Vicki's 7th album – Angel Suitcase

Artist: Vicki Zhao Wei
Album: Angel Suitcase
Language: Mandarin and English
Release date: September 5th, 2007

Song List
01] 旧玩具 – Old Toys
02] 天使旅行箱 – Angel Suitcase
03] Morning Love
04] 多爱自己一些 – Love Yourself a Little More
05] 恰恰爱 – Cha Cha Love
06] 蝶 – Butterfly
07] 小蜜蜂 – Little Bee
08] 树叶的崇拜 – Worshiping Plants and Trees
09] 不怕 – Not Afraid
10] 大城小恋 – Big City Small Love


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Please feel free to discuss the album & your favorite tracks with fellow members! 🙂 It’ll be great if someone can translate the song lyrics as well 🙂