I am especially fated with Alec

Credit: Zhao Wei and YuPen’s Home

“Ha, ha, ha! Such a cute and beautiful girl; who wouldn’t fall for her (Vicki)? It’s only that after cooperating on a few serials, we’ve really become too familiar with each other, to the extent of us being like brothers! In fact, because we have similar interests, we’ve grown close!”

Alec Su laughed openly, explaining the relationship of the pair whose abounding rumors are getting increasingly incredible.

With Huan Zhu Ge Ge’s popularity, Alec and Vicki became a model on-screen couple. Biao Mei Jixiang’s producer Xu Ting Jian knew that free slots in the schedules of both were limited, but still overcame numerous difficulties to pair them.

Vicki Zhao said, “I am especially fated with Alec. Before the filming of [Huan Zhu Ge Ge], there were already Taiwanese wishing for us to cooperate. And these days, we really have chemistry. Sometimes when we shop separately, it results in us purchasing T-shirts of not only similar style and cutting, at times even exactly the same.”

With this kind of feelings, is it possible for them to develop into lovers? According to Vicki, her absolute idol is on-and-off-screen partner, Alec Su.

Due to the fact that she was releasing a solo album at the end of 1998, Vicki was extremely nervous. Fortunately, her respected teacher was beside her. Vicki grabbed hold of the chance, modestly seeking tutoring on singing methods from Alec Su. He requested his friends to bring along some magazines for her to take as reference, hoping that when she released her album, she could be like Xu and Wu – let Taiwanese fans’ eyes gleam.

Helpful Alec, on seeing his good friend thus anxious, shared the reference material he had brought along from Taiwan with Vicki, analyzing the direction of music in Taiwan together and the style of various producers, also meeting to sing at KTV lounges. Alec Su proudly expressed that Taiwan fans had yet to hear Vicki Zhao sing, while he was a step ahead and had “solely appreciated” her beautiful voice.

Vicki Zhao is seriously learning composing from Alec Su as well. She said, she likes ‘Deng Dao Na Yi Tian’ written by Alec most; she greatly admires people who can compose and sing their songs. She stated modestly that this was the area in which she should emulate idol Su, trying her best to be an all-rounded artiste.


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