Warriors of Heaven and Earth

Synopsis: As a general’s daughter, Wen Zhu (Zhao Wei) is never afraid. With this courage, she joins Japanese soldier Lai Xi (Nakai Kiichi) and Lieutenant Li (Jiang Wen) to transport a caravan across the Gobi Desert. Master An (Wang Xueqi), however, has plans to stop them and steal the miniature pagoda. They met in combat and Wen Zhu bravely fought in a warrior’s suit. Outnumbered, they lost and Lai Xi sacrificed his life. Will the pagoda protect them from Master An and his men?

Vicki’s acting: I was well aware of her small role before watching the movie. But despite so, I was disappointed as the insignificant role creates no solid impact. Often times, it seems Wen Zhu’s only purpose in the movie is for decoration – a beauty the audience would love to admire. It seems I cannot judge her acting in this movie (aside from her powerful cry when Lai Xi passed away) but only her beauty.

Lasting impression: The moment “Little Monkâ€? appeared, I was intrigued with his serene, mystifying aura. The movie did a great job contrasting his calmness to the chaotic surrounding. And as equally calm and confident is Master An, who plays music despite the situation. But aside from these unique characteristics, I’m not impressed with the movie. It’s about warriors – their honor, their pride, their courage – but I find the fighting scenes to be a twirling mist more than an artistic or gruesome approach.

Rating: 2.5/5


One thought on “Warriors of Heaven and Earth

  1. AVfan4ever says:

    I like the movie “Warriors of Heaven & Earth”, only because Zhao Wei’s in there! hehe ^^
    Oh…by the way, did you know “Little Monk” was a girl? ^_^

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