Romance in the Rain

Synopsis: Yi Ping (Zhao Wei) grows up hating her father and it seems her strongest will for survival is to make him and his loved ones suffer. But revenge is a double-edged sword. Yi Ping soon falls in love with Shu Huan (Leo Ku), a man who her half-sister, Ru Ping (Ruby Lin), is madly attracted to when her only intention was to play with his emotions and watch Ru Ping suffer. These intentions and plans were recorded in her diary, and the moment Shu Huan’s eyes glanced over them, he coldly left Yi Ping, before she could give him any explanations. Soon after, Shu Huan asked for Ru Ping’s hand in marriage. When Yi Ping left the engagement party, she drowned herself in the river…

Alec’s acting: As Du Fei, his main duty is to serve as a comic relief (although quite unnecessary as the series is more of a laughing stock than a sorrowful romance). Alec’s acting is a bit dramatic, but quite intentional. The goofy eye glasses are hard to adjust to, and perhaps that’s the reason why I didn’t enjoy his obnoxious performance as I did with Vicki’s Xiao Yan Zi portrayal. Nevertheless, he pulled through. I could never forget his silly yet charismatic actions for he seems to be the only selfless person in this entire series!

Vicki’s acting: I find her acting is best in this series whenever she sings on stage. The emotions very apparent in her eyes and voice. But when it comes to dialogues with Shu Huan, I find them quite dry. Worse is that she cannot cry convincingly. However, her drunken performance at Shu Huan’s engagement party with Ru Ping is very impressive. The moment she steps into the party, her every motive was written on her face. Although the fainting could have been improved, the entire scene was effective. Vicki has lots of potential when it comes to acting, but I think this role wasn’t quite meant for her.

Lasting impression: Leo Ku. Words alone can’t demonstrate my dislike toward him. -lol- But the immensity had cooled down; before, I thought I can spend days (though I haven’t done so) analyzing his weaknesses as an actor. Now, I don’t have that energy to waste. -lol- But mainly why do I dislike him? The bias formed when he was paired with Vicki, instead of the perfectly compatible Alec Su You Peng. -lol- But I’m not that shallow, am I? I gave him a chance. But he crumbled it. Firstly, his outlook. Eyes that betray. Aside from my “obsession” with colors, I also love eyes. -lol- Like our ancestors have stated, eyes are the windows to our souls. And Leo’s eyes portrayed betrayal, in my judgement. He seems unfaithful (and how true to his character in QSSYMM). Lips that lie. They say that if our upper lip is much thinner than our lower one, then we have the tendency to lie, and to lie frequently. Now, does TkN believe in this? It’s not proven scientifically, then I don’t believe it. 🙂 I dislike his lips, nevertheless. They move so awkwardly, often times giving me the impression that he is a rude speaker. Perhaps my former bias kicked in then. But while we are on the topic of “moving” objects… His legs. I’ve never seen a guy walk so “prettily”. I had a great laugh when seeing Leo and Vicki walk side by side. He seems to care more about how he walks than she does! One leg crossing in front of the other, so precisely and almost carefully. Don’t guys just walk straight? I might seem odd for “caring” so much on his outlook. And honestly, I don’t care about how handsome one is. But he’s an actor, and his outlook is a part of his career. And because I’m discussing and analyzing him as an actor, I must take outlook into consideration. 🙂 And I’m not saying he’s ugly, just that his looks send messages that aren’t necessarily pleasant. -lol- Now, digging a little depper shall we? His acting potential. Sad to say, I will be harsh and say it’s next to 0. When he first notices Yi Ping, it should be “love at first sight”. For a brief second, I can see that in his eyes (yeah, the betrayal ones lol). But what irony occurs next!

