Jade Goddess

Synopsis: This is a story about a woman’s intricate love life, of her past, present, and bleak future. An Xin (Zhao Wei) leads a chaotic and dangerous life, despite the meaning of her name being peaceful. Her career as a police officer in the Drug Traffic Division gives her the excitement she craves for, but ultimately, ends her hopes and dreams. While engaged to Guangping’s best journalist, Tiejun, she got involved with Mao Jie (Nicholas Tse), who she later finds out is a drug trafficker. Her duty demands her to arrest his family and prosecute him in court. But Mao Jie later wins an appeal and along with his elder brother, they avenge their parents’ deaths; it becomes their mission to kill An Xin, and even her closest kins…

Vicki’s acting: She has matured in both beauty and gestures. Despite so, I think she still has plenty of room to improve upon, especially with this complicated role that is filled with inner turmoil. She is a convincing actress when she portrays a peaceful An Xin, but I can’t say the same when her state of mind is being troubled, especially when she realized that her baby was Mao Jie’s son. However, I will not say that Vicki is a bad actress for I have seen her act, truly act, in “Green Tea”. I trust Vicki is on her way to prove her capabilities to the world. Her acting has yet equaled the level of Hollywood, but I believe that will be changed soon.

Lasting impression: Mao Jie. It bothers me greatly how neutral I am toward his character when indeed, he has a significant role in the story. I don’t like him, nor do I dislike him. And I am confused as to why An Xin was attracted toward him when a loving, caring, thoughtful fiancé is by her side. Granted, Mao Jie is younger and more handsome, but that should be a casting fault. Or even if it’s not, love is beyond physical attraction. So I try hard to understand Mao Jie. And the longer I speculate, the more I realize that Mao Jie is a selfish man, who loves himself before all, who allows revenge to take over his heart and mind. His parents were killed because they violated the law NOT because An Xin knew where they reside. It was perfectly right of her to perform her role as a police officer, and it was his parents’ choice to perform illegal activities that led to their deaths. And it takes an extremely ruthless man to kill an innocent life – An Xin’s son. It doesn’t matter that Mao Jie didn’t know it was his own son for killing a baby is more than just a sin. To love someone is to ruin her reputation in court? To love someone is to kill her loved ones? To love someone is to kill her because you blame her for your faults? No. There are quite a few ironies in this movie, and most dealt with names. An Xin as peaceful and… “Goddess of Mercy”. I can hardly see any mercy in this movie! Not even a baby’s life!! Why this title?

*Please note that I have nothing against Nicholas Tse, I just realize I don’t like Mao Jie.

Rating: 3/5


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