From Larisa – You Yi Ge Gu Niang

With our current releases of HZGG I and II, it is most appropriate to appreciate a song from its soundtrack, non? 🙂 And even more so appropriate to enjoy a rendition from our Musical Contest’s finalist – Larisa:

I’ve received your gift! Thank you very very much ^____^

Well, after all, I would like to thank you all of Vicki & Alec fans who supported and voted for me in the contest. That means a lot to me…hehe…so, I don’t know what to do to thank them enough…so…I sang this…

You Yi Ge Gu Niang:

To download: Right click and press ‘Save Target As’


4 thoughts on “From Larisa – You Yi Ge Gu Niang

  1. Vicky says:

    This isn’t the the HZGG I themesong! It’s one of the HZGG II songs, “There’s a Girl”.(Swallow Album) go to Music Albums on the right side of this website, and click it again, then scoll down to Vicki’s Albums, and Click on the Swallow Album (red).

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