When Alec comes home and notices Vicki, his eyes send more loving sparks than Leo’s! I was rather confused, “Du Fei and Shu Huan will fight for Yi Ping’s love? But didn’t the synopsis I read said that Du Fei falls for Ru Ping?” So if we be critical, Alec didn’t play his role well at that moment. But being the AV fan, I just love it! -lol- I thought, “Hmm… rather interesting! What does this mean? He’s so used to seeing her with loving eyes from their previous films that he wasn’t in character, portraying Du Fei?” But let’s not side-tracked. 🙂 Shu Huan, in Qiong Yao’s world, is a perfect guy. One who all respect, admire, and well… love. But Shu Huan was far from being perfect. He was unfaithful, irresponsible, and disrespectful. Should I blame the script or the actor? Both. Upon finding Yi Ping’s diary, he left her, so cold-heartedly. I can’t believe Qiong Yao wrote the scene in which Yi Ping was on the floor, pulling onto Shu Huan’s leg. A gentleman could not possibly brushed off her hand and walked away. [This is where I was glad Alec didn’t take Shu Huan’s role, even if that means more screening time with Vicki.] But this bad scene could be better if Leo would have a remorseful look, or one that portrayed conflicted and uncomfortable thoughts. He didn’t. Instead, he was plainly cold. Where is his heart? Did he truly love her? Who is Ru Ping to him? How could he state his love for her, seemingly sincere? Bad script, but bad acting, nonetheless. When he said those three words (or the equivalent as I can’t recall the details), aren’t there conflicts in his morals? Couldn’t see any of that being portrayed. And he gallantly told the father that he *truly* loves Ru Ping. In fact, there was a string of empty promises. Extracted from episode 28: “I would like your approval to date Ru Ping. We love each other, and want to live together forever.” ; “I’ve decided to live with Ru Ping. I will remain loyal to Ru Ping. I am sincere.” ; “I love Ru Ping.” ; “Facing Ru Ping, I have no resistance.”

Did he not know himself that he’s lying? Is he in denial? When Yi Ping appears at the wedding, he left Ru Ping to run after Yi Ping. If I’m Yi Ping, I’d leave him for he is too flawed. He said he “loves” you, but left before you could give him a good explanation as to why you wrote such words within your diary. True love requires understanding, trust, and forgiveness. He gave her none of that, until it was much later, although not too late (because Yi Ping was too naive). I say naive because you honestly cannot trust someone who doesn’t even understand himself! He goes back and forth between the sisters because he was confused, or perhaps misled. What right does he have to play with their emotions like that? How could you believe, ever again, his words? Are they true? Or are they spoken when he was confused? Honestly, I’d start falling for Du Fei instead. -lol- Although a comic relief that serves not much purpose aside from delivering laughter to the audience with his “nonsense” and pairing with Ru Ping so she won’t end up alone, Du Fei is at least loyal. Loyal to his friends and love. An actor needs to convince me of his character. I think Qiong Yao wants Shu Huan to be an imperfectly perfect guy. She wants him to have the heart for others, but ended up being badly wounded from his true love that he nurtures his wounds “incorrectly”, and soon ended up in confusions. I see none of that in the actor, nor did I see anything that could make sense with the plot. People praise him, the character, for many qualities, and I could not see them in Leo.

Rating: 1.5/5 (purely out of pity)


20 thoughts on “Romance in the Rain

  1. aurelia says:

    wow, TkN, you’re sure give a “harsh” critique on this series expecially Leo’s character. But I am totally AGREE. Every sentences that you wrote is exactly how I felt about Shu Huan. I think that the main reason why I dont own QSSYM VCDs. I just dont like the characters. Not being bias here ,lol, but I think Du Fei is the best in this series, even Yiping character, I’m not really like it.

  2. Lily says:

    I knew there was a reason I didn’t connect to this series when I watched it. I loved HZGG from the first series but QSSYMM disturbed me somehow. Disturbed me even more when Leo played Yong Qi in HZGG III. Everything you said about Shu Huan here – the coldness, the insincerity – was so obvious in his portrayal of Yong Qi in HZ III. Not to go off track but I think there was too much of QSSYMM in HZ III that I really think Qiong Yao was running out of ideas.

