AV 100 facts (+bonus) translated

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Regarding HZGG

1. Vicki was meant to act the role of Zi Wei, but she ended up pairing with Alec because of a change in circumstance.

2. Vicki was once a Little Tiger fan who admired Alec. ‘Waiting for that day’ is her favourite Alec song. Alec often brings magazines from Taiwan to share with Vicki. The two often meet for a meal and for singing. Vicki often seeks advice from Alec on singing tactics. Alec praises Vicki’s singing skills by saying that she “does not lose to Faye Wong or A-Mei.”

3. During a filming interval, Vicki had once sat on Alec’s lap and acted like a spoiled child.

4. Famous case of the “murky green soup.”

5. Famous case of the “3 pairs of jeans.”

6. Vicki said that they were “a couple with rather bad eyesight” (both of them were short-sighted). She admitted to have fought with Alec over bread, biscuits and other snacks, and hence argue, “Sometimes we don’t agree when we talk. While talking, we would really beat each other!”

7. After acting throughout the night, Alec brought Vicki out for a meal. He ate 3 bowls of porridge and 2 fried dumplings. From then on, he was known as “big appetite king.”

8. Vicki’s first onscreen kiss was “given” to Alec. Later, Alec expressed that the scene in which they chased on the grasslands was unforgettable because at the time, both of them were unfamiliar with each other.

9. The most suspicious thing: When a kiss scene was already okay, (Alec) unexpectedly took the initiative to beg for a retake. (Note: Information on this incident originated from Alec. On the contrary, he refuted the rumour later by saying Vicki must have done it if this incident had occurred).

10. Alec accidentally forgot about the notice for a kiss scene. Consequently, he proceeded onto eating chive-stuffed dumplings. Affectionately, Vicki gave him chewing gum.

11. Often, Alec fell asleep on the journey back from the wineshop. On many occasions, Vicki dragged him from the car, broke through the tight circle of fans, and returned to the filming grounds safe and sound.

12. Vicki brought Alec to visit her university head teacher, Professor Cui Xinqin.

13. In a survey, Alec filled in Vicki’s name for “the most influential person in terms of acting” and “best friend in the entertainment circle.” Also in the survey are many similarities between them. For instance, their favourite writer is Zhang Ailing, their dressing style is natural and casual, their favourite season is autumn etc.

14. Alec learned acting tactics from Vicki, but Vicki did not give him face often. When a lot of people were around, she pointed out where Alec’s bad habits and insufficiency laid. Alec got his own back after filming by imitating her.

15. Alec complained that Vicki’s computer was better than his by a lot, but after looking at her fans’ comments, Vicki pushed her computer aside.

16. Due to over exhaustion while acting an argument scene, Vicki excitedly read out a bunch of lines, but Alec did not reply. Instead, he pointed to her nose and said, “Your nose is bleeding.”

17. Alec and Vicki are so familiar with each other to the extent that Vicki would even tell Alec of her monthly menstrual pain.

18. Often, when another couple was acting a romantic scene, Alec and Vicki would be at the side acting a comical version, causing the couple to re-take.

19. Regarding the “triangle love rumour” that year, Ruby said that Vicki was Alec’s eternal pain. During a promotion, Ruby ever joked with Alec that “his first wife is here.”

20. During a promotion, Alec and Vicki attended the program “Ah Hong entertains guest.” After Vicki made a DIY dish and shouted “Yong Qi” like a spoiled child, she stuffed it into Alec’s mouth. Alec could not help but gave an innocent smile, yet he ate the dish to give Vicki face.

21. During a promotion, Alec was asked whether Vicki gave him any birthday presents. Alec answered no. Laughing, Vicki asked, “Then what are you wearing around your neck?” Vicki also said that when they were filming, at least half the things in Alec’s room were given by her. Ruby, the witness, said that when Alec and Vicki bought things, they always bought a duplicate and had one each.

22. During a promotion, Alec and Vicki passed all the tests on understanding each other mutually. Hence, the host marvelled and cracked jokes at them.

23. During a promotion, Alec was overlooked by security guards. In private, Vicki asked whether he minded. Vicki’s concern touched Alec.

24. During a HZGG promotion, Alec admitted to the media that he had feelings towards Vicki.

Regarding OHHJ

25. The director admitted that no matter whether Alec and Vicki held hands or hugged in front of everyone, they were not in the least unreasonable.

26. Famous “birthday.”

27. Outside the set, they often met for coffee and to eat spicy chafing dishes.

28. Vicki said that Alec and she separated to purchase their own clothes. As a result, the T-shirt they bought was exactly the same.

29. Famous “kiss in the rain.”

30. While filming, they agreed to visit scenic Su Zhou to sight-see. Because Vicki was under Alec’s care when she went to Taiwan, she promised Alec straightforwardly to accompany him for the entire local journey.

31. Vicki was called up in the middle of the night for filming. At the same time, she had to bear with a stomach-ache. When she could not bear it any longer, she cried on the set. Alec treated it as a joke, and often mimicked her.

