Old House Has Joy

Synopsis: Xiao Peng (Alec Su) follows his grandpa’s instructions to claim back their estate, the property in which Ji Xiang (Vicki Zhao) lives in. But instead of completing his duty, he falls head over heels for the beautiful and kind-hearted Ji Xiang. As their feelings deepened, the inevitable happened: Xiao Peng’s arranged fiance comes. Soon, one obstacle stumbles upon another. And a great shock greets them: Xiao Peng and Ji Xiang are cousins…

Entertwined within the youthful romance is a forbidden love between Su San (Alec Su) and Li Mei (Vicki Zhao), whose families are adversaries. Will they overcome their impediment? And how are they related to Xiao Peng and Ji Xiang?

Alec’s acting: When Alec first appears on my TV screen, I thought, “Wow, he looks heaps better with hair!â€? And the moment he takes off his sunglasses, I thought no one has done that simple action better! -lol- Alec did a good job portraying a young comic artist and the lover of Vicki. 😛 And as Su San, I love how he greets Li Mei each time he sees her on the street – with a simple nod and his book swaying to the side. Even with thick glasses and a mustache, he can look cute. -lol- My favorite Su San scene is when he has to kneel in front of his father, begging for him to take care of his son. I can see his dignity painfully and slowly taken away. Bravo Alec!

Vicki’s acting: Still cute as ever! I love her energy and determination as well as her confusion and bafflement. The piano playing scenes were lovely. The playful antics charming. The funny remarks witty. And ever so lovely and fragile as Li Mei! She looks peacefully beautiful with braids on the side. 🙂 Her tears when loosing her son were empathetic. Her madness was heart-wrenching. Her death so serene.

Lasting impression: Lots!!! But definitely the reunion during Moon Festival is by far my most favorite AV scene! I have never seen more chemistry in a hug! Gosh, the abundant kissing scenes in QSSYMM (yuck!) could not even equal one second of this hug! Their eyes speak volumes! Their deep breaths hold great promises. It’s priceless! And the close runner up is the kissing scene between Su San and Li Mei. It actually looks *real* and passionate. A wet kiss in the rain, how more romantic can you get? Oh yeah, a hug during Moon Festival! 😛 And third place goes to… the last reunion three years after. Vicki’s voice was *extremely* emotional as she recites a passage from her favorite author. And I couldn’t help but notice how similar Vicki’s and Alec’s acting style were! The same biting lips. The same gasping for air. The same raising of eyebrows. And of course, the same loving expression. *MELT!*

Rating: 1/5 for the lack of plot and 5/5 for AV chemistry!


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