AV Musical Contest – The FINALIST

A wonderful contest it has turned out to be! Brilliant submissions. Beautiful participants. And by participants, I meant not only those who submitted entries, but also those who discussed and contributed to our 190+ comments. 🙂

On a personal note – I thank myself for having hosted this contest. 😛 The fruits bore are unbelievable. I’ve bonded more with those who were merely acquaintances before. I got in touch (finally) with a friend who disappeared on me years ago. 😦 [Yes, Nicole, I’m talking about you. :P] On top of it all, I now reserve the right to stalk four amazing people, from across the globe! 😛

Okay. I’m getting a bit too personal here… Back on track – I’ve learned something. My long, boring introduction to deviate you from the fact that I have to do the evil job of deciding our ultimate winner isn’t exactly working. I’ll still have to face the music nonetheless…

And the Oscar goes to…

Wait, wrong speech! Ay, where’s that little piece of paper I typed up last night? Eh… pardon the intermission as I go searchin… Here it is!!!

AV Odyssey Musical Contest asks for an interpretation of either an Alec or Vicki song. This entry fulfilled said requirement, and went beyond. It was an almost flawless portrayal of hope, love, and nostalgia – the rhythms that often dictate our lives. Though written specifically of a war setting, these notions are pertinent to our modern world. “Station of Separation”, successfully delivered by Larisa, is this contest’s overall winning entry. Congratulations Larisa! 🙂

Let us all appreciate her winning entry once more:


69 thoughts on “AV Musical Contest – The FINALIST

  1. Once again, congratulations Larisa!! 🙂 And a definite pat on the back to everyone who participated!!! *pats self on back* 😛

    I am also very, very happy that some of you suggested a “season two” of our Musical Contest. I’m more than happy to organize it. There will, of course, be some modifications, but I won’t go into details now. Just wondering if you have other inputs/suggestions regarding this? Also, I’m thinking of mid July. Does this date sound reasonable?

  2. Nicole says:

    Congratulations Larisa, very well deserved! 🙂 And a big congratulations on all as well, *pats all of you on the back*, *pats TkN twice for two submissions while whispering you still owe me $5000 USD*

    I never “disappeared* on you TkN lol, our conversations did drop off suddenly, though I did spam you and here occasionally! I think you were just getting too popular and forgot about Nicole 😛 that’s all lolz. Isn’t that what happens when someone gets super famous and forgets about their friends earlier? 😛

    Anyway the musical contest was indeed fun. Perhaps we can try to get more people involved singing next time. I’ll offer some awesome prizes to help out- tell me in advance please TkN!!!, that is if anyone cares about Alec in AV Odyssey, which for the last 3 years I still haven’t found anyone that’s a real fan lol.

    Thanks for the contest TkN, and all that’s involved. The earlier the next one is, the better! 🙂

    Once again congratulations Larisa! And to everyone else, especially our other 3 winners!


  3. Teeko says:

    I knew it, I knew it! “leaning towards the singer” was what I said. Yep yep. Teeko’s a genius. haha jk. Season 2 sounds exciting. Is there suppose to be a theme to it? How about something darrrkkkk. Rawr.

  4. Isabelle says:

    Well done, Larissa!! Wonderful singing!! Congratulations to the other 3 winners as well. 🙂

    How about singing one whole album for season 2? Or would that be too much?

  5. smoothscorpion says:

    AMAZING SOUND LARISA when first time i heared this song i thaught it wei wei .
    man your sound is out standing CONGRATULATIONS YOU ARE A TRUE SINGER .

    TkN she is really good waite ……….i think im geting some thing in my mind ……….i think i get inspaired mybe next time I WELL JOIN THE CONTEST …if there’s another one of course.

  6. I already have preliminary plans for the upcoming (well, July) contest. Ideas are still bouncing in my mind so I won’t express them publicly yet. 😛 But I’ll tell you – it’s gonna be amazing. I was so excited about it I could barely sleep. lol. [I’m serious.]

