Huan Zhu Ge Ge

Synopsis: The famous series that starts it all. More specifically, an arrow that marks the beginning of a passionate, loyal, yet complicated love story. Love between sisters, brothers, father and children, men and country, and naturally, between lovers. Upon knowing of Zi Wei’s (Ruby Lin) story as the daughter of the Emperor, Xiao Yan Zi (Vicki Zhao) is determined to unite father and daughter. Unfortunately, she was mistaken as the long lost daughter instead. Will the truth be revealed? More importantly, how many lives will be taken for this affair?

Alec’s acting: As the charming prince who loves to raise his eyebrows, I found Alec to be a perfect match for Vicki. 🙂 His concern for Xiao Yan Zi’s well being etched on every muscle of his face, even when he was peacefully breathing. Alec balanced well the aristocratic aura of the fifth prince and the sincerity of a mere man falling in love.

Vicki’s acting: Till this date, some would agree that Xiao Yan Zi was Vicki’s most successful role. Her charms and innocence so believable and convincing that we forgot it was acting. The script seems to have written especially for her! I think it’s safe to say Vicki portrays this role to its perfection. 🙂

Lasting impression: The big eyes. The happy laughter. The cute pouts. Vicki. The knowing nods. The concerned expressions. The loving gaze. Alec. The gentleness. The forgivingness. The compassion. Ruby. The selfishness. The leadership aura. The maturity (a bit too much). Zhou Jie.

Rating: 4/5


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