Old House Has Joy (Eng subs)

Starring: Vicki Zhao | Alec Su
Release Date: 1998
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Language: Mandarin with English subtitles
Length: 25 episodes

Synopsis: Xiao Peng (Alec Su) follows his grandpa’s instructions to claim back their estate, the property in which Ji Xiang (Vicki Zhao) lives in. But instead of completing his duty, he falls head over heels for the beautiful and kind-hearted Ji Xiang. As their feelings deepened, the inevitable happened: Xiao Peng’s arranged fiance comes. Soon, one obstacle stumbles upon another. And a great shock greets them: Xiao Peng and Ji Xiang are cousins…

Entertwined within the youthful romance is a forbidden love between Su San (Alec Su) and Li Mei (Vicki Zhao), whose families are adversaries. Will they overcome their impediment? And how are they related to Xiao Peng and Ji Xiang?

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To be continued…

64 thoughts on “Old House Has Joy (Eng subs)

  1. Sophia Duong says:

    Hey, thank-you for giving us sooo many subbed episodes of Old House Has Joy! But can you please finish subbing the series? I’m dying to see the ending!!! Please!! Or if you can, can you just send me a copy of the original series, cuz I’m trying to download it from the internet, but I can’t find anywhere with all of the episodes!!! Either way, please respond to me no matter what the answer is! Please!!

  2. Hi TkN,

    All episodes in your new post are English Sub, aren’t them? And if they are, thank you so much for completing subbing this series! But will you release softsub afterward? I have raw files and a bit lazy for download hardsub :”>

  3. muoibay_1986 – No. I am only posting raw files for Sophia. We have preliminary soft subs that haven’t been edited and only approximately timed. Still working on the finishing touches. 🙂

  4. Sophia says:

    OMG! Thank0you soo much TkN! You’re my hero! I know I’ve already caused you alot of trouble, but for some reason whenever I try to play the subtitles and the video together, they captions and the video never match, and its becoming hard for me to read. So I was wondering if its possible that you can send me the first 18 episodes as raw files, with/without the subtitles is fine. Please?
    Thank-you soo much! This is definately the best site to find Alec/Vicky media, I love this website sooo much, I visit it at least 2 times everyday! Thanks for being such a great resource, and thank you for all your help!

    Hoping to see your reply 🙂

  5. Sophia says:

    Oh, and if its okay, can you send them to me the same way as the last episodes, in you last reply? For some reason, my computer is weird and will only let me download files if they are set up the way the last episodes are set up. Please, and thank-you so much for your help and time!

  6. Sophia says:

    Hey, hows it going? I have come to you today for some help. I’m trying to burn these videos onto a dvd so that I can watch them with my family while we’re on holiday, but because they are rmvb, they won’t play. Is there anyway that you can upload them as avi – like you did with Romance in the Rain, or another format that can be played on a dvd player, that would awesome! Is there anyway I can fix this problem? I’m happy to hear any suggestions, please get back to me as soon as possible. Thanks-a-million. You’re my last hope. Please help me.

  7. Sophia – We will eventually hardsub the episodes and offer them as avi files. I highly doubt this will get done before your family goes on vacation though. Sorry.

    You can try converting the rmvb files into avi using Format Factory.

  8. Rose says:

    Firstly thanks sooo soo much for uploading these videos
    im so grateful for them xD
    i downloaded ep 21 and the last part of the video does not work
    its like the last 15 mins (i know is probs isnt much) could you please recheck the link?
    thanks alot again

  9. Jennifer says:

    Hey TkN,
    I think there is a problem with the subtitle files… when you click on the link, nothing loads.. it goes to an “error” page. I even tried right-clicking it and saving the link in the same folder at the video file and it still doesn’t work.. Whether I use VLC player or BS player.. it all says that there’s an error loading that subtitle file. Will you please fix it if possible?
    Thanks a lot!

