MV to celebrate 10 years HZGG

My MV to celebrate 10 years HZGG :D. Just want to share with all of you 😀


14 thoughts on “MV to celebrate 10 years HZGG

  1. Beautiful memories! It certainly doesn’t take much to rekindle my AV love, even though my two favorite HZGG moments weren’t included here. 😛 Thanks much, muoibay!

    And btw, may I ask whose version of the themesong is this?

    A second btw – they look sooo young back then! Makes me think I’ve aged much too. 😛 lol.

  2. haha, I don’t exactly have absolute favorite HZGG scenes. Just that while watching the video, I missed two particular ones: when XYZ startled awake in YQ’s arms after having been ‘kidnapped’. And the following scene where they were back at the palace and both vowed to “change” for the other, with XYZ kissing YQ’s cheek from behind. I love those scenes not so much for the dialogues (for there were better ones), but the sparks and chemistry were wowing!

  3. @lyna: Yes, hardly to believe that it’s been 10 years already!

    @TkN: I omited a lot of romantic scenes between them, cause the themesong of this MV is too short 😀 The themesong is the version of QTIE.

  4. tRaCeY says:

    wow its been 10 yrs? dang..
    what swt memories.. what a great series.. sad that they didnt do part 3 though..
    everyone is getting old..haha!!! ^.~

  5. Aww… I absolutely love your music video! It makes me feel sad and happy at the same time. *lol* 10 years! I miss HZGG… Although I am always a fan of AV, I’m not as fanatic as I was before. But after seeing your MV, I now remember why I wanted them to become a real-life couple.

  6. AlecnVicky says:

    Even as time goes by, and our lives becomes even busier and crazier, and eventually..we don’t have time to even do anything else…
    Yet…just watching these clips and the bg music.. it just brings right back those wonderful feelings. It’s like I’m falling in love all over again. *sigh* god I love AV. good times….

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