Vicki Zhao to tie the knot?


vicki BEIJING : Chinese actress Vicki Zhao is reportedly set to wed her businessman boyfriend in a low-key wedding in October, and will subsequently retire from showbiz, media reported.

Earlier, Zhao had said that she wanted to take a break from acting to concentrate on her studies but now, there is speculation that there are other reasons for her supposed hiatus.

The actress’ manager, Chen Rong, has denied the retirement rumours, saying that her studies, career and love life “do not conflict with each other”.

Chen added that reporters may have misconstrued what Zhao had meant in a previous interview when the 33-year-old said she was going to take a break.

What Zhao had really meant was that she was busy working on her final graduation project, while also looking at two to three potential films to star in at the same time.

Speculation that Zhao was engaged began when she was spotted wearing a large Cartier diamond ring at the Cannes Film Festival.

While there have been rumours that the actress is dating Chinese table tennis player and Olympic gold medalist Wang Liqin, the press reported that Zhao’s boyfriend is actually a businessman.

While Zhao’s manager did not comment on the wedding rumours, Chen emphasized that the actress has no plans to retire any time soon, and is considering taking on a few projects.

“Love and work don’t clash. Vicki will not be leaving the entertainment industry,” reiterated Chen.

Graduate Zhao Wei to Halt Career for School


Chinese actress and current graduate student Vicki Zhao said she will halt her showbiz career to complete her studies.

Zhao was enrolled in the Department of Directing of Beijing Film Academy in 2006 and is expected to get her degree this summer.

However, the actress, involved in filming and promotion of her latest film “Mulan”, failed to finish her graduation project in time.

“I AM a good student. I don’t want to finish the project hastily.” she defended herself during an interview with the Star Daily. “But Mulan is such a good role that you don’t have any reason to turn it down. So I decided to finish the film first and then concentrate on my project. I have been preparing it all along, and I hope I can present it next year.”

Zhao declined to reveal what her project is about. “It will be a surprise,” she said.

The actress didn’t regret delaying her graduation for Mulan, and said she felt thrilled to play the character.

“Playing the role of Mulan is the most important thing for me this year. It will have a great influence on my whole showbiz life,” she said.

Old House Has Joy (Eng subs)

Starring: Vicki Zhao | Alec Su
Release Date: 1998
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Language: Mandarin with English subtitles
Length: 25 episodes

Synopsis: Xiao Peng (Alec Su) follows his grandpa’s instructions to claim back their estate, the property in which Ji Xiang (Vicki Zhao) lives in. But instead of completing his duty, he falls head over heels for the beautiful and kind-hearted Ji Xiang. As their feelings deepened, the inevitable happened: Xiao Peng’s arranged fiance comes. Soon, one obstacle stumbles upon another. And a great shock greets them: Xiao Peng and Ji Xiang are cousins…

Entertwined within the youthful romance is a forbidden love between Su San (Alec Su) and Li Mei (Vicki Zhao), whose families are adversaries. Will they overcome their impediment? And how are they related to Xiao Peng and Ji Xiang?

View Highlighted Excerpts:


To be continued…

Huan Zhu Ge Ge (Eng subs)

Starring: Vicki Zhao | Alec Su | Ruby Lin | Zhou Jie | Fan Bing Bing
Release Date: 1998
Genre: Period Comedy/Romance
Language: Mandarin with English subtitles
Length: 24 episodes

Synopsis: The famous series that starts it all. More specifically, an arrow that marks the beginning of a passionate, loyal, yet complicated love story. Love between sisters, brothers, father and children, men and country, and naturally, between lovers. Upon knowing of Zi Wei’s (Ruby Lin) story as the daughter of the Emperor, Xiao Yan Zi (Vicki Zhao) is determined to unite father and daughter. Unfortunately, she was mistaken as the long lost princess instead. Will the truth be revealed? More importantly, how many lives will be taken for this affair?

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Episode’s Duration: ~ 45 min
Episode’s Size: ~ 550 MB

Subtitles provided by the HZGG Team

Romance in the Rain (Eng subs)

Starring: Vicki Zhao | Alec Su | Leo Ku | Ruby Lin
Release Date: 2001
Genre: Drama/Romance
Language: Mandarin with English subtitles
Length: 49 episodes

Synopsis: Yi Ping (Vicki Zhao) vows to take revenge for her mother’s sufferings, while torn between trying to find the meaning of love and forgiveness in her disfigured world. It is a story of the love that she and Shu Huan (Leo Ku) grew, under the most pressured and difficult circumstances. It is a story of a father’s harsh relationship with his unwanted daughter and how it is rekindled. It is a story of an impossible crush, that somehow became reality. It is a story of a wife, forever faithful to her husband, and another’s unfaithfulness. As a whole, it’s story of love, compassion, revenge, lust, family, relationships, war, victory, friendship, respect, secrets, lies, deception, forgiveness, power, good, evil and much more.

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Episode’s Duration: ~ 45 min
Episode’s Size: ~ 324 MB

Unfortunately, we do not have episode 16. 😦

Welcome to AV Odyssey!

Over a decade since the airing of Huan Zhu Ge Ge, the “AV phenomenon” still exists among many fans across the globe. Although a new collaboration between Alec Su You Peng and Vicki Zhao Wei is slim to nonexistent, nostalgia has consistently driven fans to reminisce their early stardom. Here at AV Odyssey, we strive to bring the most comprehensive news and media related to Alec and Vicki along with the creative works from AV fans.

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Vicki Fan Club in Vietnam celebrates Vicki's birthday!

Ok, a tiny bit late, but I had to wait till the clip they videoed get sent to Wei Wei (which it did on the 14th).

On the March 2nd and March 9th, branches of Vicki Fan Club in Vietnam ( 越南薇星之家 – Việt Nam Vy tinh chi gia) met in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city, respectively, to celebrate her birthday! The biggest regret of my year so far is being in Hanoi for 3 months, from December to February, and then having to fly back to Sydney for university on March 1st (Yes, can you believe it??), so missed the party! But anyway, I did get the FC t-shirt so it wasn’t a complete loss. 😀

Anyway, enough rambling, here is the birthday message from 越南薇星之家 on 8787 forums – with pictures.

These are a collection of clips from fans all round the world wishing Vicki a happy birthday, including a clip from 越南薇星之家 – Hanoi (second video)

1. Clip 1

2. Clip 2

And here is the full video of birthday wishes from 越南薇星之家 – Hanoi:

Here’s the URL if you can’t watch it directly on here

The official Vicki Fan Club, Vietnam forums also opened on March 12th in honour of Vicki’s birthday – you can visit it at