Musical Contest – 23 Instrumentals Available

It’s approaching! It’s coming to theaters networks near you! The deadline for AV Odyssey’s Musical Contest is March 1st, 2007. Mark it! Don’t forget it! 🙂

To refresh your memory, the contest entails FIVE categories: The Singer, The Lyricist, The Artist, The Author, and The Director. More details are provided at

To help participants of Category I – The Singer – we have provided a list of 23 instrumentals, available to download at All 23 songs are from Vicki’s albums, ranging from the days of “Little Swallow” to “Double”.

Many thank to Little Swallow for providing the instrumentals of Vicki’s “Afloat” and “Double” abums. 🙂 If you have instrumentals that aren’t listed above, please share!! 🙂

If you would like to record a song in which instrumental cannot be found, give me a holler. I’ll create a vocal remove for you.

If you love to sing, but wish not to compete (??!?), you are more than welcome to be our guest performer. 🙂 Guest performances will be presented for all to enjoy, but will not be judged and voted upon.

The other four categories are straightforward in descriptions and criteria. But if anything nees to be clarified, let me know. Don’t just let me sit here and rot away, hmm? I want to help! 🙂 Bombard me with questions regarding the contest, regarding the tools you’re using, anything! 🙂

If you’re a friend and you’re not joining, expect me to erase you from my Friends’ list for three months. All right, I kid. But really, I will be VERY heartbroken if you don’t join the fun 😦 😦 😦 <– See, just the thought of it is making me shed tears 😦 😦 😦 Cheer me up, yeah? 😛

I will hunt you down! And trust me, you don’t want a terribly sick person to breathe germs down your throat! 😛

But first, recuit yourself! 😉


7 thoughts on “Musical Contest – 23 Instrumentals Available

  1. Nicole says:

    Oh wow, instrumentals… I never knew they existed, how on earth did you find them little swallow?

    Anyone have instrumentals for Alec’s songs? Oh god, that would be good if anyone has them!!!

  2. On behalf of Little Swallow, I’ll answer. 😛 Wei made karaokes for her songs. We simply extract them. 😛 I don’t have in my possession Alec’s karaokes; actually, I don’t even know if he made them…

  3. Nicole says:

    There is a way of extracting the instrumentals… somehow… Alec never made any instrumentals like Vicki did… well if he did, I bet I’ll know about it 10 years ago!

    When I went back to China recently, I went to a Karoke place with friends. Plenty of Alec songs, and there’s an option to just listen to the instrumentals…

    No idea how you do it… I thought Little Swallow did something to the songs and extracted the instrumentals only heheh

  4. You should have asked the karaoke place where to get those DVDs. Then, I could have extracted the instrumentals for you. 😛

    Little Swallow owns the karaokes to Afloat and Double so it was an easy job to make those instrumentals.

  5. Can you give me the English name to that song so I can check it out? Sorry, I’m pinyin-illiterate. 😛 All these instrumentals are designed to play either on your left or right stereo/ear. Make sure your “Wave” bar (under Volume Control) is centered and not to the farmost right or left.

  6. Little-Swallow says:

    Hee TkN, I really don’t have time to record a song since I can’t go on internet –”
    But hope you guys will enjoy!
    and for Nicole, when I get Internet again I’ll try find some karaoke songs from Alec!

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