World Chinese Charity Night

Afters months of school, Vicki finally step back into spotlight, along side world politician like former US President Mr. George Bush and other powerful Chinese official. Vicki contribute 20,000 yuan for this charity. Beside her is Faye Wang’s husband. Vicki said she’s getting unfamiliar w/ flashlight of camera. She hopes to succeed in her studying and keeps in low-profile. She’d visited Faye and crippled daughter(from cleft palate) and said she gonna attend Smile Angel Foundation built by Faye n’ her hubbie on Dec. 26, she hopes this wld be meaningful acts and took this chance to promote via media:)


4 thoughts on “World Chinese Charity Night

  1. av infinity says:

    Sorry !……It’s wrong sentence. (Vicki’re pious.)
    It’s correct sentence……..Vicki’s pious.
    Now, I’m very serious about my dissertation coz
    It’s the last semester and year.
    In that way, I type wrong sentence.

    So far…..Alec and Vicki are pious.

  2. HMSChocolate says:

    saw these pics on Spcnet. My first impression was that she really looks tired. the poor girl needs to sleep more. school must be draining her. but how she manages to look tired and gorgeous at the same time is beyond me! 🙂

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