AV at LV Grand Opening

Source: sina.com


Both Alec and Vicki were guests at the opening of a Louis Vuitton shop in Beijing. [Vicki was presented the honor of cutting the red ribbon.] More interestingly, they pose for a picture together. Though standing in between two lovely ladies, notice the proximity to Alec’s left and where he placed his hand… 😉

After their public appearance together, the two privately dined. Unfortunately for them (but very lucky for us), reporters were there to snapshot their “romantic rendezvous”. 😉 I can’t wait to hear the story from Alec and Vicki themselves instead of relying merely on my imagination. 😛 An interview must be scheduled!!! 🙂 BTW, can anyone make out the image clearly? I can only see Alec sitting nearby a plant, with Vicki sitting next to him, holding chopsticks. The other picture has Vicki putting on a red coat, casually attired in white. It was reported that Alec and Vicki arrived around 11PM, and stayed until a quarter after midnight.


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