Beijing Motor Exhibition

Vicki was an honor model of the brand “Chrysler” in Beijing Motor Exhibition on Nov. 18


7 thoughts on “Beijing Motor Exhibition

  1. vickimyhero says:

    it seems that shes got a new hairstyle, i liked it the way it was before. this new style just doesn’t fit her. what do you guys think?

  2. Tofuboy says:

    I agree, Vicki’s new hairstyle doesn’t suit her.
    It make her look older whereas her previous hairstyle made her look younger and really pretty. Not that she isn’t now but I prefer her previous hairstyle. Just my two cents.

  3. LittoShortyme says:

    wow, vicki is soo skinny, she looks anarexic. wat kind of stress has she been going through, she should be over her boyfriend. but i’m glad she is still active. i sure hope she goes back to ancient series with funny roles.

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