Words from TkN (and updates)

Back in July of 2004, I thought I was among the most passionate AV fans. I did not hesitate to purchase AV Odyssey’s first domain name (av-odyssey.org) and began at once constructing the site full of AV medias, news, and images. Now, almost four years later, that passion began draining. I can no longer consider myself an AV fan. I had, more than once, wanted to give up the site.

But even when the passion is no longer present, the obligations remain. I cannot shut down the site when there are still projects left hanging. I cannot shut down the site when you have not given up on me, despite my constant failure to keep up with your expectations.

And today, I wish not to give the excuse of “I’m too busy to work on AV Odyssey”. I am not here to give an empty promise either. I only wish to apologize for my neglect, for the lack of updates at AV Odyssey.

As well, I’m happy to announce that I’ve re-uploaded all medias once shared at AV Odyssey. Unfortunately, I have yet created pages to display them. But all the same, you can download them straight from our directory:

URL: http://www.avodyssey.net/media
Username: avodyssey.net
Password: avmedia4fans

Of course, you must now be pondering about the status of “Old House Has Joy”. On April 20th, the project will resume. This summer will see its completion, no doubt. I would also like to take this moment to thank Isabelle for her continuous and tremendous help in the project. Without Isabelle, I highly doubt I can give word on this project’s completion.

Meanwhile, I will continue to update this blog with birthday greetings and keep our VIP section up-to-date.



8 thoughts on “Words from TkN (and updates)

  1. zc says:

    Thank you. Thank you so much for this site and not leaving us high & dry. I had been looking everywhere for HZGG and was extremely pleased to find this site. All my fuzzy memories were cleared and with them came my AV love. I do not hold any unrealistic hopes for AV, what is to be will be.
    This is the most organized ‘fan’ site I have ever seen. With all this information at our fingertips, I can only imagine the sweat, tears, and love you had put into it. I have to congratulate you on making such an incredible site. I hope you will never ‘shut it down’ so there will always be a place for AV–out here and in our hearts.
    **Note: ‘You’ is used here in plural form–the founder, contributors, and fans. ;)**

  2. Isabelle says:

    Thanks for your efforts in striving to maintain this site despite how challenging it is in terms of interest and time. Regardless of how thankless the job seems, the pleasure new and existing fans find from downloading from such an organised and comprehensive site is (hopefully) worth considering.

    Thanks for praising me, though I do not really deserve it. Rest assured, I will continue the efforts in my spare time (you must be getting worried about my slow progress these days/weeks).

  3. Mel says:

    ahhhh.. i really appreciate eveything you’ve done for us and all the av fans out there by putting up this website.. this by far the most unforgettable site ive come accross.. heck i visit this site everyday even for just a second.. and with all these am sure there’s nothing else we could ask for – updates or no updates, putting this site up is already a big big BIG ‘thing’.. and with all that i give u my respect and gratitude for enliving the av passion amongst us =D ur the best! and keep it up! no pressure here ;D

  4. *hugs* I know how hard the whole task of keeping up a website is – without any thank, without any personal gain (except maybe satisfaction). So don’t worry if you have to take a little time to update. πŸ™‚ The fact that this site is still here shows that we can still count on you. πŸ™‚

  5. Andie says:

    lol My dear TkN! even if I’m not a big fan of Vicki and Alec anymore, it’s still good to come here to read some news! it remains me how we got to know each other and how I suddenly loved watching chinese and taiwanese series so much! Without it, I don’t think I would ever have thought of studying Chinese! And guess what? I’ve been accepted in a uni in Taiwan and I’ve received a scholarship for it! I’ll go to Taiwan in November! πŸ™‚
    Even if one day you decide to stop avodyssey, I’ll respect your decision, as long as we can keep in touch!!

  6. AlecnVicky says:

    Dearest Nhi!!! Forgive my late reply for I just saw your post today, but yes. NO need for apologies, it’s already so heartwarming that you’re still around, and yes, and that av-odyssey as well.

    It is funny is it not, not only you, but myself, and probably a handful of other people were once AVID-PASSIONATE-DEVOTED AV fans…Time works wonders; it help heals pain, loss, and grief…but it also makes things “fade”…as in, fading devotion, commitment, love…

    I know myself to be a crazy fanatic of AV, but as the years went by, with nothing new to keep that fire going, that love for them has become more like a beutiful memory, and once in a while, when I do have the time to go down that AV-memo lane, then truly, it does bring back such wonderful and happy feelings. But alas, what’s in the past is still in the past.

    I will forever love them, but being realistic and carrying on with life is also a must. Therefore, I truly appreciate all your hard work (and everyone else’s as well) for keeping this beutiful alive to this day.

    I was just actually watching an AV mv I made years ago, just a few minutes earlier (and I believe the “I knew I loved you” AV mv was made by you wasnt’ it?) yeah, watched that too…and god, it does give one a feeling of bliss seeing them together. It’s almost like I LOVE THEM, because I love the love that they’ve shared (on-screen and off).

    alrighty, I’ve rant enough. Do take care Nhi. and good luck with everything!!! I’ve got to run to class now. so I’ll catch u another time ehehe ^_^

  7. Robin says:

    Just want to say because of your website, I was able to obtain all Vicki’s albums and you cannot know how much pleasure her voice and her music has given me in England. Keeping a website like this running is hard work but we all appreciate it and thanks is not enough!

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