AV Odyssey… Back!

First and foremost, I deeply regret the constant delay in AV Odyssey’s reopening. Several setbacks – both online and off – have prevented me from fulfilling the duties of an admin (and a friend). I apologize. On the same note, I am deeply appreciative towards your patience and encouragement during our period of being off the net.

It is no secret that I am no longer a passionate AV fan. [Wait, I see some shocked expressions. Oops! :P] The site is continued due to my sense of obligation/responsibility, and more so – my sense of “kinship” with AV fans.

Though back, the site has many sections still under construction and many more to tweak out, as you can notice. Nonetheless, I could no longer hold back AV Odyssey’s re-opening since we must all be very excited to sample Vicki’s latest album. πŸ˜‰

And what future installments do we have to offer? It is our goal to have the following be uploaded DIRECTLY to our server and made available to ALL members:

  • 20 episodes of OHHJ in Mandarin (14 of which are English subbed, and the rest will continue to be subbed. Subtitling help is always in need if you can lend a helping hand. :))
  • 46 episodes of QSSYMM (Mandarin, and we will soon offer it English-subbed)
  • 48 episodes of HZGG II (Mandarin & Viet-dubbed)
  • 24 episodes of HZGG I (Mandarin & Viet-dubbed)

    Many of the above episodes were made available prior to and/or during our offline period (via a mailing list). If you still have these episodes in your possession and would like to help reupload them to AV Odyssey’s server, I’d be eternally grateful. Please contact me at tkn@avodyssey.net if you are interested. You will be supplied with an FTP account to upload clips directly to our server. [Unfamiliar with FTP? I’ll gladly provide tutorials. :)]

    Comments/suggestions/inquiries are always welcomed! You can leave a message under any post, the Guestbook, or chat away with fellow fans at the Lounge. Alternatively, you can contact me.

    Lastly, please help spread the word around that AV Odyssey is back! πŸ™‚ Thanks!


  • 3 thoughts on “AV Odyssey… Back!

    1. Since my schedule is more than packed and my plate more than full, I’d really appreciate it if you guys can let me know what section of the site I should focus on first. Aside from the list given above, I need to revamp the Gallery, tweak our upgraded Fanfiction, reupload all media (excerpts/newsclips/songs), etc… Where should my priorities lie? Thanks! πŸ™‚

    2. Cadao says:

      GOSH!!! you’re back finally!! Thank you for your hard work TkN.
      For the focused area, I think it should be the media section… Wot dya think?

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