Huan Zhu Ge Ge (Eng subs)

Starring: Vicki Zhao | Alec Su | Ruby Lin | Zhou Jie | Fan Bing Bing
Release Date: 1998
Genre: Period Comedy/Romance
Language: Mandarin with English subtitles
Length: 24 episodes

Synopsis: The famous series that starts it all. More specifically, an arrow that marks the beginning of a passionate, loyal, yet complicated love story. Love between sisters, brothers, father and children, men and country, and naturally, between lovers. Upon knowing of Zi Wei’s (Ruby Lin) story as the daughter of the Emperor, Xiao Yan Zi (Vicki Zhao) is determined to unite father and daughter. Unfortunately, she was mistaken as the long lost princess instead. Will the truth be revealed? More importantly, how many lives will be taken for this affair?

View Highlighted Excerpts:


Episode’s Duration: ~ 45 min
Episode’s Size: ~ 550 MB

Subtitles provided by the HZGG Team


31 thoughts on “Huan Zhu Ge Ge (Eng subs)

  1. Sarah says:

    Hello. I’d like very to download the Huan Zhu Ge Ge series.
    But I don’t get it. What’s with the username and password? How to login with the following username and password?
    Can you please explain? Sorry for bothering and thank you very much.

  2. Fern says:

    Hi Nhi! I’m so glad AV Odyssey’s back on! 🙂 Can’t wait for an English subbed version of HZGGII! It’ll be a monster to download! *chuckle* Right now, the one I got from a torrent is ~36mb per episode and the quality isn’t too good but I’ve recently been watching it (got the itch to). 🙂 Hope you’re well!

  3. OtoChan says:

    Man, this brings back so many memories! I remember watching it wayyy back when i was younger in manderin, and i didn’t understand a word but i did get the jist of it and it didn’t stop me from enjoying it! And now around 7 years later i can now watch it with english subs! thank you so much!!!

  4. kiklen says:

    I watched this series about three years ago in hmong dubbed and half of the scenes were cut out… I so happy that this series has english subtitle… I enjoyed this series very much… with the subtitle and the full series I got alot out of it… I so happy that I have the chance to watch the series to the fullest… Many thanks to the translators… I so grateful to them for all the hard work they’ve put into translating this wonderful series… I can’t wait for HZGGII… Keep up the hard work… We all love AV forever…

  5. LiFe'S G0oD says:


    i’m glad to know that there are still people watching/rewatching hzgg. i thought i’m the only one does that (rewatching, i mean =P)!

    btw, is it you who did the eng sub for hzgg 1, TkN? if so, great! so, how’s the subbing for hzgg2 going? any news? i really3 (by this, i actually mean, desperately) need to watch the second season! =P owh, and i’m sure you also know about hzgg team right? are you with them? if not, why don’t you guys work together? last i heard, they also in the process of recruiting members to sub hzgg2. just suggesting~ haha

    nevertheless, i hope i get to watch subbed hzgg2 sometime soon! cheers~ =)

  6. zwan says:

    hi.. thank you for giving us chance to look up for this movie.. but I am looking forward for Huan Zhu Ge Ge 2.. can you update thus site with that movie? It will be a good thing to see the next series of HZGG!! Thank you!!

  7. zwan says:

    hi.. thank you for the download.. but i had a little problem with the HZGG series. It seems that episode 3 and 4 that i had download is not full.. i can only see half of the series.. do I have to be the member of this site so that I can download full story for HZGG episode 3 and 4??

  8. sarah says:

    thanx a zillion for the download..u guys really did well with the subs..can’t wait for the HZGG2 with english sub..when did you say will it available for download?

  9. Eruantale says:

    oh wow this is fantastic! im non chinese speaking and can only understand a teeny weeny bit of chinese. so all this while i had been watching hzgg and not understanding what they were saying. thank you for subbing this!!! i’ve downloaded and watched till the end, and i didn’t know the dialogue was sooooo funny! XYZ is so cute haha. Anyway, keep up the good job! Is there there a sub for hzgg2 and hzgg3 yet???

  10. bluestar says:

    do you have the second season too? if you do will please upload it up. i seem the first season but never the 2nd one, so i have been look for the 2nd season so hope you have and upload it. though thanks for also upload the first season up.

  11. a1mm3 says:

    Thank you so much for the eng sub and the dl link. I seen this when I was young and I love it and fell in love with alec and vicki pair on and off screen. Thank you for the hard work.

  12. Melz says:

    Hey there…
    Thank you soooo much for uploading HZGG series in 1 part.
    It was easier for me to download anyway. ^^
    And i’m looking forward to see the next season of HZGG!!
    Thanks a lot!! ^^

    • Tharaphy says:

      hey i was just wondering where did u get the hzgg2??? is it a dvd or download n if download where did u download it???? thank you

    • The links still work fine for me. Did you receive an error message? I can better troubleshoot the problem if I know what the specific problem is.

      • fara says:

        i dont know..when i click the link..there said “The page cannot be displayed”..i dont know why..i try it many times but it still like that..

  13. fara says:

    why i cannot open the link??i think when used like before more easy for me to download this movie..i really2 love this movie..please help me to download it in easy way..i dont know why i cannot open the megaupload link..

  14. hye can u use mediafire as download link?malaysia gov had prevented us in downloading & currently we can only use mediafire to download file..plsss coz i really wanna watch this drama in eng sub..thanks for helping me

  15. abi says:

    hey guys just wanna share.that huan zhu gege there in youtube,but in indonesian subtittle.So if u wanna to see it in complete ,really complete u can see in this is hzgg 3,but i think there s hzgg1 and 2 too.

    if u wanna to download it,its really easy,i always download in youtube.i used mozila firefox add ons”youtube downloader” ,so its really easy if i wanna to download video from youtube,just klik download,and save as in many format video.Good luck.I really love this tv show.HZGG 1&2 r the best,in 3 it is very not good story,yong qi and xia yen ce life in outside the palace.i dont really like it actually,it ruins everything.

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