Shaolin Soccer

Synopsis: Ah Mui (Zhao Wei) is an ugly duckling; the abundant pimples on her face attract bugs. Consequently, she has no love life, not even a close friend to understand her feelings. She works at a street stall, using her kung fu to produce the finest buns. Later on, she uses these skills to help bring home the championship to Sing’s (Stephen Chow) soccer team.

Vicki’s acting: I applaud her gallantry for taking this role as it never once reveals her beautiful face, much to my dismay. But her role is insignificant, limiting her acting potential greatly. In fact, I find it quite a waste of her talents because aside from being ugly, she conveys no other message to the audience.

Lasting impression: The soccer tournament is a feast for the eyes. I’ve always liked an action movie (if it’s not too brutal), and combining with comedy and my favorite sport, it rocks! And I especially liked the very ending in which a commoner parked her car using kung fu. Totally creative!

New review: I rewatched Shaolin Soccer last night, this time, not having my full observation on Zhao Wei, but the entire movie. And because I started understanding the movie more, I understood Ah Mui better. Shaolin Soccer is not just a comedy; it’s an inspiring tale of people who dared to dream the impossible. Likewise, Ah Mui is not simply an ugly girl; her character has depth, beautiful depth. She wishes to be beautiful, to be loved. And when these wishes did not come true, she never weakens. Instead, she offers the world her talents, and the world loves her and thinks her beautiful.

I praise Zhao Wei not only for her courage to portray an ugly girl, but also her good jugdment in choosing this script. In this movie, she once again proved herself a versatile actress.

Rating: 3.5/5


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