Alec – Sour To His Bone

Credit: Zhao Wei and YuPen’s Home

Alec went to a net party yesterday to meet with a couple hundred fans to sing and to play games with. He had a happy Saturday.

Yesterday a magazine reported, Alec, who admitted that he liked Vicki before, saw Vicki’s boyfriend in Shanghai and they went to the karaoke together. Seeing someone that you like hugging and kissing, Alec felt normal (in other words, he didn’t feel anything). Alec and Vicki’s relationship is probably becoming like brother and sister.

To this report Alec says that he went to the karaoke with Vicki and her boyfriend, Ruby and a whole group of people. Alec, Vicki, and Vicki’s boyfriend are really good friends, so the rumors will not affect their relationship. When asked if he felt uncomfortable, he said, “We are not kids, so there is nothing uncomfortable about it.” In his eyes, Vicki’s boyfriend is very nice and handsome and always listen to Vicki.

The rumor said that Vicki’s boyfriend visited them because of the rumor. Alec laughed and said that he doesn’t know about the rumor.


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