A Musical Contest – ENTER NOW!

This is a special contest, hosting five different categories, so do not stop reading, for perhaps you may find one appealing.

Deadline: Saturday, March 10th
Prizes: A year of VIP membership and 1 GB webspace infinitely (unless AV Odyssey closes :P)

1. All submissions must be your own work.
2. Do not enter something you have created long ago.
3. You can enter as many categories as you wish, and can enter more than one submission per category.
4. All inquiries and entries are to be sent to tkn.paradox@gmail.com

[[Category I – The Singer]]

Learn a song originally performed by Alec or Vicki, then make your own rendition. Contact TkN for help in choosing the right recording program, and/or finding the instrumental/vocal removal of the song you wish to sing.

[[Category II – The Lyricist]]

We have had the privilege in knowing the meanings of Alec’s and Vicki’s songs. However, for this challenge, we wish to read new and creative lyrics from you! The only requirement is that these lyrics can be sung to an existing Alec’s or Vicki’s melody.

[[Category III – The Artist]]

We all have certain reflections and interpretations toward a musical piece. Now, turn your thoughts into an artwork. Capture the meanings of the song, according to you, through a graphical representation.

[[Category IV – The Author]]

Write. Let’s write! For this challenge, you are to compose a fictional work that embodies the theme of an Alec’s or Vicki’s song. There is no restriction to length. Be creative!

[[Category V – The Director]]

Create a musical video to accompany a current Alec’s or Vicki’s song. We recommend using Windows Movie Maker, but any suitable program shall do. And of course, Alec and/or Vicki must be the stars of your video.

Most songs of Alec and Vicki can be downloaded here at AV Odyssey.

All entries will be voted upon by visitors to select a winner from each category. TkN will then choose one overall winner from these top five.

I hope we will all have fun with this contest! 🙂 I am very open to new ideas so please share yours. I await your inputs and of course, submissions! 🙂


12 thoughts on “A Musical Contest – ENTER NOW!

  1. Mel says:

    whoa… this is way cool! looking for forward to the entries plus I might join myself, interested in one of the categories ;P

  2. Yup yup. My eyes and ears are everywhere 😉 We have sooo many talents out there. Not just in the singing department, but also graphical arts (still or motion pictures) and writing skills. I really hope for a GREAT turn out 🙂

    Spread the words! Spread the words! haha

  3. HMSChocolate says:

    The writing one sounds like the only one I could do but right now I am suffering from lack of inspiration (and time, to a certain extent).

  4. kiki says:

    haha i’m exactly like Tracey, looking forward to vote… i definitely CAN’T sing, unless you guys want a huge storm to destroy our planet…

  5. Larisa says:

    Hello there, I wonder do you have the instrumental version of ‘Station of Seperation’?(the small orchestra version in the album would be okay) I looked at the instrumental page and couldn’t find it T___T I’d definitely love to join if I could sing that song!

    Thanks in advance!

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