Deja Vu

Synopsis: Hung (Theresa Lee) and Vicky (Zhao Wei) set out to find their prince charming. But what they thought was a perfect romance turned into havoc…

Deja Vu is not just a story of finding true love, but more importantly, of conquering your inner self. Only when you have your truest desires, feelings, and actions, will your destined love come to you. “Have faith in your instinct. It’s the truest and most accurate.”

Vicki’s acting: The movie itself is simple, cute, yet at times inspiring, and Vicki carried these characteristics well. However, it can’t be escaped from the audience that her acting has yet matured. Nonetheless, she did make the viewers grow a sense of fondness for her character. In the end, however, the narrator mentioned that she was too “principled, self-centered” and I failed to see that.

Lasting impression: From humorous moments (I especially enjoyed the newspaper cut-out scene) to innocent wisdoms, this movie questioned Fate and the classic question of “what is love”. It comes to a nice conclusion that in the end, Fate is not in charge of who we are or who we meet. It is us who fool ourselves.

Rating: 2.75/5


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