[Lyrics & Download] Angel Suitcase

Artist: Vicki Zhao Wei
Album: Angel Suitcase
Language: Mandarin and English
Release date: September 6th, 2007

To download: Right click on the track number and press “Save Target As”.

Username – avodyssey.net
Password – avmedia4fans

Download Pinyin Lyrics English Lyrics
Track 01 Jiu Wan Ju Old Toys
Track 02 Tian Shi Luu Xing Xiang Angel Suitcase
Track 03 Morning Love Morning Love
Track 04 Duo Ai Zi Ji Yi Xie Love Yourself A Little More
Track 05 Qia Qia Ai Cha Cha Love
Track 06 Die Butterfly
Track 07 Xiao Mi Feng Little Bee
Track 08 Shu Ye De Chong Bai Leaf Worship
Track 09 Bu Pa Not Afraid
Track 10 Da Cheng Xiao Lian Big City Small Relationship

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* If reposting lyrics, please credit Isabelle & avodyssey.net



12 thoughts on “[Lyrics & Download] Angel Suitcase

  1. Robin says:

    Thanks for the lyrics and especially for the album. I’ve played this to death! I just love it and most of all…Jiu Wan Ju
    Just love Vicki!

  2. ammy says:

    hi vicki.i’m ammy. i’m you big big big fan. i love you very very much. you are my dream,my sun,my star. love love love.forever. best wishes for you always.i love your music your albums your movies.my favorite movie red cliff, huan zhu gege, mulan. i love you

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