet Alec is very romantic though and some day he wil find the perfect girl and live happily ever after….ah…. donno if it’s gonna happen or not but if it does he may have to retire from acting and no one wants that. He doesn’t have to of course but it would be hard and he may get divorced and live a lonely life…What the heck am I talking about? I guess I’m just bored lol

  2. Nancy says:

    I feel so sorry for Alec the first time he found love it just escaped his grasp. Will he find true love again? I hope he and a very lucky girl get to be together. Chinese people do have big eyes. Well very few but still. lol Wo Ju Su You Pung Xing Fu Mei Yi Tian Kuai Dian Cheng Qin Bai Tou Dao Lao. Xing Fu Mei Man, Chang Chang Jiu Jiu, Gong Xi Fa Cai Hong Bao Na Lai!!! whoo!!

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