    It seems to me that most people are more interested in the singing category. I’m curious as to how many singers we have…? Or how many people here know of singers they can persuade to join? Because, I repeat – season two is gonna be FUN, REALLY FUN! 😛 This goes for ALL categories, not just singing, btw. And instead of having an overall winner, a team project will be arranged that’ll prove invaluable to all categories’ winners. It’ll also be an eye and ear feast for the audience. It’s gonna be BIG, I tell ya. 😛 After all, we’re getting sponsorship from generous Nicole here. It’s gonna be HUGE! lol.

    BTW, the idea of a team project isn’t even half as exciting as…. No no. This will be kept hidden in the secret compartment of my brain for the time being. lol!

    And after season 2, I hope my nickname of “evil webmistress” will diminish completely because my backstage role will be very time-consuming. That’s a hint, btw. 😉

    I hope by July, dearest Alec and/or Vicki will release another album. 🙂

  7. BlueRidge says:

    Uh oh, the “…..” webmistress strikes again. Even better? Oh boy, I’ve already said I have no time in July unfortunately, to participate, although with enough time to prepare……I MAY submit a few guestries or so. 😛 We’ll just have to see…..

  8. Nicole says:

    Evil webmistress will probably disappear, replaced by conniving, horrendous, cunning and wicked webmistress… I agree with Marce, tell us!!

    Yeah my sponsorship will make the event awesome haha… to Alec fans that is. My Alec collection of books, cds, vcds, dvds, postes etc et has filled up two huge carton boxes in my room, both heavier and taller than I am >.

  9. Nicole says:

    *stupid emotions cut my post in half… here’s the rest*

    and I have filled up two 320gb hard drives, a 80gb laptop with Alec clips alone… so I have many prizes to give away 😛

    But like I always say, I hardly think there’s a single Alec fan in AV Odyssey lolz. Most people here are either Vicki fans, or too immersed in other things to care about Alec 😛 So I doubt if my sponsorship does anything lolz.

    Perhaps someone might prove me wrong so I can finally shut up 😛 Anyone know the name to this famous song Alec sang? Any, ANY real Alec fan should know it IMMEDIATELY! If you dont know the name in english or chinese, you should know a bit of the background, such as where it came from etc etc. This test is super sensitive and specific, if you don’t know the song, you’re obviously not an Alec fan lol, and you’d better go back to Harry Potter, or worshipping TkN’s boyfriend Lam Fung.

    Here is the song:


    First person to tell me wins the full video of the song, and other great prizes!!

    Now is anyone an Alec fan? lol

  10. BlueRidge says:

    Bleh, you chose a Cantonese song which means nothing to me.

    For a second i thought it might have been 眼泪为你æµ? but not quite, and I have no idea what he’s singing about either….

  11. Marce says:

    BlueRidge: if you won’t have time in July but you have some time now, why don’t you do it now and submit it when the contest is held? and….why guesties and not a “normal” entry? come ooooooooon!!

    Nicole: I’m sorry. I’m not a Alec fan so…I don’t have a clue…. is that your favourite Alec’s song?

  12. BlueRidge says:

    Marce: There are 2 months of the year that are terrible for me, April and July. Since we are nearing the dreaded month, there won’t be time, and May is finals :(, and this year June is conference….*sigh*

    MAYBE I’ll squeeze it in between May and June…. :P:P:P:P

  13. Nicole says:

    Oh come on, people trying to outsmart Nicole again hahaha, learn from TkN, she tried to outsmart Nicole and lost $10000 USD 😛

    å?°åŒ—晚安 was sung by Alec in 1998, when the Taiwanese Government released a compilation CD of many different Taiwanese stars. Alec was one of them, and sung two songs, “good night Taipei” and apparently “鬥陣來打拚”. I still have not verified if Alec did sing 鬥陣來打拚, and I have not located it. But å?°åŒ—晚安 is very popular and well known. å?°åŒ—晚安 is on AV Odyssey, the contributor is Nicole 🙂