32. Regarding the specialty of this series, Alec answered, “You can only see this type of You Peng in ‘Cousin Ji Xiang’.”

33. When Vicki went to find her boyfriend once filming had concluded, Alec felt “a lost he never experienced before.”

Regarding QSSYMM

34. Because they were separated in Group A and B for filming, Alec and Vicki did not often have a chance to meet. Sourly, Alec said that he could only watch Yi Ping’s and Shu Huan’s romance.

35. On the set, it was rumoured that “only with Vicki can we ‘cure’ Alec.”

36. In the show, one of the voices from Vicki’s song “new orchid stems” also came from Alec.

37. During Alec’s birthday that year, Vicki waited for a group of actors to gather in Nanjing countryside, and then she sang him “Happy Birthday.”

38. After Alec fell from a horse, numerous reporters questioned the casts. “Sensible Zhao Wei” exaggerated less than the others, and gave an answer that was the most relieving, “You Peng is fine, don’t worry! But at that time, he really scared us.”

39. Coincidentally, Vicki broke up with her boyfriend around the time of the promotion. When a reporter asked Alec about it, he said that Vicki was fine and did not require extra comfort.”

40. When Alec and Vicki were in Hong Kong promoting, they danced on stage and played a kissing game. When interviewed, Vicki expressed that the game wasn’t much, because they had “really kissed” ages ago during filming.

41. During a promotion in Hong Kong, when Leo was asked about the rumours between him and Vicki, he escaped by saying that the possibility of it being between Alec and Vicki was more likely. Alec laughed but did not reply.

Events which Alec and Vicki attended

42. ’99 Anhui TV “Super Big Winner” had 2 episodes, one of which was “Alec and Vicki’s tour in Anhui”, during which they played a ball game.

43. ’99 “Princesses meet” – HZGG visits Taiwan.

44. ’99 “Behind the stage, Alec was half kneeling and half chitchatting with Vicki.”

45. ’01 QSSYMM promotion in Hong Kong.

46. ’01 QSSYMM promotion47. ’01 Hu Nan QSSYMM New Year celebration

48. ’04 Activity against AIDS

49. ’03 Annual flower world expo (Same venue, different stage)

50. ’05 Kite Festival “The same song”

51. Beijing LV opening ceremony

52. Dream of Century Concert

53. Yanran charity foundation night

Events we know of during which Alec and Vicki meet personally

54. While filming HZGG, they celebrated Christmas all throughout the night. Unexpectedly, they returned the following day and remained energetic for the entire day. Witnesses: Ruby etc.

55. Countless times they had a meal and sang karaoke. Witnesses: HZGG, OHHJ, QSSYMM casts as well as Vicki’s ex-boyfriend, Ye

56. After the LV event, Alec and Vicki ate at the Soho restaurant in Beijing. They had a heart-to-heart talk until late into the night. Witnesses: Paparazzi

57. ’06 Shanghai “HZGG classmates gathering.” Witnesses: Ruby, Zhou Jie

58. In ’06, during the night before Alec signed the HuaYi Brothers contract, he was at Vicki’s house drinking wine, chatting and cooking food. Witnesses: Ruby, Zhou Jie

Quotes which state how Alec and Vicki refer to each other in front of the media

59. “I like Vicki Zhao. I admit that my feelings towards her are a little more than my feelings towards normal friends, but that is of no use. She has a boyfriend. Why should I chase her? The competition is big.” –Alec, HZGG interview

60. “We are really really good friends now, have to see our future fate!” –Vicki, HZGG interview

61. “I admit to have had feelings towards Vicki for a long time” –Alec, HZGG Hong Kong promotion

62. “Alec is a very nice person. If I didn’t have a boyfriend, I would definitely choose him.” –Vicki, Swordsgirl Hong Kong promotion

63. “He won’t blame me. We are good friends!” –Vicki, Non-stop music

64. “Oh my god, oh my god!” “It seems that all I do during filming is kissing.” “There is one song which I really like, but it’s a pity that it isn’t mine. I must overcome this craving today.” –Alec, 2002 Shanghai Music Concert.

65. “Vicki has an outwardly smooth yet inwardly firm plum blossom fragrance.” –Alec

66. “Alec will not have any food to eat soon.” –Vicki

67. “Isn’t the rumour about Vicki?” –Alec

68. “When collaborating with Vicki, we was young, like two innocent playmates.” -Alec

69. “Can I say?” “Actually I’m very nice to feed.” –Alec and Vicki, Alec and Vicki in

70. “Vicki’s acting does not follow convention as much, therefore it is very easy to develop sparks during filming.” –Alec

71. “Vicki is becoming more and more feminine.” –Alec

72. “Normally, I will send her an SMS during her birthday.” –Alec

73. “In that case, I will represent Vicki and accept her award, at any rate we are a little related.” “What do you mean by 5th Prince and Jin Suo. It’s 5th Prince and Little Swallow!” –Alec, 5th Pepsi Music Chart Awards

