AV Timeline

1997 – Vicki is going out with her Shanghai Boyfriend. Rumors of Alec and Ruby’s relationship1998 – Alec and Vicki are good friends

1999 June – Rumors that Ruby and Alec aren’t getting along.

1999 July – Alec admits that he likes Vicki

1999 August – Rumor of Vicki’s engagement to her boyfriend. News that her boyfriend cheated on Vicki in Hong Kong with another girl; Vicki says she believes her boyfriend

1999 October – Alec and Vicki are in Hong Kong working – first time seeing each other for half a year (not since the Taiwan Flood Relief Show). Claims made that if Vicki didn’t have boyfriend, Alec would date her. Vicki says that if she didn’t have a boyfriend, she would consider Alec as a choice.

2000 April – Alec and Vicki working together again


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