The Top Chinese TV Drama Awards (2nd year)

Location: Beijing
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The 2nd Top Chinese TV Drama Awards Ceremony, which took place in Beijing on June 6th, recognized both Vicki Zhao and Alec Su as the top five for most popular mainland China actress and Taiwan actor, respectively. Alec, unfortunately, did not attend. But interestingly enough, the two ge ges re-united.

Mainland China Most Popular Award – Actress:
1.Vicki Zhao – 92137 votes
2.Liu Yi Fei – 83575 votes
3.Sun Li – 64184 votes
4.Betty Huang – 63010 votes
5.Liu Tao – 55821 votes

Taiwan Most Popular Award – Actor:
1.Peter Ho – 115939 votes
2.Joseph Zheng – 85159 votes
3.Jimmy Lin – 71172 votes
4.Alec Su – 62513 votes
5.Vic Zhou – 61507 votes 


11 thoughts on “The Top Chinese TV Drama Awards (2nd year)

  1. AVfan4ever says:

    Yaaaaaay!!!!!! I knew Vicki would be #1!!!! hehe
    Is Ruby a top one too?! Wow! Totally AWEOME!! I LOVE them both!!! WOOT WOOT! Go Vicki and Ruby!
    Hmm..where’s Alec?! Noooo!!! >_

  2. AlecnVicky says:

    Ah, call me late, hehe but I’ve just finally got time to sit and browse around here, and wanted to make a belated comment. :p

    Peter Ho as Taiwan’s #1? HAHAHA ok, not bashing the guy or anything, i’ve got nothing against him, but considering looks, he’s not very attractive. and acting wise, imo he wasn’t any thing of the sort to be categorized as superb, versatile, unique etc. quite ordinary. hehe ah well, I guess he DID won for some reason :p

    my my. noticed guys? our dear Mr. Su was up against his “juniors”… i mean, Joe, peter, vic? lol hehe in a way, I’m happy, cuz it just proves how powerful alec is even after all this time. ^_~
    ha, I’m ranting, so i’ll stop here :p —TOO bad alec didn’t attend! ah well, lets cross fingers for some future encounter (then again, my fingers have been crossed all these yrs, it’s about crooked now haha!)

  3. Kai Lien says:

    lol, AlecnVicky. I totally agree with you on Peter getting the #1 title. I can’t quite figure out why. All in all, I’m glad that Alec made it in the top 5. Congrats to Vicki!

  4. tracy says:

    I guessed they were avoiding each other. There must be something going on between them. For example, vicki didn’t show up for her music award when alec gave out the award.

  5. cc says:

    omg y is alec 4th:'( hes teh hottest outta out them pplz guy omg i feel soo sory 4 him but atleaast he made the top 5 🙂 luv ya alec 4 life!!

  6. alec 4 lyfe says:

    omg:( y did alec have to be third:( hes like sooo hot! he shouldnt be first instead of htat peter ho guy:'( but nyways, YAYA VICKI!!

  7. Alicia says:

    I like to watch Peter Ho’s dramas. Though he is not as good looking as the other actors, he has a charm and attractiveness which make him stand out among the crowd. Glad he obtained Best Male Actor in Dramas.

  8. silly_angel Loves Alec Su says:

    awww…my alec su made it to the top five…the # 1 but still he made it….lols…still lovin him….he’s alwayz gonna be my #1…..

  9. I also think Peter Ho ?? He is very ordinary !! no attractive !!….must be some reasons result him to that position ….Alec is much much more charming… QDASH I fell his action is normal …Alec is the best !!

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