74. “Old Zhao, eh? Old Zhao……” –Alec

75. “If Vicki appears, then I will invite her personally!” –Alec

76. “Actually…we had a meeting in Vicki’s house yesterday.” “Isn’t she learning directing, and being a hardworking student?” –Alec, Sina Conference

77. “Nowadays, Vicki is more relaxed, able to let go.” “Our relationship is very good!” “Because I have experienced the same before, therefore when Vicki meets a setback, I am sorry for her but can understand her at the same time.” -Alec

78. “These are all Vicki’s good points.” –Alec, Hong Kong Q&A Session

Alec and Vicki singing together

79. Songs which they have sung together: “Same Happy Feeling”, “QSSYMM.”

80. Vicki’s songs which Alec has sung: “QSSYMM”, “How I wish.”

81. “Vicki’s songs which Alec has sung together with her: “Hello”, “New Orchid Stems” (In the series)


82. When the military flag incident occurred, Alec stood out and requested the reporter not to worsen the situation.

83. When which Vicki reportedly hit someone, Alec said that although he did not know the head and tale of the situation, he believed that Vicki would not commit the act.

84. When the incident in Changsha took place, Alec was the first to offer her concern and comfort backstage.

85. While singing “QSSYMM” during non-stop music, Alec was overwhelmed by emotion and so choked with sobs that he could not continue singing.

86. In a meet-the-fans-session during non-stop music, Vicki said Alec’s name for her “best friend of either gender.”

87. During Alec’s ’02 concert, Vicki was present.

88. In ’03, Alec was rushing to film “LOTAS.” When asked whether he would meet Vicki again, Alec felt deep regret.

89. The original male and female lead in “First Love” and “Magic Touch of Fate” were Alec and Vicki respectively.

90. During his birthday celebration in ’05, an Alec fan gave Vicki’s CD to him. After his initial shock, the first thing he did was to help Vicki check whether it was a pirated copy or not.

91. While acting “Chrysanthemum Scent” in Shanghai, Alec was asked about Vicki by a reporter, he replied that he had sent an SMS to her, but she did not return it.

92. ?

93. In ‘06, Alec mentioned the unforgettable birthday celebration while filming OHHJ.

94. For Yanran charity banquet, “on invitation from good friend, Vicki, Alec specially hurried from Taiwan.” Alec and Vicki sat at the same table and gathered for a group photo for memories’ sake. Later, one of those photos were uploaded onto Alec’s blog.

95. At the end of ’06, when Alec returned to National Taiwan University to take a Dreamweaver course, the media reported that this was “under influence of his good friend, Vicki.”

96. Alec and Vicki are frequent customers at Faye Wong’s place.

97. ?

98. During a Hong Kong interview in March ’07, out of 5 female actresses, Vicki fulfilled requirements for being Alec’s partner most accurately. “Alec reveals his innermost thoughts feelings on his partner, still deeply in love with ‘Little Swallow’ Vicki.”

99. In April ’07, the Japanese side revealed that Alec and Vicki may act together in “Home villagers” (yuan xiang ren).

100. Alec wishes to find “someone who he can get along with day and night.” Vicki is “yearning for a 24 hour lover.”

**Extra Notes (by Isabelle)

20. (Part 2 is where Vicki feeds Alec)Part 1: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/wJ7pvZdJXq0/Part 2: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/9RrnOYcinPc/

40. During the QSSYMM promotion, AV kissed 4 times altogether (I think)? First kiss in the following videos are the same. 2 times in

3 times in http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/Q3fgE0xP9ns/

78, 98, 99. Articles @ http://liudizuyinpo.blog.sohu.com/40846554.html

Just found this today: http://post.baidu.com/f?kz=255058820 It appears that Alec swapped seats to be behind Vicki at the Bazaar Charity Gala (Don’t get your hopes high, it may be the camera angle or manipulations I’m unable to pick out).


8 thoughts on “AV 100 facts (+bonus) translated

  1. Thank you for translating all this!!

    17. Alec and Vicki are so familiar with each other to the extent that Vicki would even tell Alec of her monthly menstrual pain.
    This I think is a case of Too much info!! XD

    90. During his birthday celebration in ’05, an Alec fan gave Vicki’s CD to him. After his initial shock, the first thing he did was to help Vicki check whether it was a pirated copy or not
    I like this one!

  2. Thu Giang says:

    Thank you for your translation and sharing the above information. I’ve been updated all events & informations about AV for nearly 10 years. I can’t guess how much Vicki care of Alec, but I believe that Vicki played a special role in his heart.
    And you, what do you think? To me, I still hope and look forward to the miracle.

  3. KC says:

    Thanks so much for the translation. These two really should be together. They look and feel so good together. I still hope for the miracle too 🙂

  4. Nhan says:

    i feel bad for saying this, but the passion of these two are gone because its so hard to see them together anymore. All you are looking at are past memories. We all need to live in the present for the future

  5. hi everyone… i heard that he is dating someone right now… it’s his manager or something like that… i don’t think there’s any more hope. sorry to disappoint you guys

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