Alec speaks of Vicki

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Translator: Isabelle

Alec: As you know, Ruby and Vicki were to be pitied. Back then, I remember that you put on make-up. (Ruby: Oh, oh yeah…) Correct? It was something like… Ruby applied make-up after a meal. For a girl, I think it is very normal. After applying lipstick, she was scolded by the make-up artist.

Ruby: He said, “Why do you keep applying? Even Lin Qing Xia doesn’t keep applying.”

Alec: No, he also said, “No matter what you will not be as beautiful as Lin Qing Xia.”

Ruby: Oh, yes! I said that I was not Lin Qing Xia in the first place.

Host: Did he want to bully you because you were new? (Pointing at Alec) At that time they were already very famous, so were they treated differently?

Alec: Not at all. The only difference was that I did not apply lipstick. (Laughs)

Host: Some Alec is here today, is there a possibility of collaborating with Vicki Zhao, Fan Bing Bing and Alec? Together, you can act in something other than Huan Zhu, as long as you collaborate or perhaps pair up again. Is this a possibility? Alec, do you think this is possible?

Alec: In fact, we discussed this before. I forgot whether it was a year or two ago. Vicki Zhao was still undertaking her directing course then.

Ruby: Oh, yes. We were at her house. I said, “Why don’t you be the director? We will find someone to foot the bill so that we can film a movie/series together.

Alec: She suggested it. I think she suggested it.

Ruby: I forgot.

Alec: She also told us to support her.

Ruby: Yes. I said I would make a guest appearance. She said that everyone had to act in the leading role because she is a director now. She is currently undertaking a directing course.

Host: Now that everyone has made a breakthrough and is in the top cohort, is the chance of meeting higher?

Ruby: It’s fine I guess. We…

Alec: Also, we wanted to act in a comedy it seemed.

Ruby: Yes.

Alec: Let’s say something good of a few people. Because everyone’s onscreen image is more mature, if we were to collaborate again, we must change this.


3 thoughts on “Alec speaks of Vicki

  1. Ashley says:

    sorry but i think sth. abit wrong on the line he said “She suggested it. I think she suggested it.” actually it’s supposed to say “She directs it. I think she directs it.” instead cos ruby forgot vicki had plan to be their director.

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