A Time To Love

Synopsis: Qu Ran (Zhao Wei) and Hou Jia (Lu Yi) are childhood sweethearts whose Fate is a parallel to that of Romeo’s and Juliet’s. Growing up and falling in love was a natural process, until the unforgotten past revealed. They were forced to depart, and waiting became part of Qu Ran’s routine, which was kept perfect for seven years. He returned. But can a passionate love withstand the test of time or will its ardour fade with passing days?

Vicki’s acting: Firstly, let me say that Zhao Wei is absolutely stunning and strikingly beautiful in this movie! With very few make-up and adornment, she still manages to define beauty in its purest form. We can clearly see Zhao Wei matured as the movie proceeded; minute after minute, her innocence was shredded and she wore a new coat of wisdom. She gave the most remarkable performance during the last five minutes of the movie when the bride tried hard to smile, but only tears resulted. Her solitude, nostalgia, and silent happiness captivated our attention so much that all we see is her face. Only her face and the tears threatening to fall each time she blinked. We forget her attire, her setting, and even her co-star. Realizing this, I rewinded the movie and took a moment to observe Lu Yi’s expressions, only to realize he paled beside Wei. 😛

Lasting impression: I have never been the person to mind slow paced movies, as long as it is artistically done. This movie is such, with breathtaking sceneries and refreshing cinematography. However, what I minded was my lack of empathy for the protagonists. Perhaps this is a movie in which one can only appreciate when in love. I am not, and therefore, do not understand their passion, and ultimately, their reasonings. I cannot accept their mutual understanding when they spoke, “If we do not talk about it, it will not change.” Is it not the same as saying, “I deny reality”? And although they never committed suicide, they had thought of, planned, and attempted it. This is something my principle can never accept, no matter if I was in love or not, even if in their situation. Once more, my values prevented me from appreciating this movie, just like my not being in a relationship. And yet, it minded me, also, that I cannot fathom the elder generation, specifically Hou Jia’s mother. Why did she choose to live in bitterness, slowly taking life away from her son and herself? Even if the past cannot be forgiven and forgotten, we still can move on. We will always be given that chance. But instead, she wasted her years to feed upon her hatred for the Qu’s family. The irony is her husband wasn’t entirely innocent either. By not forgiving Mr. Qu, she is not forgiving her husband of committing adultery, which is all the more ridiculous to waste years over. I cannot see eye to eye with torturing yourself for a sin your husband caused. Overall, I am disappointed that this simple tale of love failed to give a lesson or bring about new insights. It did not pull my heartstrings. I was not touched. I was not sad. It failed to convey an impact or a sensation to its viewers, or perhaps just me.

Rating: 3/5 (the last scene made an impression deep enough :P)


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