So Close

Synopsis: Sue (Zhao Wei) and Lynn (Shu Qi) are known as Computer Angels, but also… Computer Viruses. Their job is to kill, as assassins. Unfortunately, their identities are soon discovered by agent Kong Yat Hong (Karen Mok), a worthy adversary no doubt. While helping Sue escape the chase of Hong and her co-workers, Lynn passed away. Can Sue, one who never kills, avenge her sister’s death? And more importantly…. How?

Vicki’s acting: Once again, Vicki convinces the audience that we cannot resist her charms as she portrays a bubbly, carefree Sue. But don’t let her XiaoYanZi-like zest fools you. Deep inside, Sue is a person of determination and a strong urge to lead her own life. Her playful moments with Lynn are adorable. Her fights with Lynn leave tension in the air. Her sword movements almost deadly. But most of all, her tears and remorse are convincing. To sum it up: a job well done, Vicki!

Lasting impression: In all honesty, I find myself more intrigue with Shu Qi’s performance. Her acting shows maturity and even a little mystery. I can see her constantly in turmoil with her complicated background and career. And the most beautiful scene is of her death. The sisterhood and loyalty portrayed touched me deeply. She died whilst saving her sister, and a peaceful smile escaped her lips as the image of Sue escaping the police officers became her last view of the world.

Rating: 3.75/5


4 thoughts on “So Close

  1. Marce says:

    What can I say about So Close? This film has definetely changed my life. It all began when I rented it -just by chance-. I liked the plot I read in the box. But….when I watched it for the first time!!!!!!!!! I fell in love with Vicki and immediately started looking for information about her. Among other things I have a new idol now -Vicki, of course- and some new friends to whom I met thanks to our love towards Vicki Zhao Wei!!!!! New friends are something REALLY special in a person’s life. Any doubt about the influence of this film on me??

  2. charieokie says:

    Hey! I have a question. What is this movie rated – pg-13, etc.?
    Also, did anyone find it inappropriate, cuz i’m about to watch this but don’t know if I should or not….

  3. TkN says:

    I’m holding the DVD’s cover and I don’t see any rating… But, in my opinion, it’s definitely appropriate. 🙂

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