    And lol, of course the song has to be mildly difficult! Though a real Alec fan can tell any Alec song even if it’s in a totally different dialect, even his Hokkein songs!!! lolz. 😛

  14. Nicole says:

    Oh and I dug up his Good Night Taipei lyrics, for the interested:


    早ç?­çš„公车 æ¯?天在赶上ç?­
    交错的街é?“ 似乎永远那麼乱
    城市的你我 其实早都已习惯
    拥挤而匆忙 å?ªæ˜¯æ­¥å±¥å?´è¹’è·š
    ç?«çº¢çš„太阳 把头伸出云端
    简å?•çš„å?ˆé¤? 留下ä¿?丽龙的ä¸?安
    立法院门å?£ 围著人群在å‘?喊
    ä¸?管怎麼å?š 总是有人会ä¸?满

    走在回家的路上 蓦然我感到孤å?•
    虽然霓虹的招牌 笑的ä¾?旧ç?¿çƒ‚
    为何人与人的情感 会用金钱æ?¥äº¤æ?¢
    我多麼但愿 回到儿时的摇篮
    é?“一声晚安 点亮梦的开关
    星夜的å?°åŒ— 有我最美的期盼
    走过了黑暗 就是一片晴空蔚è“?
    憧憬的未æ?¥ 我想并é?žé‚£éº¼éš¾

    repeat*�北晚安 �北晚安 �北晚安 �北晚安

    Nicole rocks!! 😛

  15. Nicole says:

    lol no Marce, I have so many Alec songs, that is only a needle in a hay stack… and I just picked it out because it is mildly difficult, and weeds out the non-Alec fans 😛 😛 I’m so evil lol, learnt it from TkN 🙂

  16. Marce says:

    Thanks Nicole!!! Then…you may be able to recommend some of his songs to me….I might become a fan if I also like them 😉

  17. Nicole says:

    What songs are you after Marce? What type of Alec songs? Ones in Cantonese or Mandarin? How did you rate that “unknown” song up there? 😛

  18. Marce says:

    In general, I like slow songs better than fast. The one you posted was not bad, I would say.

    As for the language…well…as you stated some days ago, I don’t understand neither Cantonese nor Mandarin so….I don’t care very much about that….I listen to the melody and to me that’s more important than the lyrics (generally speaking, though there are, of course, exceptions)

  19. Nicole says:

    Great that’s easy, you have similar tastes to me Marce. Many Alec songs are slow romantic ballads. How many have you downloaded from AV Odyssey itself? I think that’s a good basic starting point. Alec has many slow songs, especially in his earlier 1992 to 1995 years. Try this song, and see if you like it: http://www.avodyssey.net/earnest.htm download or play Track 7 “Reluctant to Speak”. That’s one of the good quality slow songs on AV Odyssey 🙂

  20. Marce says:

    hey! I liked it!!!

    To be honest…*blush*…I had never downloaded any Alec songs *blush again*…. except for Cherish -which was recommended by another friend of mine- btw….I liked it too…. what’s you opinion about that one???

    If you don’t mind, maybe…you can e-mail more titles so as not to spam here…to me is the same but I don’t wanna wake up the evil webmistress’ demonds and be punished….


    Thanks for helping me!!!!

  21. All teaming up against me, huh? But you see, I’m made of stronger materials than that. I won’t break down and reveal all my good secrets. 😛 The actual plans for July’s Musical Contest won’t start taking action until mid-May. Likewise with BlueRidge, April is a harsh month for me. 😦

  22. Nicole says:

    That’s a good idea Marce lol, the evil webmistress will probably send me massive viruses that blows up my laptop and my house if I spam too much. I’ve e-mailed you, and I’ll shut up on here before I get blown up…

  23. Marce says:

    Hey TkN!!! Let me suggest something….what if you reveal a bit of your secrets once a week…or…every 2 weeks, eh??

