Sneak Peek at Vicki's New Album


As you may know, Vicki is putting out an album this month. As I understand it, the songs will be first released in digital format through an online music club, and then released in CD form.

Here is a sneak peek of the album with 5 full songs.

江城子 | Happiness | 大导演 | 觉醒 | 幻与幻想

These are only .wma files at the moment so quality isn’t spectacular but I think we just take what we can get at the moment!

Personally, I like 大导演. Not particularly awed about the other songs yet, but I think I’ll reserve judgement until the full album comes out.

5 thoughts on “Sneak Peek at Vicki's New Album

  1. Thanks much for sharing, HMSChocolate! Despite being wma files, the quality is fine. 🙂 [But, I couldn’t play “江城子”. Can you double check if it’s uploaded properly?]

    So what do the Chinese titles mean?

    I like the beat to “Happiness”. “觉醒” is too loud for my taste. lol! But I’m glad she’s including more variety in this album. I can tell she’s shooting for versatility. Wish she’d include an English track! 🙂 Or even better, a duet with Alec. HAHA, that’d be the day!

  2. Thanks to Fran, I have “江城子”. I like it best. 🙂 Vicki’s vocals are most controlled and poignantly delivered. It sounds sad, and I’m keen for sad music. 😛 Fran informed that it’ll be the first track of Vicki’s album!

  3. I edited the link, it should work now I think.

    My attempt at translating these titles

    江城子 – River city? Not entirely sure. In Hán Việt it’s Giang thành tử.
    大导演 – Big director/Đại đạo diễn
    觉醒 – Awaken/Giác tỉnh
    幻与幻想 – Google translates this as Magic and Illusion which I quite like :P.

  4. Thuy says:

    AH, I have a MAC, therefore it can’t play WMA files. School computers won’t allow downloads. GRR. ='( Wish I could listen to it. Guess I gotta go hunt down a friend to let me borrow their computers. ^_^

    Thank you HMSChocolate.

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