  10. Thao says:

    The subtitles doesn’t match the video.. you can tell that it’s behind.. and it’s not that my computer is lagging or anything because I even tried playing the google videos on my other computer and it does the exact same thing… i don’t have any other programs running either…
    If you can fix them, it would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

  11. tori says:

    link for part 1-9 are broken, could you reupload them?
    and thanks for the vid link

    keep subbing and spread the av chemistry 😉

  12. faith genesis raven says:

    Don’t need those subs (6,7,8,9) anymore I used google2srt to download the video google caption as .srt and it works great I advise this to anyone else having trouble

  13. naszirah says:

    hi! could someone please re upload episod 17 to 25 as googles has removed the video.. i’m dying for the ending……. please… i’m begging u……

  14. Masood says:

    Hi I have downloaded the whole series from this site but there are no English subtitles, could you please upload the srt files here or send me those in my Email, I am from Pakistan and dont understand a single word of chinese. Thanks. Do let me know if it is possible for you to upload the eng subtitles or not.

  15. Masood says:

    Hi I posted a few days ago as well and mailed TKN too but haven’t heard back, I found english subs for ep 1-17 but need subs for ep 18-25, could you please upload them here or mail me the srt files soon. I will be highly obliged.

  16. chocolate says:

    Hey, does anybody know the name of the song at the beginning of each episode in “Old House Has Joy”? I really want to download it thanks

      • jdx says:

        Sorry to bother again, but are u sure? cuz i tried downloading the megaupload episodes but there’s no eng sub and i tried the links u have on this page, the ones u put up for sophia….and i got nothing…and now its saying Im unable to down load those…I’m lost….andi dont know where the subs you were talking about are either…sigh*

    • All episodes have been translated. I’m relying on a friend to time the subtitles. I don’t know her schedule, however. 😦 She did say that she will work on this project during her summer break. So perhaps we might see the completion to this project in August or so.

  17. Yan Hong LI says:

    Hi: Can you possible send me a origianl copy in subtitle english,I want a copy speak mandarine,how much does it cost? thanks!

  18. sya says:

    Hi…i just wondering if you have sub episode 18 onwards. Really appreciate your kindness.. i’ve been searching for this series. thank you.

  19. Bets says:

    Thanks for the subs! I’ve been looking for dramas with Vicki Zhao that are subbed for a while. Hope to see this finished soon, Thank you!!

  20. iedatecs says:

    hi…i think in malaysia, can’t open the link…
    just trying so much lol…
    hmm..do u have any idea or any link for watch / download this series..
    i ❤ this series so much..

  21. danzz says:

    i also can’t open the link…
    any other link that i can download this series…..
    really want to watch it….

    really hope ur help….thnk u…

  22. Luna says:

    Please share it with everyone, the link is broken or something. Maybe you can upload it on some other site other than megavideo. You tried so hard to sub it already <3, you mind as well let us watch it too! Thanks!

  23. dewi says:

    i am a fan of viki zhao and alec su. i watched their drama when i was in elementary school. i was looking for their drama and found your site, but all videos are broken. please reupload from the other site such as jumbofile. because megaupload doesn’t exist anymore. thank you

  24. Nancy says:

    Hi!!! Is it possible to re-upload them?? Pretty please!!! I love this movie so much, but I haven’t had luck finding it subbed. Could you please help us out!!!

  25. Anu says:

    Hiiiiii…. Can you pls pls pls upload the episodes again with eng subs??? Not able to find the series anywhere else….! 🙂

    • If someone has OHHJ on Youtube or can show me how to upload a full length video on Youtube (~43 min long), I can share English subs the way I did with China’s Got Talent.

    • If someone has OHHJ on Youtube or can show me how to upload a full length video on Youtube (~43 min long), I can share English subs the way I did with China’s Got Talent.

  26. salz says:

    hi i just found this site so late and sadly the megupload link no longer working:(
    is it possible to upload the english sub into other server such as Mega?
    also said this in Romance in the rain but would be great if you would upload the link again if you could?

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