  3. cutecat says:

    I had seen some eps of Romain in the Rain. I had to so agree with you on the plot of the series is so boring and Leo is making it so worser than ever. hehehe. Seeing Vicky Zhao and Leo being together didn’t give me any chill like see her with Alec. Through out the series I keep waithing for a scene where Alec and Vicky together alone. I haven’t see it yet. I seen some scene where they talking to each other and I don’t know if it just because I love HZGG I and II too much but I saw alec and Vicky was such much more comfortable around each other and more chemistry. even if it just a few second but I can see in thier eye and their body languege. heheheh. I think the director know it too so that why he didn’t give them any scene where they are alone together. lol. Amyway I give up one the seires. didn’t finish it. have fun watching alec acting funny. notvery good at it but still it kind of cute and make me laugh. Love Vicky acting and singing in there. Can’t watch the story go on anymore and Leo.

  4. AndieVo says:

    woooow only 1.5/5 ??
    ok, I know you don’t like..err… can’t stand Leo Ku!
    But Zhao Wei did a good job (even though her playback on several songs wasn’t that good…)! Her acting was good when she played Yi Ping turning crazy!
    And Alec was funny!! so … 2,2/5 ? lool

  5. Teeko says:

    Poor Leo. Although I have no sympathy for him as well… he was horrible. The way he spoke, was as if he was trying to get something out of his mouth. I don’t see why both girls have to fight over him in the series. Clearly none of the male leads were to die for. Alec was pretty lame too. No offense. =P

  6. TkN says:

    Andie – but if I watched the series in its original language, then my review would be lengthened with criticisms on Leo’s voice 😛

  7. Well I’ve just Rewatched Romance in the rain again ( kinda rewatching av series lately … also hzgg!!) and i still cant stand Leo .. (mayb cuz i’m a AV fan’).. but omg hes um um ..ugly !! (no offensive ) but i do think Vicki did a good job as Lu Yi Ping…
    as for Du fei.. srry but gimme a break Alec & offense but i dun like Ru ping!! Du fei was funni but i couldn’t stand the way he was chasing Ru ping!! and dey just dun fit togehter …there were no chemistry between them! I just enjoyed the scens where Yi Ping & Du Fei talked to each other.. and when she hugged him..i was like WHAOOO!! hmm when u watch QSSYMM… u hafta forget that Yi ping is vicki ..the XYZ in hzgg ..and du fei the YQ in hzgg!!!

  8. mei says:

    lmao. it’s just that Alec and Ruby don’t seem to go as well as Alec and Vicki.

    Honestly… I felt the Alec’s character was kind of lame in this series. I did however, really enjoy Vicki’s character. I LOVED her singing and outfits on stage in this movie.

    Mmm… his voice isn’t THAT bad =D

  9. SakuraCN says:

    QSSYMM is not my all time favorite. I enjoy watching Vicki play her role as Yi Ping. As a feminist I am, i think she did a great job potray Yi ping and i’m impressed of how much effort she put in to keep her pride. Considering the setting of the drama, women didn’t have as much advantage as they did today, so i was glad that it was Vicki and noone else played that role. But like every woman’s weakness, she eventually break down for a man….a man that’s not even worth it.
    It was disappointing enough that this is not an AV series, but Leo did a HORRIBLE job as Shu Huan. (**I like watching it in Vietnamese because i dont have to stare at the screen through the whole show to read subtitle**) Luck for me, i dont have to look at the screen when they zoom in on Shu Huan’s face. When Yi Ping was down on her knees hugging his legs, asking him for forgiveness….i couldn’t stand watching her suffered that i supposely skipped a few eps just to get through to the ending.
    I never liked the idea of Du Fei and Ru Ping together. I think Du Fei deserve better…Throughout the whole series, he put in a lot of effort to court her, and always be there for her. And Ru Ping was hurting nonstop him by pursuing the unattainable Shu Huan. But with that personality, of course, is what make him the better character in the series.
    As for minor characters, i despise the arrogrant older brother the most (which i forgot the name) and pretty much everyone else in the Lu family (*except Yi Ping’s mother).

    Watching this series just want to make me wish that everyone dies in the war and leave only Du Fei and Yi Ping alive so they will eventually get together >.

