AV Alikes – The Necklace

Note: AV Alikes is an ongoing feature where fans observe and critique the similarities shared between Alec & Vicki – part of the reasons for their undeniable chemistry 😛 If you spot an AV alike, be sure to share with us your findings! 🙂

#1 – The Necklace

We’ve watched as both Alec and Vicki decided to transform their image from being cute to mature and sexy. [We can argue whether or not their current image is mature and sexy, but we can’t deny the fact that they both followed the same path at the same time!] What does a necklace have to do with all of this? Nothing. And that precisely is the intriguing mystery! A chain, a piece of jewelry, does little to their new image, then why are they particularly fond of one certain style? Could there be hidden meanings? Let us observe closely…

Alec in Aegean Sea and promotional activities

Note that Alec wears the same necklace throughout Aegean Sea – that’s 40 episodes! 

Vicki at My Dream Girl promotions

Alec & Vicki in modeling

Note that Alec wears the same necklace in 200 pages of his pictorial album.  

Vicki at Beijing Film Festival

AV in daily routines

As we can see, Alec and Vicki wore the same necklace be it for significant occasions or just a regular pose for the camera. We can accept the fact that every star likes to change his/her image for a new effect, but… wearing a similar (or identical) necklace… Doesn’t that sound suspicious? Wonderfully suspicious! It seems the rendition below is not far from reality…


10 thoughts on “AV Alikes – The Necklace

  1. TkN says:

    This article was written quite awhile back (as some of you may have noticed) so I do apologize for having recycled it. But, future entries should be brand new. 🙂

  2. Sunny says:

    we knew all along vicki used to say she n’ alec always have the same alike…..maybe she watched some TOLAS scenes too:P

  3. Laura says:

    I’m sorry to say this but in this picture that is not Vicki. It’s a fanart picture from fotki.com. It’s a fan of Alec and someone actually put Vicki’s face on there. As you know Vicki is allergic to real and fake jewelry. It’s definitely not her if you look very closely to the picture many times and especially the skin tone doesn’t match to the face. It’s not Vicki for sure.

  4. Phương Thanh says:

    Ôi , nhìn lại cái AV art chị làm , trông quá perfect :X

    Em phải cám ơn nó đấy, hớ hớ, chính nhờ nó mà hơn 3 năm trước, em mí bít chị là ng VN , thía là…. là lá la . Hehe .

    Chị ui, chị add em là Phương Thanh đi, lúc đầu cũng định mún lấy là chip_vicki nhưng thui, ở AV hổng quen nick đó , hihi .

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