Alec Su News

Hi everyone. I just read today’s news at that Alec along with Ruby have both signed a contract with the Mainland China Company Huayi and got over 100 million for the deal. They will be doing tv ads, albums, movies, series and more. And they are noted as the #1 male and female actors in China.

More info here:
Sorry it wasn’t exactly AV related but here’s something…Alec recently changed his hairstyle too. Here’s the picture from the above news. His hairstyle is now straight jet black. Check out his blog for another wacky hairstyle. He really likes Madonna.


11 thoughts on “Alec Su News

  1. HMSChocolate says:

    I’m sorry, the first impression I got of his hair style was that it looked a bit like Hitler’s hair. :p Let’s just say I prefer his hair a bit less smoothed down. 😀

  2. Tofuboy says:

    Sorry, but have to correct your news there.
    Alec is noted as the #1 male but Ruby can only managed as #4 female lead from HY co. as they already have 3 other female leads who’s join HY first.

  3. mynth says:

    i’m glad to hear some new news about him … but hope he and ruby doesn’t have any special relationships tough …
    i would prefer alec su & vicki … they’re such a perfect match

    ** i’m quite new here so i think i should introduce a little about myself … rite?
    i really like HZGG 1 and 2 since the first time it was shown in Thailand several years ago … so i’ve been interested in the AV news and i’m glad i found this website cuz i cant read chinese (but i’m learning it) ^^ so thanks for all the news .. this AV fansite is really great !!!

  4. candace says:

    TkN – lol i agree! when i saw his hair.. it looked so much like Raymond .. haha

    anyway.. hmm alec and ruby seems to be very good friends.. always hear news about them two doing something togehter..

  5. av infinity says:

    Thanks for news 🙂
    I think Alec’s hairstyle looks like Leonardo DiCaprio.
    I’m very very happy if Alec and Vicki join together.
    I think they always are golden couple.
    I hope Ruby is just friend but Vicki is girfriend
    …….Ha Ha Ha

  6. Laura says:

    I agree! Alec new hair style is so weird but I still like him and I’m kind of sad because Alec and Vicki are not together and they’re my favorite celebrities ever but anyway thanks for the good news!

  7. Isabelle says:

    Alec’s hair style is weird like Laura said, but to me he’s face is still as adorable as ever so I still like him!

    I wish that it is AV instead of AR. C’mon Vicky, where are you?

    I went to his blog to take a look and discovered that it’s hard to understand…well, to me. I planned on writing a comment but I didn’t know which button was for what. My chinese isn’t that great so yeah.

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