We Have To Feel

Credit: Zhao Wei and YuPen’s Home

Qns: What do you mean when you say that you and Vicki “have to feel”?
Ans: Ummm… first of all, we need to have chemistry. If we don’t have this chemistry with each other than it would be difficult to act properly. She’s a very smart girl, her eyes are very big, when she talks to you, her mind is also working at the same time. A bit like “Little Swallow” you know?

Reporter: When Alec speaks about Vicki, his usually serious face softens and he breaks into a smile. His feelings about Vicki isn’t difficult to hide. Filming three dramas ( HZGG I&II and OHHJ ) as lovers and meeting each other everyday, Alec’s “approval” of Vicki can be guessed and seen by the production crews who helped out in the filming of the dramas.

Reporter: It is said that you once tried to tell your Taiwan agent that if you continued to pair up with Vicki in anymore shows acting as a couple, you were afraid that as time passes, you will find it difficult to “get out of character” (referring to the show).

Qns: Did you actually fall for Vicki after some time?
Ans: At one time, yes…but now we’re just good friends.
Qns: Did she know?
Ans: I think…..she should have known.
Qns: Did you express your love to her?
Ans: No…she already has a boyfriend, don’t you know?


One thought on “We Have To Feel

  1. Lisa says:

    Awwwww!!!! I’ve always wanted them to act together again!! Maybe that’s why Vicki and Alec doesn’t do movies together anymore!!! >>>____

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