    Come on!! Otherwise, I will leave and come back in Mid-May (yes! I’m warning you!!)

  24. Nicole says:

    lol awesome idea, let’s organise a boycott until TkN reveals everything 😛

    14 downloads already on the “unknown” alec song 😛 Does that mean not ONE out of 14 people on AV Odyssey is an Alec fan!?!?!?! 😦

  25. Marce says:

    yeah..and I went there a couple of times so…don’t feel so disapponted…you’re looking at “cold numbers”….

    I’m with you, Nicole!!! Let’s make that boycott!!!!

  26. In times like this, you know who your true friends are. Friends don’t boycott friends. 😦

    BlueRidge – you’re my only good, true friend here at AV Odyssey. *hic hic* Would you kindly pass along a kleenex please? *cry some more*

  27. Marce says:

    aaawwww….the one who is made of strong materials is crying!!! and trying to convince others with her apparent weakness… poor girl….

  28. I checked yesterday and there were 8 comments. I checked today and there are 39 comments!!! Well, Nicole, I can’t tell the name of the song but I can tell you I’ve heard it before…somewhere… 😛 (BTW, WHY are you reading this??? Aren’t you boycotting TkN???)

    TkN: I’m here! Oh, and I heard that Vicki is due to release an album this year as well.

  29. Nicole says:

    I will be very surprised if you heard the song before HMS lolz. (I don’t think you are an Alec fan 😛 lol) Where did you hear it? 😛

    And LOLOL marce, your #40 comment cracked me up so horribly… LOL!

    HMS, we’re still reading this because we’re convincing people to boycott TkN 🙂

  30. lol TkN will have to reveal her secrets sooner or later if she wants us to participate, right? 😛

    Nicole: I don’t know…it sounds familiar. Or maybe I just convinced myself it sounded familiar. Oh never mind. And I’m AV fan more than a fan of either. 🙂

    Well, I’m of, not to boycott TkN but because I have a mountain of work to do and I’m going out tonight and tomorrow so it’s hitting the books now.

  31. Teeko says:

    I wish Alec and Vicki would release some emo/rock/alternative/metal etc genre. I’d be really excited to hear some of those.

  32. Nicole says:

    Teeko, not to be mean, but I’d rather jump off the harbour bridge if Alec did that lol. I could care less about Vicki though 😛 I think its achieved a general concensus among Alec fans that his slow romantic ballads are the best style he can sing, and the best style suited to him. And from my memory, this is exactly what he’ll do with his album released in the Northern Hemisphere summer holidays 🙂 🙂 🙂

  33. Larisa says:

    lol…well…sorry for a very late comment!
    Anyway I would like to say thank you very much to you guys again!! And TkN…ah I don’t think she’s an evil webmistress at all, hehe.

    Alrite…I’m not a good commenter *blushes* I think I prefer watching you guys..er…talk? 🙂

    P.S. If you have time…feel free to visit me & my songs at My.SoundCicl

  34. Fern says:

    This song is in Cantonese. Unfortunately, I have no idea what it is. *grin* I agree that slow songs suit him well though! Hey TkN, you should have an instrumental contest as well. Post up score sheets of Alec or Vicki’s music (piano ones so that we can play either piano or anything) and you have a brand new category! Then I MIGHT consider taking part. *grin* My singing stinks. =)

  35. Nicole says:

    These are the only 2 Alec songs I play on the piano. Well, it is the only 2 I can find. And I had went through so much to get my hands on them last year.



    I would be extremely amazed if anyone has any other Alec music score sheets (excluding HZGG ones). I’d reward anyone REALLY well if they do…

    Now isn’t Nicole super resourceful? 🙂 Don’t rely on TkN to post up Alec music scores (She’s good in Vicki though!), rely on Nicole 🙂 After all, TkN’s not an Alec fan, and none of the AV Odyssey members we have here are Alec fans, so all we have is Nicole only lol..

