Fast Track Love Screencaps & Theme Songs

Hey everyone. I just wanted to share some screencaps I took from the preview clip they had on CSTV. I also recorded the theme songs to the drama while watching it online. Lu Yi sings at the beginning of the drama and Vicki sings at the end where the credits come up.  Enjoy!!

 Part 1 of screencapsPart 2 of screencaps


10 thoughts on “Fast Track Love Screencaps & Theme Songs

  1. mei says:

    ahh… it made sense.

    I’ve heard a lot of chinese artists who sing in english and don’t understand how the words flow. I felt her word choice REALLY fit the song.

    kudos to vicki

  2. Lyna says:

    Thanks for sharing ! I wasn’t expecting Vicki to sing in English but she actually she sounded pretty good and the lyrics was really sweet.

  3. Kai Lien says:

    Thanks so much, Ane! Vicki’s song is really nice, I like it a lot. Do you know where we can see the MV or did you cap it from tv?

  4. by the way, where can i actually watch this show from??? i mean u said u watched it online.. hehe. i am in the states now so i really have no idea how i can watch it.. help please

  5. Ane says:

    well to answer everyone’s question. i watched it on but it’s over now. i recorded the songs from the show. and there is no music video (that i know of). i know it’s playing on other sites but i dont know what they are. im sorry >_

  6. hi!
    i’m wondering if you can upload the files on zupload instead?
    i can’t get into the putfile website, my network blocks it.
    i really would want to hear vicki sing in english.


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