  10. BlueRidge says:

    Leo’s voice in QSSYMM is dubbed, in the mandarin version at least, dunno aobut cantonese. The same dubber also dubbed HZGG3, that’s why they both sound the same. I’ve heard his mandarin and it’s ot nearly as good as the person who dubbed him! He speaks cantonese and it’s evident from his mandarin songs that he sings he doesn’t speak mandarin on a daily basis!

    BTW, the entire episodes of QSSYMM and HZGG3 were both said in cantonese by Leo, he couldn’t do it in mandarin, that’s why he was dubbed, it would’ve been worse had it been in his orignial voice!

  11. AV4ever says:

    I watched this series before Huan Zhu Ge Ge. On the scene where Du Fei gave Yi Ping the glass of wine, I thought “Hey! why don’t Yi Ping just date Du Fei instead?!” Then right after that, like one week later, along came Huan Zhu Ge Ge! WHAT A BIG COINCIDENCE!!! I was really surprised and excited!!! lol!

  12. Fern says:

    Sandy, when did Yi Ping and Du Fei hug in QSSYMM? I never really paid alot of attention to the series due to the fact I’m an AV fan. Qiong Yao made a mistake in the pairing. *grin* You just cannot separate star-crossed lovers. That sounds so cliche. Hehehe.

  13. kiki says:

    wouah, you guys are harsh^^
    well i thought Leo and Vicki made a good couple…actually i’m not a complete AV fan^^ *haha i guess i’ll have to hide myself* in the beginning i admit i was a bit confused seeing vicki not with Alec but with Leo but as the series went by, i thought there was a real chemistry between them…of course Leo can improve his acting but imo he wasn’t THAT bad. i didn’t like at all Alec’s character, although, it was too exagerated. Ruby had once again the sweet girl part, at times i really wanted to kick her…
    anyway, vicki was great, and i love all her songs^^

  14. fs says:

    is these videos romance in the rain have english subs since i can’t understand anything without english subs. please let me know… nesides this question this is the #1 drama listed in my saddest drama list. A great one.

  15. Rose says:

    totally agree with the whole shu huan critique
    such a disturbing, unfaithful, cold hearted, two timer, loser ;P i.e. he sucks
    I didnt like his character much in HZGG 3 either, he ruined the whole character Alec successfully built
    I felt sorry for yi ping since she fell in love with a guy who was nearly going to marry her half/step sister. And even after the whole yi ping gone crazy incident i dont feel that Shu huan felt truly remorseful, i remenber in one scene where his like if we dont find ru ping we cant be together nemore.
    In conclusion, lol i loath Shu huan xD but Yi ping acting was still good ;]

  16. cxb says:

    I am a feminist and I love kickass heroines, but Yi Ping was extremely unreasonable and that was the main reason the drama was hard to watch. (It’s not Zhao Wei, I loved her as Xiao Yan Zi.) Also, the whole breaking up and getting back together thing with Shu Huan and Yi Ping was just irritating (though I don’t dislike Shu Huan like a lot of other people it seems). It’s strange that I actually liked Ru Ping’s nature and no matter what she did, she somehow still seemed genuine to me, or maybe it was just because I couldn’t stand Yi Ping so much (especially the scene where she threw down Ke Yun’s “child” and told her to wake up – you just don’t treat mental patients like that). I personally felt like the plot was too much of a roller coaster – it didn’t flow as well as I expected. The step mother was too evil that it made the story seem fake half the time, but I did like the calmer moments of the story. Overall, good music, some good characters, some annoying ones, a bit too dramatic but still romantic. I guess it was okay, but not nearly as classic as Princess Returning Pearl.

  17. Melz says:

    Yeah… I truly agree with all of you there.
    Shu Huan here was really disturbing!!
    Geez… I just love to see Alec and Vicky together in the same movie.
    But Alec as ShuHuan????!! No way!!!
    He deserves a better character which is why I enjoyed his role as Du Fei.
    Not mentioning about his crush with Ru Ping, Gosh!!!
    No chemistry at all!!
    And I agree with Rose.
    Leo ruined everything that Alec built as Yong Qi!!!

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