    🙂 🙂

    Anyway, enjoy the music sheets. I found them really fun to play on piano.

  36. BlueRidge says:

    TkN: Haha, I won’t boycott :), I may be silent most of the times, but I’ll still check AV Odyssey whenever I come online for updates. 🙂 It’s a wonder how I can stay silent for almost 5 yrs and yet still keep up with everything going on…. 😉

  37. Nicole says:

    I think I’ll go SHOOT that evil webmistress, my message got deleted AGAIN!!! ARGH! 😦 😦 😦

    Edited by TkN: I’ve unspammed your comment, Nicole. When a post contains too many links, it’s automatically interpreted as spams. I’m sorry that this process is extremely inconvenient. But, I’d rather deal with a little inconvenience than have comments promoting porn not be caught by our anti-spam plugin…

  38. ooohhh Nicole!! You play the piano!!! That’s great!!! I want to hear!!!

    Let’s hope that the evil webmistress then pays attention to Fern’s suggestion so that you can also enter the contest in that category!!!

    (she will probably do it because it’s Fern’s suggestion and not ours, Nicole, don’t you think?)

  39. HMSChocolate – Your logic (in comment #45) appeals to me. Now, why can’t everyone think like you? 😉

    Larisa – I just visited your SoundClick. 🙂 “Only Hope” caught my attention right away because I once attempted it. haha. You hit the high notes soooo much better than me! 🙂 When I have more time, I’ll listen to the rest. Thanks for sharing! 😀

    Fern – That is a splendid idea!!! But unfortunately, I don’t have a single score of A/V music. 😦 😦 😦 I see Nicole has generously provided two beautiful piano scores though. 🙂 Wonder if there are violin scores out there…

    BlueRidge – Almost five years????! But AV Odyssey did not open until July 2004! Who… exactly are you? lol. Where have we met before AV Odyssey? Or am I misreading your comment? 🙂

    BTW, we could use this Musical Contest (season two) as an anniversary event for AV Odyssey… July 9th. 🙂 What do you think gals? 🙂

  40. Larisa – I am listening to some of your SoundClick song right now too. Wow! You are a really good singer!

    TkN: July 9th, does that mean voting starts or ends on the 9th?

  41. HSM: I visited your xanga using the link here. I hope you don’t mind….
    I also like Harry Potter but I’m not such a strong fan as you are.
    Nice pictures of the next movie!!

  42. BlueRidge says:

    Obviously I can’t count or keep track of things, ha, so it’s only been 3 yrs? geez, it felt longer than that! 😛 I highly doubt we’ve met since I’ve never been outside of the Eastern Time Zone, except when I was 2…. 😛

  43. HMSChocolate says:

    I think she’s hoping we’re too caught up with Alec’s love life to have forgotten about asking about the contest. 😛

  44. Nicole says:

    I think TkN got terribly mad and annoyed at Marce and I, so instead of us boycotting AV Odyssey, she’s boycotting us. LoL.

  45. If she is boycotting us I’d say her boycott is probably more effective than ours. 🙂 After all, we are just a minority of all the people who come to AV Odyssey, but she’s the only webmistress. Ah…

  46. All right! Since the only answer I got from the evil webmisstress about next contest was “silence”, I’ll leave until mid-May.

    I hope she keeps her word and by that time make the announcements.

    See you then, people and…HAPPY ESTER!!!

  47. No, not boycotting anyone. School just takes priority over spamming. 😛 I’ve moved all comments that aren’t contest-related to our newly opened Lounge. Check it out guys!

    Regarding the Musical Contest – as of earlier this week, all presents have been sent. 🙂 It was a lovely trip for my postal worker. lol. We have a “history” of “disliking” each other; he hates it when I send stuff overseas, and all our winners are from different countries. haha

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