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Since its beginning days, AV Odyssey promised to bring forth all sources of AV entertainment. But it seems the diversified talents amongst AV fans are buried within the hunger of AV downloads. Let us not forget, however, that fictional writing is an art much harder to achieve. Let’s revive the forgotten, albeit much deserving of your attention, creative corner!

Authors – We offer a stable fanfic board, an easy text editor with many customizing options, and much more! Readers can easily subscribe to your fictions, and you can further announce your updates by posting in this blog. Additionally, AV Odyssey offers free postermaking and reviewing services upon request. Join the fanfic board now and spread the words. Let’s gather all wonderful AV stories around the globe onto one place. πŸ™‚

Readers – Please give the following fanfictions their well-deserved recognition and support! πŸ™‚ Enjoy the wealth of AV literature and give a feedback or two. Remember, fanfic authors survive on your comments and constructive criticisms! πŸ™‚

Directory of current fictions:

Title: Alec’s Victoria’s Secrets
Author: Ashi
Genre: Romance, Incomplete
Description: Following the pathway to her twin sister’s killer, she found herself as a subsitute — his wife’s subsitute.

Title: Between Black and White
Author: Ashi
Genre: Romance, Incomplete
Description: Alec Su You Peng – Shang You Peng Vicki Zhao Wei – Qing Wei Wei Nicolas Tse – Yi Ting Feng Ruby Lin – Ja (Shang) Xin Ru To Act or Not To Act? When he accepted the job from a second cousin of the last emperor, Shang You Peng had no earthly idea what he was getting himself into. Was he supposed to act like he always does on stage? Or was he supposed to act like a true husband to a woman who knew nothing about him and about her pass life? Or will he help her regain her memory, breaking a bargain at the same time and… Taking the Act In. Qing Zhao Wei, not wanting to hurt the man she could not remember a bit, agreed with a nod to continue the wedding. To a surprise, she regained the memory of him that was never a memory when she was thrown off Luy. Not only did You Peng awake the memory of her past, but he awoke the burning passion that lay deep inside of her that could have never been arise…

Title: Forward
Author: kennyx
Genre: Romance, Drama, Incomplete
Description: Alec is an orphan that came to live with Vicki’s family, but because of his tramatizing childhood he doesn’t want to become a parent. Vicki on the other hand is a busy woman that she has no time to be with any one. Working late and all. She became desperate to have a family but she want Alec to be the father of her children. What would she do?

Title: Huan Zhu Ge Ge 3
Author: Kookie
Genre: Romance, Drama, Incomplete
Description: I would like to say that in this HZGG3 I have changed XYZ a lot. Hopefully I will try to show my how XYZ is in my opinion…How she really is!!! My story picks up around 2 and a half year after the wedding.

Title: The Last Battle
Author: leidihi
Genre: Romance, Drama, Incomplete
Description: Cassie (Vicki) has been forbidden to go to her prom by her strict disciplinarian father. But her crush, Ross (Alec), has a trick or two up his sleeve that just might change all of that.

Title: Love of no Results
Author: jqliang
Genre: Romance, Incomplete
Description: Alec’s family planned to move to Anhui from Taipei because of his family business. But our 16 years-old Alec Su (Wei Xiong) protested. he did not want to go. however, he did not have a choice. he went to Anhui and met Vicki in her school. luckily, they both were in the same class. they started to like each other, and the romatic love began

Title: A Mutual Perspective
Author: Piper
Genre: Romance, Incomplete
Description: Just months after the war, official Alec Su returns to find his homeland in a state, and he must take charge to rebuild it. Moreover, he discovers his love, Zhao Wei, has disappeared, with their son. In order to find her, he must go back to the memories 5 years ago…

Title: Nothing In My Way
Author: Teeko
Genre: Romance, Action, Comedy, Drama, Incomplete
Description: Alec Su is a man with only superiority and control on his mind. It is and always has been. Women were just for fun. Vicki Zhao is a woman with only ambition and advantages on her mind. It is and always will be. Men were useless. If the two meet, whether it’s to combine or repel each other, it’s going to be a whole lot of excitement. Love, crime, and passion lurks for these two. What sort of stirring escapades will they perform? Minor story includes Ming Dao and Joe Chen Qiao En

Title: On the Wings of Love
Author: mCz
Genre: Romance, Completed
Description: Their love is going on separate ways. No matter how far they have been seperated, their love will always be in each other’s heart. They’ve known each other since their still young, but fate is not on their hand. Would they have the chance to meet again and continue their love story? Would ther be any chances for them not to meet again and end their love story?

Title: Raining Love
Author: leidihi
Genre: Romance, Action, Comedy, Drama, Incomplete
Description: This story follows the main characters of Huan Zhu Ge Ge as they embark on a new journey and chapter in their lives. The first chapter starts the morning after the last episode of Huan Zhu Ge Ge II.

Title: Sacrifices
Author: kimma
Genre: Romance, Incomplete
Description: Once he drags her into a brocken down alley, something unexpected happens. An unexpected friendship happens and it grows stronger into something even more both are unwilling to admit to…

Title: Shadows of Romance
Author: Iris Lim
Genre: Romance, Incomplete
Description: Alec and Vicki are both superstars of Asia, yet their lonely hearts still search for answers. Will their fame and glamour bring them together or tear them apart?

Title: To Have & To Hold
Author: Lei
Genre: Romance, Drama, Incomplete
Description: Set in Europe during the nineteenth century, this is a tale of conflicting social classes-and conflicting hearts

Title: Unbreak Your Promise
Author: TkN
Genre: Romance, Drama, Incomplete
Description: It’s a story of bitterness, angst, but also dreams. For some, dreams are merely illusions, impossible fantasies. For others, dreams are to make come true… But what is truth? Will truth bring separation? Will truth bring a man into jail? Will truth bring strength? But what is the willpower of human beings? Can it wait fifteen years for freedom, for love, for a chance at happiness?

Title: Unshed Tears
Author: TkN
Genre: Romance, Drama, Completed
Description: A story of hopes, dreams, and aspirations. It’s a story of which purpose is to mirror life and those that are in it – human beings. Can a soul that never leaves its home since the age of 13 resurrect? Can it find happiness despite its painful past? Can it find resolution despite its unraveling mysteries?

Title: What’s Worth
Author: Val
Genre: Romance, Drama, Incomplete
Description: Alec lost Vicki years ago and regretted it everyday of his life. However, when she reappeared into his world again, it was a question of whether he had a second chance. Vicki is the most important person to him, but will fate let him have her again? Will he give himself a chance to restore the love they once had?

Title: A World Without You
Author: Heavenztears
Genre: Romance, Drama, Incomplete
Description: Alec and Vicki have been friends for a very long time. This story goes as “The Girl Next Door” happenning. Alec slowly notice he’s in love with Vicki, but what does she thinks about him? Does she loves him, too?


4 thoughts on “AV Fanfiction – the forgotten creative corner

    • We unfortunately closed down the fanfic section as AV Odyssey is now more or less an archive of AV media and news, rather than an interactive and up-to-date resource. I simply don’t have the time to keep maintaining AV Odyssey like how I originally wanted it to be. I hope you understand.

      I am, however, still writing stories that feature Alec and Vicki. If you are interested, you can check them out at http://tknportrait.wordpress.com/fictions


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