Tong Yi Shou Ge Concert

Source: Da Zhong Ri Bao
Translator: Perfect Angel

The Abstract: After three years of absence, golden couple Alec Su and Vicki Zhao re-appeared on stage together for the first time at a Kite Festival. After a short interview together, Vicki sang QSSYMM and Eternal Shakespeare whereas Alec sang Principle of Happiness, Don’t You Know I’m Waiting for You, and Love. [A video clip is available within our concerts section]

Backstage Interview: For the opening performance at the Kite Festival, Zhao Wei led by singing ‘Romance in the Rain’, followed by Alec Su’s appearance onstage. At the Hotel in which he stayed after the closure of the ceremony, when we asked him of his relationship with Zhao Wei, Alec responded: “Zhao Wei and I are very good friends. Zhao Wei’s character is very strong – she has a very subjective disposition. She’s very frank/open, quite unlike the ‘wishy-washy’ type of girl. When we are together, one may say that we are (like brothers) genuinely close friends.


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